Fluconazole-anyone had an AF reaction with this drug?

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I've just been prescribed Fluconazole for a possible candida infection in the gut, but I hear it can have cardiac side effects. Ive just had SVT and AF and am worried about taking it. Has anyone taken this drug and been ok?


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    ?I am not on this drug so cannot comment on it as such - but - I can tell you that there is a connection between the gut (digestive system) and the heart and the connection is the vagal nerve. It is the information super highway between the brain and the heart and the digestive system. Indeed in some people consuming some products, via the vagal nerve can affect the heart. suggest you 'Google' Vagal nerve and do some research on it. In effect the Vagal nerve controls both heart and digestive system.

    ?I have changed my diet in the past and reduced my AF events to the extent I have not had an AF event for over 2 years.

    ?Most GP's and cardiologists don't seem to recognise the Vagal nerve let alone know what it does. I didn't bother with them - I just consulted a nutritionist.

    ?I figured, calm the vagal nerve = calm the heart.

    Good luck,


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      I'm interested in your post John as I agree with you.  I suffer with GERD and definitely know that rumbling in my stomach/digestive area affects the palpitations or flutters I have, sometimes resulting in a.fib.  What is the basis of your dietary changes and can nutritionists give supplements with medication that we are taking?    Do you follow the FODMAP diet?  My GP advised me not to, saying gluten is important to us!  

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      Hi Pauline,

      ?My digestive issues (reflux) began in my mid 30's (I was 65 when AF hit in Jan 2010). At the time I had something ( a camera maybe) down my throat to the stomach - can't remember the medical terms now. On other occasions I had had barium meals in the course of my issues at the time. I had also been diagnosed with gall bladder issues but no action was taken. End result my GP decided that the valve between food pipe and stomach was weak and under certain food conditions reflux would occur. At the time I cut out foods that agravated the problems, mostly tomatoes, lettuce and onions and some fatty foods.

      ?So today - once I'd made the connection between food and AF I got my GP to check me out for IBS and Coeliac Disease - all clear. I then consulted a Nutritionist who put me on a course of Probiotics to clean up my gut flora and recommended I go gluten free and wheat free. Of my own choosing I later went oats free and added sugar free. Also suggested FODMAPS but I find this a bit severe so I pick the eyes out of it - but don't do all of it.

      ?I don't agree with your GP. Like all GP's he/she is probably towing the traditional medical party line - my response is that gluten maybe important to us BUT only to the point where it is not harming us. For me gluten is harmful - end of! I love the traditional English Real ales - I cannot drink the stuff now because of the wheat and gluten content. about the only beers I can have now are Peroni and Tiger beer - both are lagers.No other issues with alcohol (unless I drink too  much , Lol!) or tea or coffee or a range of other hot or cold drinks.

      ?Food - aaah! - all done by trial and error and keeping a food diary. Its hardly a diet as such - I call it my food intake plan. Stuf wots out !!! raspberries, peas, runner beans, yoghurt, lettuce, onions, anything with oats, gluten and wheat, pork and crackling. most processed foods I avoid. Bread is out although I can get away with stuff made from sour dough. Sausages are on ongoing problem. I prefer to minimise red meats and go more for white meats - chicken is best and fish is fine too.

      ?My medication is Ramipril, Felodopine, Simvastatin, Bisoprolol and Warfarin - between the lot it controls my blood pressure and heart rate. Prior to AF my BP was 136/80 with a HR of 88. Nowadays its around 125/70 with a HR of 65.

      ?I've had no cardioversion and no ablation. All down to food and vagal nerve.

      ?My experience suggests Nutritionists can prescribe some supplements. Mine  prescribed me BioQ10 and an Arctic Cod Liver oil ( not Supermarket off the shelf brands). Job done. Do suggest you 'Google' - BANT - a professional organisation governing Nutritionists.

      not sure what else I can say - if you wanna ask any more questions ask away.

