Fluctuating BP readings, should I be worried?

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I know BP rises and falls throughout the day and my weekly averages are mostly OK and my dr seems happy enough with them. However I do worry that perhaps the 50mg Losartan is not doing enough to keep the BP stable.  I have been on this medication now for 4 years and suspect my BP was high for some time prior to that, I'm 74 now.

Some weeks it will average at 118 systolic and then the following week it can reach 140 - and anywhere in between in other weeks.  Some days I get spikes as high as 163/110 in the morning then another day it can be 96/72. Evening readings are just as erratic. It seems to rise and fall in waves over several days. Lately the spikes and troughs have been more pronounced.

I don't know if this is anything to worry about and any blood tests I've had have been fine. I've just had a 6 month check up and the dr was happy -  much to my relief. I did think she might have raised my meds but thankfully she didn't despite having high readings that week. She didn't even bother to take the BP in the surgery, just as well as it always goes through the roof, instead I took my notebook which she was happy with.

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    Why were you given Losartan 4 years ago ... was your BP high then? 

    from 96/72 to 163/110 is too variable ....especially systolic BP.

    How is your Kudney function and UA test? 

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      I was initially found to have HBP aas a result of an NHS health check  -163/96 - and a subsequent 24hr monitor revealed much the same. Looking now at my online medical notes I can see that for 10 years the BP had been high whenever it was taken but nobody raised any alarms although I can vaguely remember nurses remarking it was  high. 

      I adopted the usual life style changes [no salt, lots of exercise daily, drastic reduction in alcohol and weight loss] all of which I have sustained 4 years later. But it didn't help and I was put onto Ramipril then changed to Losartan because of the cough. I should add that I wasn't an alcoholic, couch potato or  overweight at the time - but there is always room for improvement !  I only take the low[ish] dose of Losartan and until fairly recently it has been fine.  Of course there have always been spikes but not the extent that I seem to have now. 

      I hate taking medication for anything and only take this reluctantly, so would be loathe to either increase or add another pill. I am totally compliant though.

      Kidney function is fine, the usual blood tests are done anually although urine analysis isn't done routinely. My A1c was 40. So all OK there.  It's just this constant fluctuation that bothers me and I don't really know what to do.

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    Do you ever get symptoms when your blood pressure spikes? I do I feel breathless my head feels like it's in a fog and I can't think I can't hear and my eyes will not stay open it is very frightening. I have been to the hospital a few times for this and even had CT scans they cannot find any reason for it I take extra medicine which the doctor told me or prescribed and sometimes have to take anxiety medicine. And just get through it I feel like I'm going to have a stroke. There is no pain in my head. It is very scary but I am just dealing with it day by day I am 69 years old so I just guess I'm not perfect

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      No, I don't have any symptoms at all other than sometimes a thumping heart beat but I don't think that means much, does it?  It is always a surprise to read the monitor as I never know which way it will go.  I feel fit, well and capable most of the time.

      When I had the health check 4 years ago the nurse almost fell of her chair when she read the meter and patronisingly said to me "Well, you are 70" as if I was ready to be put into a care home. I was so cross at her patronising attitude and told her I was 29 and "How dare she say I was old" !!

      I've been lucky to have had good health and have never been precious about it, stiff upper lip was always the order of the day!  I've eaten well, not smoked, drunk in moderation and been active. In fact I think you would say 'Moderation in all things'. Having a stroke or developing dementia would be my worst nightmare so perhaps I'm not quite so cavalier these days.

      When you say you feel like you are going to have a stroke - what do you mean exactly?

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