Flu vaccine and AF

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I had a flu vaccine 5 days ago and went into AF about 8 hrs later. It has just stopped. One of the "buffers" in the vaccine was similar to substances that have been in food that have triggered my AF in the past- sodium phosphate. Don't know whether it is worth avoiding the flu or just putting up with being lethargic from the AF. The world seems to be full of sulphites and preservatives- l also had a reaction to shampoo at a new hairdresser- came out in hives. Don't know why all of a sudden last year l started being sensitive to certain substances which have led to me having AF. It's a "frustrating journey finding out what triggers it and then avoiding it.

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    Hi Robyn,

    As I think I have mentioned before I have had a compromised immune system for many years, that has finally led to me getting AF There are many things that cause me to itch come out in a rash all sorts of meds and foods that other people tolerate, I don't want to be a jobs comforter but maybe you have an undiagnosed Auto Immune disease I have Sjogren Syndrome and pallindromic rheumatism that both effect the function of the immune system and there are many more, lots of them do not have a cure but are not life threatening, but just knowing why something is happening to you can be half the battle. 

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    Have you had allergy testing? When I did I reacted to Formaldehyde. It is used to kill the live virus in some versions of the flu vaccine. I used to itch for weeks after having my jab. Less versions have it now but I alwys make sure that I get the fomaldehyde free version now.

    There are so many triggers. The sulphites in some wines also set me off.

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      Actually formaldehyde should be outlawed - it is a cross linking reagent that really does nothing positive but covalently cross react substrates to make them a part of the tissue that comes in contact with each other. Here in the USA it still is used in some hair straightening crap, and there is nothing positive about it, other than the hair is irreversibly de-tangled for a few months. Its amazing wehat some idiots still get away with.
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      It seems to be in everything, soaps, shampoos, detergents, tooth paste, fabric conditioners It is used in the finishing of practically all materials, and floor flloor coverings, wallpapwrs and paint. You can't get away from it. A lot of people have reacted to their furniture and car seat coverings.

      The dermatologist gave me a list of formaldehyde free products but said that they are always subject to change and not to rely on it and to contact companies from time to time.

      It is even in the best known brand of baby shampoo and the so called most gentle detergent that features a baby on the logo.

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    I do not see how, in any way, the sodium phosphate is your culprit. Our bodies are loaded with sodium phosphate in the blood, in all cells - everywhere! It is a major buffer to keep the body's pH from going out of control. It is used in the flu vaccine primarily to keep the pH at about 7.4, the normal pH of the body and all of its tissues.

    You coiuld be eliciting an immune response that includes the release of histamine. Try taking some benedryl (50 mg) and see if it blocks the afib before it starts, or after it had begun (then it might take 1-2-hours). Benedryl is safe.

    Over 100 years ago histamine was discovered by its ability to induce cardiac rhythm issues and something a simple as benedryl blocks that action.

    When you get vaccinated, you are eliciting an immune response, and that might include histamine.


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    Hi Robyn....I live in Adelaide S.A. And am 49.

    I guess with AF, it's diferent for everyone. I was recommended to get the flu vaccine this year, as well as the pneumovax, and have no issue with either. I drink a couple of coffees a day, have chocolate and have had a couple of big(ish) nights on the booze since I went into AF early last Dec.

    I'm still pretty careful with my sodium intake though.

    Admittidly, I am on Amioderone, which as I understand it, is one of the strongest anti arrithmia tablets that there is. I suspect that when I see my cardiologist next week, he'll put me on to Sotolol as he doesn't want me on this stuff long term, as it has potentially very nasty side effect!

    I only stayed in rhythm for a few days on Sotolol when I was cardioverted for the first time back in January. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I come off the Amioderone.

    i addressed all the things that I suspected sent me into AF (severe sleep apnea, smoking and regular BIG nights on the booze-yes, I know I just admitted to having two big(ish) nights on the grog-very silly of me!!!)

    I'm currently taking carvedilol, perindoprol & Amioderone, am also on apixaban for a blood thinner

    just wondering what meds you are on as I'm a little worried that coming of the Amioderone may make me more sensitive to going back into AF?


    Simon smile

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    I had flu shot today and within a couple  hrs. I was in afib.  Wear an apple watch that showed My hr jumpedto over 160 while in the office getting the shot...it may have been enough...then I went to play golf...and could not...heart flopping all over.  Now hoping the PIP flecainide will bring NSR 🙏

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