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I was diagnosed with a fissure, it has been around 6months now in constant pain.  I have tried everything a gastro doctor told and a colon surgeon told me. Many different types of medicine.

My question is, does anyone ever heal from a fissure, does the pain ever stop. I am getting really mentally down, Thanks

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    The pain can be unbelievable! Try the normal creams, you must eat fibre and drink as much water as you can. Try hot salt baths and most definitely get a hot wheat bag!! If you don’t heal get the surgery done. I had it done 2 months ago, and only 1/10th of the pain now. The surgery isn’t that bad, if you need it. Hopefully you don’t. You can try Botox, I think it’s a waste of time and it’s made it worse for me!! Good luck! 

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      Thank you for answering, I don't understand why this won't heal?  I did hear botox wasn't worth it.  Is the surgery even more pain, how long does it take to improve.  Will yours ever be completely healed? Thanks again, good to talk to someone who knows what I am going through.

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      It won't heal because there is not enough blood flow in that part of the body, the rest of your body has blood flowing thru it. I know it is silly, a bad design if you ask me, but it is what it is .. but lowering your blood pressure, it causes blood to flow in areas where they don't normally flow.

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    Yes and does and can heal on it's own. I am completely against surgery and do it only as an absolute last resort. I was in chronic pain for 1.5 years, what fixed it for me, I took low blood pressure pills recommended by my pain specialist. It lowers your blood pressure for your entire body not just your anus like the creams do. Check my profile out, I have a blog link with all my experiences and recommendations.

    I also dig exercises and drank a lot of liquids. The best tip I can give you is drink as much fluids as possible, this can be juice, soup whatever, put as much liquid in your body. What this does is soften your stool. People say drink 8 glasses of water a day and say it is healthy, what they don't tell you is it softens your stool. It takes about 2 months for your body to get used to the liquids and start to soften as long as you keep drinking fluids ...

    Talk to your doctor about getting some medication to lower your blood pressure for your entire body, I noticed an effect within a week, I was blown away.

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      Thank you, I did not know why it would not clear up…  learned a lot. 
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    Also even with surgery, you can have another episode of a chronic fissure, so you go thru the pain of surgery and it is very painful from what I have read only to have a fissure again, so you are better off trying to manage it before trying to cure it is what I say.
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    Sorry to hear you are in constant pain.  I have just had dg-Hal and a rar.  It is very painful, this was due to prolapse and a fissure.  I did have Botox due it didn’t do anything.  

    I am 4 weeks post surgery, the previous 3 weeks have been awful, pain was terrible.  You have to be sure you want the surgery. If you don’t currently eat lots of fibre then start eating a lot it will bung you up.  Totally agree with drinking lots to keep your bm soft.  My GP gave me some instillagel it is an anesthetic gel great stuff.  After a bm, sit in a warm bath with some dettol/savalon liquid in to clean the area just a shallow bath.  After this put some of the gel on it really helps me. 

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      Is instillagel anesthetic really help with the pain, I have spent a whole lot of money on meds …  they said would help the pain and didn't work.  thanks for your reply

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    Yeah it's pretty crazy how our bodies can't heal. But I guess we sit on our butts and just some areas just don't have a  way to promote blood flow and you need blood flow for it to heal.

    Basically, you need to look at ways to promote blood flow, this could be massaging your anus during a bath even if it is painful. One guy had written he would insert 2 fingers in during a shower and eventually he widened it enough and it healed. I could never do this was too painful. But you might want to insert 1 finger in during a bath or shower and just make sure it is clean every time after a bowel movement.

    Not sure if you read my blog, but you can also try stopping eating certain foods. My proctologist gave me a list of foods you can try stop for 90 days. Or if you know you eating a lot of certain foods or drinking certain drinks. For instance if you drinking coffee every day, stop that, but only do it if you can be strict and stop for 90 days, after 90 days if it doesn't help, take it again.

    Also I mention one thing where when I sit and if I am in pain because you butt is clenching together, pull your butt apart even if it is painful when you sitting, never let your butt get squished. Also sit on pillows, try not to sit on hard chairs, just put some cushions or pillows down and sit on those, it will help a lot.

    if you in a lot of pain, one thing that helped me was coconut oil chunks, you might already have them in your kitchen, they were these white chunks, I found it relieved the pain, unfortunately only lasted a little while, but if you in absolute pain, it might help a little. 

    Learn to manage your fissure and then the healing will come in time.

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      I have tried coconut oil, but didn't help. I'm not sure how to get to your blog, I would like to read it.

      Thank you for a lot of information. I take a lot of Motrin, doesn't take pain away, but dulls it a little so i can handle it.  You would think  the doctor would give you numbing cream. I have so much medicine and nothing works. thanks again, if you could send me how to get to your blog, I will go there.  Thanks

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      Both creams I got from the doctor didn't help, but there are definitely creams that might help, but I think most don't help chronic fissures. Just click on my name and I have a link in the Above Me box, on the top left.

      Sounds like Motrin is similar to cononut oil, it helps a little with the pain, but it has to be the coconut chunks, not sure about the regular oil, I suspect that may get messy pretty quick, even the chunks are messy but that little easier ti handle.

      The problem is you have a tear in your anus wall, every time you have a BM it puts feces into the tear and the pain is terrible. 

      Just make sure when you sit, your cheeks are spread, pull each cheek to the left and the right so your bottom is flat all the time like a table, this helped me a lot. Yes this will be painful, but overtime it will get used to it. You almost want to feel your anus against the chair, that's how flat it must be.

      I also saw an Osteopath who recommended some exercises for me which I think also helped. Note that a homoeopath or natural path is not the same as an osteopath. The one I saw did osteopathy  and physio so was able to recommend various exercises based on my body. Might be worth you seeing one. The one I saw never dealt with a fissue, but was willing to try. She even did internal work, I thought that was brave although quite invasive, but I was willing to try anything because of how much pain I was in. Mine charged $75 a hour, but be careful of the expensive ones, others charge $500, stay away from those expensive ones, find an affordable one.

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      You have given me more help then anyone.  Now I know why the fissure hurts so bad. I don't know why doctors don't give you more information.. I will try the sitting flat. Thanks again

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