flattened out on 100mg of sertraline

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hi all, just wanted to ask the question about sertraline, started on 50mg, upped to 100mg after 4 weeks, I've been on the meds about 3 months upto now but the 100mg, when I first went onto 100mg I felt good and felt a more in control of my thoughts and my anxiety etc, it's working but I'm still having up and down days more often than I expected to, is that normal ?? once or twice a week, still better than every day which it was before. i'm feeling strained with my lovely boyfriend, who has been a total saint and I really don't know why he puts up with all my shit, he's understanding and supportive and tries to listen but there are some things I don't talk about to him because I feel stupid about feeling certain things and not being in control, I feel weak and I don't want him to see that. has anyone else had this flattening feeling after 3 months or so??

thanks everyone :-)

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    i have been on Setraline for six weeks.  100g for nearly three weeks and I do not feel 100% and am wondering if it's working.  I have read that Setraline can take up to eight weeks to work. I'm seeing the GP tomorrow and will ask her advice.  In the meantime I hope you don't feel too bad.  

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      Hi sue, I am in a similar position to you ... 

      What happened at the doctors ? 

      Sorry for being nosy, but I can't feel a  difference & feel they aren't working ... 

      Was just wondering how your getting on ? 

      Hope all

      Is well x 

      Hollie xx 

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      Hi Hollie the doctor said to keep on it and she thinks it will work.  I still feel a bit anxious and I am not 100% but hoping things will improve.  I know medication can take some time to work.  Sue
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    Hang in there! "Better than before" is an improvement, so that's good!  We all have bad days.  If you only have 1-2 days bad days a week, then you are doing better than me.  I wonder if there is an "outside" reason for the 1-2 bad days each week.  Do the bad days always happen the same day of the week?  For me, weekends are horrible.  The bad feelings even spill over into Friday and Monday. Tuesday through Thursday are my safe zone.
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    Hi, I have only been on 50mgs for 2 weeks now and I need to say I have had some serious side effects, I felt okay for a few days then I went back to  wrenching , no appetite, extreme anxiety and insomnia !  I hope this will go away ??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated 
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      Sorry to hear about the side effects!  Be sure to talk to your doc about the side effects right away.  

      If the Sertraline is causing insomnia, you might want to make sure you don't take it at bedtime.  My doc told me to take it in the morning.  

      For insomnia (which I have had since long before I've taking Sertraline), my doc prescribed Trazodone.  I take it at bedtime, and it is MARVELOUS!  

      The side effects of the Sertraline should go away eventually.  But you have only been on the med for two weeks.  It might be another week or two before you see the side effects start to taper off.  Even then, it might be a few more weeks before the side effects go away completely.  It's different for different people.  Hang in there!  The good news is that if the med is causing side effects, then your body is taking notice!  Absence of side effects means that your body won't respond to the med.

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      Thanks . I need to say that today I haven't felt any nausea or anxiety which is great ! Still lack of appetite but I could do with losing a few pounds anyway ! Lol ! Take care and thank you for your post ! X
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    Sorry a long reply to follow.....

    Hi. well i really feel like a old timer as I haver been on 2 x 50mg ( 1 AM... 1 PM) of Sertraline for over 3 years and sometimes for no obvious reason a have a bad day or Three!.

    My GP,  a really nice person, advised me to take the 2 x 50mg  as sometimes taking 100mg in one go can sort of mess your reaction to them, but  this dosage evens things out. Sometimes if your get a different brand that can make a BIG change in how you feel, I was very recently told by someone who is in medicine that it's best to talk to your chemist and ask if it's possible to stick with one brand, this person, who honestly is in the medical profession,  told me that fake medications are reacing the UK than the side effects from these can be ******* dangerous. The reason that I ask my friend was that after 3 years on one brand I was given another brand and the results for me was,  !"£$%^&*()+~?. better not write how I felt but details are in another section on this site.

     I hope that you don,t think that I'm trying to frifgten anyone but if you have any doubt you must contact your GP.

     Take care.   Regards. R .

    ps.my spelllling aint to good     <{:o)



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      Hi, well I'v only been on 50mgs for 13 days and I'm already feeling better , so to be honest I'll stick with that ! Hope your okay ! 
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    Sertraline is rubbish i have never felt so ill, not even in the beginning!!!!!
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      Your right! When I first was prescribed, I had to go to the er one night. I had such terrible feelings, like I was dying, heart racing, etc. my body just did not want accept this med. it knew better than its owner, lol. Of course me, and if I knew back then what I know now, there's no way you could get me to take this awful rewiring drug. I'm all for med marijuana, but not legal here. But if it was, I know wout a doubt this stuff would be history. So, we all suffer while lawmakers are letting us suffer and people die. Bless ya!
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    Hi, I would stick with it ! I'v only been on 50mgs for a fortnight and I am feeling better ! Not 100 % but more in controll . Hope your okay . 
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    i had exactly the same problem as you and the lack of sleep was totally debilitating making me anxious all the time due to psychophysiologic insomnia( look it up!) originally I was on mirtazapine which helped but I put on 5 stone whilst on them since 2009 (1 stone a year). then after my own research I came across sertraline and trazodone which respectively helped with the anxiety and the insomnia so I changed from mirtazapine and I now have lost 2 stone in 2 months and regularly sleep for between 7-9 hours a night and feel incredible and function like a normal person I presume (I had been so long without sleep I not sure what normal was anymore!)

    trazodone dose 150mg (this can safely go upto 400 mg I have read) 

    sertraline 100mg

    i hope all this helps cos I was in that dark place you are in for many many years and only now after my own research and demanding to be heard have I come back into the world of the day. 

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