First Time On Mirtazapine 15mg

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Hi all,

I've seen a lot of reviews online about this drug and thought I'd add my own two pennies' worth as the other reviews were tremendously helpful when I was researching the side effects of Mirt.

So first of all - My conditions:

1. I seem to have inherited the genetic predisposition towards depression from my mom's side of the family, and the anxiety from my dad's (thanks guys wink ) So on most days I am overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, lack of self worth, low mood, etc, to which some would reply: 'hey, welcome to the human race', I guess. Pair this up with anger and guilt at being who you are and you have the perfect cocktail for someone who diplomatic people would describe as 'fiery'. (My family has a different word for me and it rhymes with 'itch'!). 

2. I have the usual constant flurry of mental 'traffic' associated with anxiety: endless to-do lists of things I need to do around the house or at work or in my personal life,  over-analysing every conversation I've ever had in my entire life over and over again, finding my jaw clenched from gritting my teeth from the frustration of it all and the inability to get anything done because I am constantly distracted by things which have happened (or might still happen!).

3. I also have a form of insomnia which means that although I do fall asleep very quickly, I struggle to maintain the healthy deep sleep which you need for emotional replenishment. Nightmares are the norm as is waking up randomly at 3am or 4am and not being able to sleep again. Get up in the mornings feeling more tired than when you went to sleep. This didn't help the feelings of agitation and aggression at all.

4. On a side note, I also got migraines sometimes caused by eating rich foods or drinking or high levels of stress, but also from an old motorbike injury where I sustained some deep tissue damage to my left shoulder. The muscles along there and the neck tense up when I am stressed, which was always because I wasn't sleeping and I felt like an awful human being.

Starting the Mirtazapine:

I started on the 15mg Mirtazapine. I took it the Friday evening and was completely emotionally detached for the whole weekend thereafter. I was distant and felt fuzzy, but strangely happy at the same time. I remember thinking that everyone should be taking this stuff because there would be a lot less fighting in the world. 

By Monday I started 'feeling' again, and with that snap back to reality, I had quite an unwelcome passenger - a new ravenous appetite which I have never experienced before. As a healthy and active size 12, I was no stranger to my appetite but this was just a new level of crazy hungry. Well, not even hungry really, just greedy. I started pulling boxes of biscuits and cereal and oats which had been sitting in the cupboard for months, and devoured a lot in one sitting, a lot of times.  I remember feeling quite healthy in a way because an appetite meant I had a lust for life, right? 

If only the hunger wasn't paired with severe feelings of suicide and self-harm! Luckily I was able to rationalise these feelings as the side-effects as the medication and within a few days the feelings subsided.

The sleepiness started a few days after the appetite and initially I just put this down to bad eating but after a while I could not ignore it. People use the word 'drowsy' to describe how sleepy you get but that doesn't cut it. I was finding it almost impossible to wake up in the mornings, even after a shower and a brisk walk in the cold to get the circulation going. It took a good 2-3 hours before I could have an understandable conversation with anyone (through mouthfuls of snacks of course!). 

During my new sleeping pattern of sleeping for 11-12 hours solid (missing alarm clocks, my partner getting ready for the work, the dogs barking to be let out) I had some pretty vivid and intense dreams. No nightmares though so that suited me fine as the alternative was much more unpleasant.

1 month later…

So here we are, a month on, and I’ve noticed a few other changes. My energy levels are a bit like a steam train - difficult and slow to get going, but once I'm awake, I don't need to nap like I used to do most days, and my energy actually feels pretty level from waking up to going to sleep. So that's a massive plus for somenoe like me who's energy fluctuates with my emotions and moods.

I did get a fair bit of dry mouth from the meds but I just made sure I always had a bottle of water with me at all times and it just helped with keeping me hydrated so that's not a bad point as such.

Because I am sleeping well and feeling better, my shoulder isn't tensing up as much so I'm not getting migraines, which is great. 

Interestingly enough, because I am no longer living in my own negative emotions all the time, I am better able to identify the people around me who have actually had a negative effect on me all my life through projecting their own issues on to me. I've actively been avoiding these people and the further away I get from them, the more I see how bad their presence in my life was. (Be aware that this realisation may make you come across as 'cold' or 'distant' to the energy vampires who have been feeding off you for years. Don't be afraid to let go of these people - you don't need them!)

So, to summarise:


Better energy levels once awake

Better quality of sleep

Muscles more relaxed as not as stressed out

Not as agitated or aggressive towards people around me

Higher productivity due to ability to focus on one thing at a time (less mental 'white noise'wink

Better able to deal with issues as don't feel completely overwhelmed

Courage to break ties with energy leeches


Waking up in the mornings is like trying to play water polo in a swimming pool filled with treacle

Both Pro and Con (depending on how you look at it):

Slight emotional distance - probably not noticeable to those who aren't close to you (and those close to you know that this is still better than having an unhappy, raging hell-demon as their friend / partner / colleague!). For me this has had the unexpected side-effect of becoming more logical in my approach to problem-solving, which, as a highly sensitive person, has been a welcome break from alway having to base my arguments or thoughts on feelings (which were often irrational and a knee-jerk response to a situation which I later regretted).  

All in all, I feel better than I have done in years. I think I have covered most of the points and hope that some of it is useful to anyone out there considering starting on this anti-depressant. Feel free to post a reply in this discussion and if you have any questions I can help with, I will happily answer.

I would recommend keeping a journal of how you're feeling so you can review it if needs be. It is also a useful tool for seeing how and by how much you've changed so you are able to manage these changes and not scare the living bejesus out of those around you smile

Keep on keeping on, fellow sufferers.


P.s. I am now 10 days in to the 30mg.  I will write another post for the 30mg if anyone would like to know more about that.