      ?Yeah, I'm both impressed by Nutritionists and with results, at a time in my life when you'd expect AF to worsen. I'm 73 in September, still work 30 to 40 hours a week driving a small tourist bus and man handling passengers baggage (at least 15 kgs each bit, and AF free now for a bit over 2 years. I've even survived a partial knee replacement.



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      Thank you so much John for a very informative and useful reply.  When I get back to the uk I will find myself a nutrionist.  Some great tips you've given me.  I am in Spain on holiday, unfortunately ending up in A & E a few days ago, as my heart had gone out of rhythm.  I stood it for few days but succumbed in the end.  The rate is ok but rhythm out.   I am on Sotalol for rate and rhythm.  The hospital checked me for infections, bloods, ECG and X Ray, and reckoned it could be caused by the intense heat here.  They told me not to worry about the arrythmia (it's not in their chest)!  to take an extra Sotalol in the morning.  That was 3 days ago, it is still the same, I am unable to sleep as I cannot get away from this constant thump in my chest, whichever side and however I lay.  I am looking for an earlier flight home, as I can't stand it.  The hospital told me to return if I get breathless, chest pain or swollen ankles.  I have rung my GP in the uk to find out if I can take any more Sotalol.  I am waiting for a reply later today.  At present I'm taking 120mg morning and 120 at night.  Have you got any advice John?  Well done for continuing to work, I am the same age as you and wouldn't have the energy or stamina to hold down a job, so good on ya.  Keep up,the good work, I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you again, all the very best. 

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      Hi Pauline,

      ?I am so sorry to read of your AF messing up your holiday. I personally think high temperatures make a contribution to AF in people. Must say (I'm in Cornwall) and have had 3 days of 30 degrees ( I guess Spain will be much hotter) and I am now beginning to succumb to tiredness and listlessness. Luckily I haven't been working. I lived in Sydney for decades so I know all about heat and humidity.

      ?Just one thing - I am surprised you are on Sotalol - its a beta blocker designed to control heart rate. (I'm on Bisoprolol, same family of drugs).

      I have just copied and pasted the following from the Patient UK website.

      "Sotalol belongs to the group of medicines known as beta-blockers. It is prescribed to treat fast irregular heartbeats.

      Treatment is usually long-term. Continue to take the tablets regularly.The most common side-effects are feeling tired, unwanted heart rhythm changes, and feeling short of breath."

      ?Have a read of the bit of paper in the packet ! I have no medical knowledge, but, it does seem strange to me that you are given a drug for rate control if your problem is rhythm.

      ?Oh! don't worry Pauline, I know I still work but I do have to pace myself when 'off duty'. Problem is retirement doesn't suit me - I have always been mentally and physically active all my life and see no reason to stop - BUT - yes I do have to pace myself. As they say - use it or loose it ! Lol!

      ?Safe journey home, let me know how you get on.

      Best wishes,


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      Lucky you John being in Cornwall.  Beautiful place, we used to take our kids there every year for hols.  Newquay has changed I believe!  Thank you for more nfo.  I was put on  bisoprolol when I had my first attack whilst on hol here in Spain, scary that was!  Was on it satisfactorily for 7 years, put on a stone in weight, then it failed to control, and I ended up in a & E 3 times last year in 3 months hence change to Sotalol in August.  Lost that weight tho.  My GP changed my prescription to metoprolol, but as it was days before my holiday I didn't want to chance any side effects, so contd with the biso.  Have booked flights for Saturday to get home earlier.  It seems taking the extra Sotalol is making my heart thump more, so I've cut back as the slower it beats the more irregular, the faster it goes - smoother.  I am having to take a sleeping pill to get off to sleep as I can't get away from the arrythmia.  Sleep is so badly needed with AF as I'm sure you'll agree.  Just wish I could get back into rhythm.  In the meantime enjoy sunny Cornwall and I'll let you know the next saga.  Thank you again. Keep well. 

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