first op, is this normal?

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i had my op 8 days ago, had a general, incision not too big, stitched afterwards, have them out in two days.

but im still in as much pain as a week ago only i had morphine in the hospital, they sent me home with normal strength para's, morons. got codeine off dr but it's not even taking the edge off.

cant sit or bend, still walking like i'm 90, i'm 25 btw, and now ive been told its slightly infected. they told me id be back at work in a week but gave me a sick note for ten days, but i doubt i'll be in any state, i work in a pub.

got an appointment to go back to the hospital on fri on the advice of the nurse i saw today, but im supposed to have my stitches removed that day a couple of hours before. will they still take them out if theres infection present? sorry if its a bit incoherent, codeine makes my head fuzzy smile

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    The Doctors were unable to diagnose my condition, but there solution was to treat me as though I had pilonidals- afer two operations and two years later I am at about 90% of what I was. But hopefully my experience may answer some of your questions.

    After my first operation for five pilonidals I continued to feel discomfort. Initially it felt as though I was carrying a very heavy weight around my tail, this did subside within a week or so after the operation but in its place I felt a paralysing pain which I could only describe as like a broken bone- I usually only felt this when shifting my weight from being in a seated position onto my legs to stand. (It should be noted that after the operation I was advised not to sit or bend into a seated position, nor lay on my back. They did not give me a deadline as to when this should change and I chose to wait until after the stitches had come out). The doctors were unable to explain the cause of the pain and I am sorry to say that it continued for some months. Ironically it only stopped when I put my back out (approx. 7 months later in an unrelated incident) and when my back eventually healed I found that the pain had gone.

    I would suggest asking your Doctor about what movements and load bearing you should be doing during your recouperation. Specifically try to limit the amount of time you spend seated.

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    hi i had my first op in 2006 and it was just the drainage which took 10 weeks to heal after a number of infections due to the surgeon not fully draining it but thankfully eventually healed, i then suffered on a regualar vasis with a reacuurance of the sinus fillin will fluid and causinme terrible pain, after numerous visits to my gp he finally referred me back to the hospital for my second operation with was the removal of the folical and the sinus this took place on the 23rd september i have never experience pain like it!!!.... i have had 6 weeks of daily packing which started of with 45cm of aquacel ribbon and then had to go on aquace silver due to an infection caused by the district nurses for not cleanin aorund the area after i showered. althought i shower every mornin before have my dressing changed it was still leakin blood and what ever else comes out really quick, i was prescribes tramadol 50mg for the pain and diclofenac 50mg for the inflamation which did ease the pain slightly, i have had check ups at the hospital every 2 weeks and it is almost healed now still having a lot of pain around the area and find it very uncomfortable sitting for a period of time i also foound that the first time i drank alcohol which was halloween the fluid that is still draining was much heavier and i was in pain with it again, i just hope this time it wont return and i have a pilonidle sinus free life lol, i full understand how u people feel my onve removed the wound was 2 n half inches deep 4cm wide and 2.5cm long! i do advice people not to go back to work as i made this mistake the first time and this slows the healing process down especially if your in a job where ur physically active all day like i am!!! i have listened this time and remained off work and have been adviced not to return until i have seen the consultant at the end of this month who will hopefull tell me things are great and i no longerrequire the dressing, people just be careful for the wound closin to soon at the top where the nurses tend to forget to pack

    good luck to all who suffer with this i do advise you to ask for tramadol and diclafenac for the relief of pain.....

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    I had my op 8 days ago & had it all closed up with stitched (a more risky procedure but if it works, a much faster recovery). I was doing brilliantly! There was only a mild pain which was controlled with paracetamol. Yesterday I felt amazing, and actually thought that I might be able to start walking normally again......

    But today I am so frightened that it's all gone wrong. I think my wound is breaking down as it seems to be bleeding. I'm not even sure which emotion I am feeling ....... scared? upset? frustrated? annoyed?

    I have an appointment to see a nurse this afternoon, after battling with the receptionist who felt she needed to know exactly what was wrong with me!!! Do these women go to a special school which teaches them the art of making a caller feel stupid, embarrassed, violated???

    Who knows what a normal recovery is? I just know that I'm keeping everything crossed that I've not done anything to hinder my recovery sad

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    I had an excision in mid october following a drainage op in May. After my first op the cavity never healed as I had lots of scar tissue from the abcess coming and going for many years so the wide excision was recommended.

    A week afterwards I was in a great deal of pain and the wound was leaking. I left it a few more days and hoped it would be better but had to go to the GPs for antibotics in the end and called in the District Nurses to redress the wound each day.

    I spent 2 more weeks in pain and then back to the hospital for the stitches to be removed. The healing of the wound was minimal due to the infection which I had left too long. I was in less pain after the stitches were removed but also on good pain killers. I am now having the cavity packed daily till it is healed - its taking a long time but there is progress.

    My advice would be:

    * get checked out by a doctor if you are in pain or worried

    * do not suffer because you are trying to be brave

    * give yourself time to recover and ask for a realistic sicknote

    * if a chronic sufferer of this condition do not wait too long to have the op

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