Flexible Cystoscopy (Male) - Anaesthetic Experiences

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I am scheduled for a Flexible Cystoscopy in the next few weeks and I have read some very different accounts.

I would welcome some feedback on the anaesthic procedure for Men.

1) What was the time between injecting the gel into the urethra and inserting the Cystoscope?  Was there any time for the anaesthetic to take effect?

I understand that in the USA it is standard to leave a gap of 15 minutes between the two stages, but my research in the UK so far seems to indicate it is more of a "count to 3" process

2) Did the aneasthetic work for you? 

3) Which stage was worst for you? 

 - Initial Cystoscope insertion

 - Passing down urethra

 - Passing through Prostate

 - Passing into Bladder

 - Something else? 


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    I can only reply with my experience with a female cystoscopy and I know that the procedure is more complicated for  a male.  However please don't read the horror stories. I was absoultely petrified about having the procedure (I nearly cancelled) and when I was asked just before the procedure how I was feeling I was honest about how I felt. I was advised to take to really deep breaths to help me relax because the more tense I was the more uncomfortable  the procedure would  be!. Everyone in room was very professional and reassuring, the gel was used without me feeling it had been done and I felt a little uncomfortable when the scope was inserted a couple of minutes later, I was told to tell them if I was in pain but I can honestly say there was NO pain during or after the procedure, I was given the results of the examination immediately after the scope was removed and there were no stones or tumours. The whole procedure only took about 5 minutes.  I did have stinging when I passed urine and a little bleeding but it soon settled down.

    I hope you get some replies from a male prospective but in the meantime PLEASE don't worry and be honest with the staff of the day about how you are really feeling - there is no prize for keeping your feelings to yourself.

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    in answer to your questions, my own experience was

    1. The anesthetic gel worked instantly for me - it was only a matter of a few seconds between the  anesthetic gel being inserted up my knob  and the flexible scope then being inserted - so yep , 'the count to 3' is pretty much what happened to me .

    2. Yes the anesthetic was completely effective - Zero pain whatsoever for me during the procedure.  .

    3. All I felt was a mild 'sensation' as the flexible scope passed throigh my 'plumbing' into my bladder  - the consultant asked me if i wanted to watch the procedure and the view from inside my bladder on the overhead monitor - I declined. wink 

    The biggest things for me were going for a pee afterwards - it stung like crazy and lasted for the rest of that day every time i went for a pee. I was fine the folwing day. I was also asked by the attending nurse if i would allow about 6 student doctors and nurses to observe my procedure - i politley declined that media opportunity - you can imagine me lying on my  back on a table with my  bits exposed is not the most pleasant of experiences for anyone .  ) 

    In summary the actual procedure for me was a walk in the park and it probably will be for you too - good luck

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    During my own cystoscopy procedure I preffered GA, though the anaesthethist wanted to give local by injecting spine injection. I was not mush affected by it.
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    I have received confirmation of procedure in 3 weks time. Extract below from leaflet attached:-

    "Although you do not need a general anaesthetic for Flexible Cystoscopy, the urethra needs to be prepared with anaesthetic jelly, this being squeezed gently into it from a tube or syringe. The jelly numbs the urethra and lubricates it. It may also contain an antiseptic. The local anaesthetic jelly takes at least five minutes to work — men may be asked to stop the jelly escaping after it goes in by gently squeezing the tip of the penis for a minute or so. When the jelly has had time to work, it is time for the Flexible Cystoscopy."

    However, the leaflet is oviously not location specific as it is qialified with the phrase "Not every hospital does things in exactly the same way."

    We will see what happens and I will update afterwards for the benefit of future (male) beneficiaries of the procedure.......

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      Pleased you have received your appointment.  Try to chill out and stop worrying, good advice from me who nearly cancelled my appointment. I am sure all will go well. Let us know how it goes.  Take care
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      So it's all done - here's the promised update....

      After the pre-questions and sample testing and removing my (bottom half clothes), I was walked in to the room, where the Urology Doctor introduced himself and the Nurse, and explained the procedure in full. There were questions about my history and family history (father with Bladder cancer) and I was asked If I wanted to watch (yes) and the screen was turned towards me.

      He injected the gel slowly and then rolled the side of the syringe down the underside of my penis (down the urethra). The sensation was slightly odd but not painful or unpleasant. It didn't even sting much. He then asked if it felt numb, but I couldn't say one way of the other so he started to feed in the cystostoscope. I could feel it happening, but no pain. He warned me that it might sting as it passed through the sphincter and prostate, but I felt nothing, and then the scope was in the bladder.

      He said that he needed a really good look to see if he could see a possible cause of the original bleeding, and because of my father's history,There was a small area from which he said he would like to take a biopsy to be sure (again family history). He said he could do it immediately (and it might take a little longer than usual) but there would be some blood and an antibiotic injection would be required, or he could do it another time under general anaesthetic when he could cauterise it. I chose to have it done immediately. The only problem was that this extended the time when I was laid there with a full bladder, and it started to become uncomfortable. Slight tug when he took the sample, and then he gave me the antibiotic, and it was done. Probably 5- 10 minutes in total inside me, but difficult to know as we were talking the whole time.

      After using the toilet (some blood in urine) and dressing I was free to go. The only downside was the constant feeling of needing to urinate for the next hour or so, but it was not painful when I did.

      So all in all - an interesting, uncomfortable towards the end, but not unpleasant experience. I have to have a follow-up CT scan and I await the biopsy results, but this procedure is nothing to worry about for you men out there.

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