Flat foot reconstruction with a calcaneal osteotomy, FDL tendon transfer and spring ligament repair

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In mid-April, for my right foot I will have a flat foot reconstruction with a calcaneal osteotomy, FDL tendon transfer, spring ligament repair with "Internal Brace" and a possible metatarsal osteotomy.

My surgeon's patients are usually older people, whereas I'm in my mid 20's.

I'm expected to start weight bearing after 2 weeks but judging by other people, the standard is 6 weeks?

Would love to know anyone's experiences with this. Whether it was one or all of the procedures. I was wondering what the post-op recovery was like and after how long does your pain start to subside?


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    I had a lot of foot surgery as a teen reconstructed surgery my feet were a bit deformed. Extra high arches and toes that didn't touch the floor to balance me. I don't know the names of all the procedures but they cut all my bones and moved ligaments. I hope you get physical therapy I didn't. The pain in my experience I had severe swelling got huge toes that turned black they had to cut my casts. You will need tons of ice. And morphine. Especially in the beginning my feet felt like they were on fire. You will feel better after a week but when you begin to get mobile you will aggravate it and it will hurt. When you start to walk your leg muscles will have atrophy. And when you start walking you will want pain pills at first. It is a process you will adjust and the pain won't be so bad but as you go more it will start up again never as bad as day one though. I can look up my procedures I think I have them somewhere. Good luck

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      Thanks for getting in touch smile

      My feet are really flat and deformed but sounds like I'll be having something similar done as I'm having my ligaments added to my foot and my heel will be cut and moved inwards and they will decide whether to do my toe too when I'm on the operating table.

      I've not really been told much about the recovery process, but I think I will be seeing a physiotherapist afterwards. I am quite worried about what the pain will be like, because I don't think they are going to give me any painkillers to take home. I was previously prescribed co-codamol from my gp for my feet pain, however all it does is make me sleep so I'm worked how effective it would be after the surgery.

      I'm still excited for the surgery though and can't wait for when I am fully healed later down the line and walking isn't incredibly painful anymore. After your surgeries, did you find that it helped you in the long-term? And were you able to start exercising/playing sports? At the moment I do not really exercise anymore as I can't stand for more than 10 minutes and my ankles roll in so much, it's uncomfortable when riding a bike.

      Thanks smile

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      Sleep after surgery is always a good thing! And you def need a painkiller to be prescribed. Ask for one and don't take no for an answer. 

      It is VERY exciting to be healed of flat feet! I love to look down at my feet and see how different the "new and improved" foot looks compared to the other one that is still wacky. 

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    Haven't had this surgery but had 4 reconstructions done in my left foot due to a crush injury. Just yesterday they removed all the metal they put in about 2 year ago. 

    A calcaneal osteotomy involved breaking the heel bone, and a tendon transfer involves cutting the tendons. And this is only a part of your surgery.

    From my experience, if something has been broken or tendons have been ripped, cut, need to replaced, ... you should expect to be non-weight bearing for up to 6 weeks. After those 6 weeks (if you're recovering well) you'll likely get a walking cast or a special boot. After about 3 months you should be able to walk with your own shoes.

    But remember every person is different and one person recovers faster than another. 

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    What an exciting post!! I am recovering RIGHT NOW from flat foot reconstruction! All the love and good luck to you!

    I got my left foot done on Dec. 28. I had a calcaneal osteotomy (Dwyer method), and an MBA implant (it was placed in the little dip between the bones by the outer ankle). I had an outpatient surgery and went home in a bandaged up splint and gauze. The next week I saw my Dr. and he took the splint off to check it out and then re-wrapped the splint. He wrapped it way too tight and as a result, I spent a week in misery because I was too afraid to take it off and re-wrap it myself (as he said I was allowed to do). Now I know for my next surgery on my right foot to not be afraid to re-wrap it!!

    Two weeks after surgery, I got a hard cast (I chose pink of course, yay!) He took it off on Feb. 13 and gave me a "walking boot". It's black and has velcro straps and comes up all the way to just below my knee. I was not allowed to bear any weight on it yet though. I started physical therapy and I believe it has been extremely beneficial for me. I don't think I could be going through this without the help of my physical therapists! 

    I got cleared for weight bearing on March 13. Last week, we were hoping I would be ready for full weight bearing and be able to get into a shoe, but we aren't quite there yet. I am getting stronger every day and doing my best. I am able to bear weight fully and walk alone in the boot. But when I try putting on a regular shoe, ouchh, not ready for that yet. 

    Everyone keeps asking me when I get my next one done. It gets tiring. The answer is when my body is fully healed. I wish people would wait until they see me walking normally without any assistive devices to ask me that. So be prepared for that annoyingness, haha. Not something I expected. I also did not expect how much swelling happens! I have a cankle. Let me know any other questions! I'm happy to talk. 

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      That is exciting! Thanks for giving me more info on what's to come. My operation is this Thursday, I'm really looking forward to it!!

      How are you finding walking now? Hope you're doing a lot better!

      Yes, people are already asking me when I'll have the other one day, when I've not even had the first one yet!

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      Good luck and in my case they gave me a bath in beta done to sanitize my whole body and I had to sleep in freshly changed sheets and stay in them till the doctors came for me. The IV irritated my skin with the tape after a while I cad it for a day or two after surgery for my morphine drip
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      Hi, how are you doing?? My update is that I went to my surgeon last Mon and he said my body was actually rejecting the MBA implant and that's why it was so swollen and painful. He gave me a double steroid shot to calm my body down and to allow me to be able to walk. The next day I was able to walk without assistance but with still considerable pain. The day after that, my pain went down dramatically! So I have been walking with a little bit of pain without assistance for 8 days, woohoo! The swelling has also gone wayy down, but still a little swollen. 

      I go back to see him on May 1 and he may or may not want to give me another steroid shot. I am pretty happy with my current results and have been walking and going to stores on my own. Today I got some new shoes for summer. My regular tennis shoes are bothering me because they are rubbing against where the implant is. So I have been wearing boots that come up over the ankle. I like the ankle support and that it doesn't rub against the implant. 

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