 P.p.s. whoops I accidentally a book, my apologies!

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    hi all ive started taking this drug and wanted to get off of it as i am feeling very aggressive and snappy and very drowsy most of the time. ive been on mirtz for around 2 weeks.went to doctors explained how i feel.she said try one more week and see how u are as it takes time to get into your system. so ill try another week and see how i wicked dreams
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    Hi after advice really my partner has ocd anxiety and depression and has just started mirt .her mood changed dramatically being very abrupt and defensive. .and also a lost/gone look about her ..

    After a week of these she out of the blue decided that she wants time to think about our relationship and asked me to leave after three years ..

    We have worked together with cbt docs and different Meds but this is something else ..I'm really concerned. .

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      Hi Paul..sorry to hear things aren't going as you'd hoped. I previously commented as having started taking but I stopped after two weeks when I spoke to my doctor.

      I ended up completely detached from reality and that isn't good when trying to work. I felt like I was on another planet to everyone else.

      Air your concerns to your partner. It's very hard to tell what is truth when on medication. You maybe need to give her some space. I know it's not easy when all you want to do is be there for her.

      Good luck and hope things start to make sense soon x

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      Hi I've been away from her all week because she has asked for space to think's like she has put this wall up and won't listen's as if she has been switched off. .

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    Just been pecribed these today and just taken the first one. Thank you so much for your helpful post. It's super detailed and im sure will help guide me through the next few weeks. I too have very stiff right side of my neck and pains in the back of my head. I've worked myself into an absaloute mess in te last few weeks and convinced myself I have a brain lesion... because of My dizzyness and poor consentration and neck pain ect ect. But tbh, a lot of what you had before starting these meds is also things I feel now. I just want it all to go away niw sad hope these pills work. My doctor is a new one in a new area due to a move and he already thinks im insane lol but I just need help. Hope these do me good. Goodnight (I hope)

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      Hi shannon these symptoms you are getting i also get .ive been on mirtazapine for about 2month now and i have trouble waking up and pains everywhere with dizzy spells too.but on the goodside i am sleeping bettter
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      Thanks Alan for the response. .. it's helping hear other people tell me they've felt like this. Its just so reassuring I tell myself everyday ok go to a&e and get a ct done. But they won't do one. I've no grounds to go on to get one. It's bothering me so much. But I'll hold out and just pray I'm ok until I see the nurologist in maybe 3 weeks. Xx

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    I just was this morning, prescribed this medicine, to help me fall asleep, I used to have Temazepam 15 mg but my sleep quality wasn't so great as i never would get in a deep sleep for more than a 20 minutes a night, and i've been gaining weight, the doktor said that is also an reason for weight gain, so the doctor prescribed me this medicine instead. But reading all this makes me a little scared, as i'm not depressed that i would need medication for that and that makes me wonder if this is the right medication for i wont be taking this all the time, just when i cant fall asleep

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    i have been prescribed today to start Mirtazapine in conjunction with Fluoxetine 20mg. I am really hopeful that i will see an improvement once commencing Mirtazapine as I have tried various other antidepressants throughout the years and have nor felt much long term benefit.

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    As a retired RN, I've always experienced anxiety - worry, focused on every detail of every issue in both my life, my family's lives and each patient's life. I have OCD about just breathing. At 72, I find myself with my precious 18 month old great granddaughter. Her mother is lost to drug use currently. With aging comes memory loss and for once in my life I am overwhelmingly overwhelmed. Other medical conditions just associated with aging, too. I will be starting this new med and was encouraged by your report here. I hope you will follow up. Life is still a journey and we continue to learn until that gentle Heavenly passing...

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    Hi Annie,

    How are you feeling? May I ask why you have gone up to 30mg, if you felt better on 15mg?

    I too have increased from 15 to 30mg 3 weeks ago and my D is better, but I feel completely off my tits and super anxious with getting off to sleep ok but after 5 hours my mind pings awake and the anx is with me. Its like I am too anxious to be depressed!

    My doctor said go to 30mg but now I am thinking of dropping back to 15mg.

    The doctor suggested if I was not feeling Mirt was helping to try venlafaxine, but I am worried about mixing drugs, coming off mirt with side effects and struggling with any pos side effects with ven.


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    Many thanks for sharing your experience. Can i ask how long you took it for and how hard was to leave it? My GP has given me 15mg for 28 days to treat insomnia and I am a bit hesitant to start i would not be able to leave!

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    Annie, very interesting read, more so because yesterday was my first day on Mirtazapine and as I started to read your thread I could have literally copy/pasted it into my thread.

    The really strange coincidence of your experience to mine is that I also can get off to sleep fairly quickly but always wake up some time between 3 and 4 am, and then cannot get back to sleep again for ages, if not at all some nights.

    Previous to starting on Mirtazapine I was on Paroxetine, which wasn't helping me much and the dreams I had every night were not too bad except for the fact that they were what I described as interactive dreams, because if my dream consisted of me playing football, for instance, then I would be swinging my legs about in bed trying to kick the ball, even though I was still asleep! This was not good for my wife, so I had to sleep on the side where I wasn't facing her.

    So, as over the years I have been on several different medication for anxiety, PTSD and depression, I was hoping this one would be different, side effects wise. However, last night I had a horrendous nightmare as I was coming out of it, I was trying to call my wife, but instead of her name coming out, it was like and hadn't learned to speak, and was making a sound similar to a drunk having a stroke. This was not a good experience and I just laid for I don't know how long just feeling awful, and not wanting to go to sleep again.

    I really thought this morning about coming off it, but I guess another different medication would still have the same side effects, I'm not sure what to do, but your thread gives me a glimpse into the future, so hopefully it will work out in the long run.


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