First week on Sertraline - Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

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Hi, I am in my first week of taking Setraline. I started on half a 50mg tablet as I am quite sensitive to anything right now, felt okay side effects were not bad at all, sleeping fine. Took my first 'whole' tablet today after 6 days and have woken up after a few hours sleep. Sitting at computer now, not sure if i am liking this feeling.

Worried about taking a 'whole' tablet tomorrow, wonder if I should go back to half a tablet? I want to go forward and not backwards. Feel dizzy and light headed. Also panicky because I've taken a whole tablet! Not sure if its the pill or just me worrying.

Have lost 3lb in weight this week, although appetite hasnt altered at all. Have been feeling good all week until today.

I am taking these for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder so this is a good week. But the end of next week I'll be leading up to my period. Wanted to be on a dose that I know would work.

Anyone else taking these for PMDD?

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    I've just started taking 50mg Sertraline daily for terrible mood swings associated with my period. Have only today learned about PMDD. I explained to my Dr how low and awful i was feeling. It's debilitating the week before my period but affects me most of the month, although the week after my period is mostly good. Am also experiencing a variety of side effects, including mild headaches, mild nausea, nearly gagging when yawning, feeling quite detached and not bothered about the world and i'm very tired - i cannot sleep enough, which unfortunately is not an option with 2 small kids!

    I'm absolutely going to stick to this medication as i really need the help. Like you Melissa, i don't know if it's going to help yet as this is my good week, having finished my period last weekend. I just hope that it does and i'm willing to put up with all these strange side effects. My Dr told me it can take a few weeks to see an effect and that most people take them for about 6 months till they feel they can slowly come off.

    Let me know how you're doing. I'm just so glad to have read about PMDD as i really thought i was losing the plot! The fact that there's others out there who feel like me has helped lots.

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    Hi Daisy,

    I woke up after I wrote that post, and felt alright. So I decided to take another 'whole' tablet. And I was actually okay. Didnt feel drowsy or funny in any way and slept fine. Yesterday I felt good. Just took another pill. I find it better to take my pill at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. That way if its going to make me tired its the evening and the kids are in bed. So that suits me better. What time have you been taking yours?

    My doctor has also given me Vitamin B6 100mg to take. She advised me not to start taking these until I know the Sertraline is going to be okay. But they should also help lift my mood around the time of my next period. But can take up to 3 months to work. I'm hoping by the time I get my period at the end of the month that I will feel some benefit of the Sertraline.

    I know what you mean about the gagging feeling when you yawn. Its not so bad now, and I am on day 10. Like you I am positive about sticking with it because it has to beat feeling terrible later on. And my doctor also said we'll look at a 6 month period.

    I also read today that people with PMDD who find medication helps will often find the PMDD comes back when medication is stopped. But that its okay if you need to be on medication long term, as it will control it. Just like people take medication to control Diabetes or High blood pressure.

    Main thing is we take one day at a time. Looks like we are going to be on our period roughly the same time again, so lets keep in touch and see how we do.

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    Hi, I am now on week 3 and I feel quite good. My period is due in 5 days, so I have been expecting to feel a little agitated last week, but I have felt normal. Last night though I suffered with a panic attack and again today. Mentally I feel fine, dont feel like I am losin my mind, its jus the physical feelings and I had forgotton how scary it was. I put this down to perhaps the fact I have had a sickness bug over the past 4 days, Ive hardly eaten and my routine with my medication has gone to pot during those days. Keep feeling really hot also. Hot all the time!

    If this passes again after my period has started Ill be quite happy with this.

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    Just checked the calender and its been 3 weeks today since I started taking these. My period is due on Saturday and I am longing for it to jst happen so I can get back to normal. As the past 3 days I have been feeling a little panicky, although the physical panic attacks have subsided today, mentally my anxiety is there again as normal but probably not as severe. I know this time next week I will back on top again.
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    I know this post is old but wanted to add in my experiences... first few days on Sertraline and felt awful. Headache, no sleep, anxious, bad tummy and just dizzy and not hungry. 5 weeks on and feel like a new person. Period arrived with no fuss, no pains, no mood swings, not fixating on anything negtaiveĀ and generally happy and calmer. Huge thumbs up from me. Im much calmer around my kids, more focused on work and happier. Sleeping better and more refreshed
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      Hi I have only started taking Sertraline yesterday. As I have anxieties in public, which is knida wierd at times. I was told to take half of the pill for a week then a full one after that. However I took a full one yesterday and a full one now, I know it wasn't what I was told to do. But will ring my doctor to see what he says to that. So far I feel ok.


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      This is my second day today on Sertraline. I just finished my period, so I'll have a whole month to wait to see how my moods go too.

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      I just started this medicine a week and a half ago & I have horrible headaches & am exhausted. You are saying these feelings will pass & I'll feel normal again soon?!

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    Hi, I've just got back from Drs this morning, and I have been prescribed Sertraline 50mg. I'm reluctant to take them as I feel I'm just masking the problem rather than getting to the root cause, no other suggestion from gp just here's the tablets crack on!

    I'm going to give them a try as I can't continue like this.

    If anyone can comment on how they feel a year later that would be great.

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      Hi I've been on them off an on for about 10 years now I'd say amongst trying others. I have clinical depression and generalised anxiety disorder but now I only suffer in the week or so before my period. I've told my doctor about it but they just prescribe these again. Having suffered for so many years I can give well experienced advice although everyone is different and not suited to something someone else advises. I find winter is also worse for me.

      Exercise is really good for my moods but kicking myself into doing it is quite tricky but I find running really helps when I do. I recently came off the sertraline as I'd been on them so long and thought they didn't make much difference. However now my mood keeps dipping I keeping snapping at my kids and getting quite tearful. I'm taking 5htp and have some agnus castus and also black cohosh I either take the agnus or the black cohosh but not both together. Perhaps I should just stay on my prescription until the dreaded menopause kicks in and it all goes away.

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