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Hi everyone smile

I just started Fluoxetine 20mg yesterday and already feeling the side effects. I feel sick, have a really upset stomach, feeling a little warm (the yucky kind) and just feel weird in general.

Anyone else feel like this? 😞

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    Hi! I was perscribed this as well but haven't started taking it yet.. I work at a psych hospital and one of the doctors there thought I should call my primary and ask to readjust the dose because I have never been on anything like thay before and she thought 20 may cause too many side affects.. she suggested that I start on 5 to ease into it.. I'm going to call my primary and see whay she thinks.. of course everyone is different and each doctor precribes differently.. I know I have given this drug to patients and the side effects typically went away after a few days.. I hope you find some relief
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    Thank you so much smile

    I started this drug when I was 18 (27 now) and after 2 weeks I was a completely different person, back to my normal self again. I've had quite a tough year or so with my anxiety and panic attacks I was put on all kinds of medication but none seemed too work, so my doctor has put me back on this now and told me not to come off it even when I'm feeling better. Took me almost 2 weeks to take this as I didn't want to feel ill, but now I have even though I feel like crap, I'm feeling hopeful and with the support of my family and friends makes it more bearable. smile xxxx

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    Greetings Arya

    I have been on this drug for 16 years after the trauma of having my 39 yr old partner going into cardiac arrest and dying in my arms.

    May I suggest you have a chat with your Dr again and ask them to wean you slowly onto Fluoxatine , 20 mgs may to al lot to start off with and I am not surprised to hear what you are saying that even after the first dosage you are feeling unwell and a littlre warm all over.

    This medication will normally take 4-6 weeks to kick in so do not pannick at this time.

    if i remmeber rightly My Dr put me on like 5mg at the beginning , then slowly put me upup to 10 mg and finally 20 mgs.

    My life took a trun into crisis 3 1/2 yrs ago with my housing landlord and became so bad i was told to up it too 40 mgs which is what i tale daily now.

    I have no side effects from this at all infact it actually helps to keep me stable in my acute bouts of depression.

    It was just 1 month ago due to the crisis and housing issues and being dragged into a court trial only to lose the right to have my home and soon (10 days away ) to have no where to live and no finance to cope with the situation the Pysc team wanted me to double the prozac to 80mgs again.

    I walked out and said no thanks and no way.

    The meds are there to act as a safe guard over our mental health, they should never be allowed to numb our vodies out and to be seen as the long term answer.

    I have aquired acute anxiety since the last 2 1/2 years , I never had known anxiety until this time, and now i often find myself collapsed and fitting with epileptic stle fits that are very distressing and of course I am given Diazipam to calm me down , but tese meds again are quite detremetnal to our boies and one of the major side effects is killing off our liver.

    Well in my current HIV status and with long term liver damage what these meds are doing is slowly killing me off anyway.

    There has to be a better answer to turn too.

    I take these meds out of desperation and my strong will to live, and when I dont or wont take them the worse scenario has occurred i wont go into that.

    I truly believe we are all different in our bodies and the way our bodies hold together

    I encourage you to do some personal wotrk and maybe group therpay to find ways to work on ones self to get a real grip and understanding of what anxiety and depression can do if whe allow it too.

    Stick with us in here , and research all those posative alternative ways that can really help you to overcome the disabling that these mental health issues rob us of our fulfilling lives that should be.

    Hugs, Peace and Courage to you in finding the road to your journey and road that leads to all the joy and contemntment that you could ever possibly ask for and more


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      Its my 3rd day now and I've just had a panic attack, my heart was racing and my skin felt like it was on fire even though my skin wasn't warm. sad is this normal? :'(
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      Dear Arya,

      yes this is normal and i hope in the past 12 minutes since you sent me this message you are doing the best to breathe through this panic attack that trying to strike you down as it does us all.

      Deep slow beraths in through the mouht , slow relase from the nose.

      And continue

      Sit up right if you can

      The other symptoms will fade away.

      Just follow these simple steps.

      The anxiety is deliberetly disrupting you mind to say what is happening rigth now is indeed very serious and telling you to go to the hospital or seek urgent medical advice.

      Just sit quietly please put some calming music on close your eyes and do this breathing technique for as long as it takes to stop this anxiety .

      It will stop

      I know it all sounds easy .

      and i am not one to talk

      but please just do this

      I am going for a 15/20 minute walk which helps me in  mmy anxiety and will be back for you online here



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      Thanks for you kind words and help PJ.

      I'm still having hot flushes but I feel a little okay now, just really tired but still on edge. I hope as the days goes on it will get easier, this is the reason why I don't like taking meds sad Xx

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      I returned from my walk where i have been on the phone in discussion to my Housing Organization who are tryin too save my home from being taken away next wendesday.

      so u can imagine the distress and pressure I am under however i am able to say even with this teffifying cris I have having my 3rd straight day in acyally being able to say i feel calm, i am without acute anxiety and depression, I am together and remain this way up to now, it could all change in 1hrs time but not if i can help it.

      Please if you havent taken some quiet time out please do sit down asap and put your feet up listen to some soothing music , close those tired eyes of yours and breath like i said earlier.

      Slow deep big breaths in through the mouth hold on to that breath and then gently release the air back out through your nose.

      Its so important to get to know what will work for each of us no matter what the anxiety is continuing to do and how bad it is and its really hard to listen and actually do it ,lol but its vital.

      Time out for you , time out to re aligne those thoughts, all that crisis in your head, all that physical pain and trauma you feel, its goning to go when we take the steps required that were advised to me but i just didnt get it, now i am beginning to get it.

      Its up to u to make the first steps, wow at some point you will find in time you giving another the same advice

      and supporting others in the way your last message is reaching out to support me .

      Great Big Mighty huugs are coming to you in this message at this time



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