Fluoxetine Update - The Joy of Living Again

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On this sunny morning, I thought I'd come back and tell you how things are for me after six months on Fluoxetine.

The early weeks were a great struggle with many of the usual symptoms of getting on to this drug. These symptoms gradually disappeared as the weeks went by and life started to feel OK and then good again.

After six months - hm! actually seven on Friday - I spend most of my time feeling on top of the world and often, joyous. I feel good inside and good about myself and my place in our world. I'm a nicer guy - easier to be with - than I used to be, more laid back and accepting of other people.

None of my problems in life have changed, I just view them differently, recognising that for now at least, I am coping with them and enjoying life inspite of them.

It's not all roses in the garden - I got into a bit of depression over Easter but it was nowhere near like depression used to be for me. I shifted it by accepting it and putting into practice my new found tools - not being ashamed of it, not seeing it as weakness and talking about it with friends.

During the early weeks of Fluoxetine, I had seven sessions of NHS counselling, during which I discovered the root cause of me chosing depression in the face of extreme emotional difficulties - I  also discovered the need to accept depression for what it is and to talk about how I was feeling. It is a mental illness. For a great many people, Fluoxetine is the medicine for it - once you get through the initial hardships of taking it.

I didn't believe Fluoxetine would make me feel well again but honoured my agreement with my GP and kept taking it. Now, I can tell you that it does work - there can be joy in your life again, with lots and lots of roses in your garden.

Good luck, may the struggle to get onto Fluoxetine be over quickly for you and I wish you joy in your lives again. Keep taking it!

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    Hi Carl,

    I am taking fluoxetine 20 mg every day in the morning for the last 7 weeks.

    I am still struggling with ups and downs and I am wondering will the medicine do the job to completely be ok, myself again.

    Your words means a lot to me and are reassurance to continue taking the drug.

    I must admit that I feel better each day and more happy moments are present than before but it's a slow process.

    Are you on 20mg also?

    When did strike you to feel full benefits from it? I mean after what time?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.



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      Hi Alex

      Yeah - I'm  on 20mg. It's my perssonal opinion and nothing more, but I'm not at all sure Fluoxetine will 'cure' you all by itself - it may, I don't know. I'm a strong believer in sorting out my troubles and in theis case, acceptance is the first step. Accept that this is where you are aty and learn to feel OK with that. I'm depressed or anxious or both or whatever it is troubling you. It's OK to feel that way, millions of others do, too - even if hardly anyone talks about it. Your biggest and worst critic is yourself! Sharing your feelings with someone else is important, talking about who you are right now.

      I don't know when I started to feel the full benefits, or if I am feeling the full benefits yet. It kinda creeps up on you - you notice happiness, pleasure and you notice it more and more often. You notice you feel good one day, just for a few minutes - and another day and another.

      And keep talking and sharing yourself with others - even when you feel down.

      Stick with the plan. Give it time. I guess eight weeks at least to get on it and thhe symptoms to start diminishing - and thhe good times are in front of you.

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      Hi Carl,

      Thank you very much for answering and sharing your experiences with us.

      My problem was/is panic attacks,health anxiety and depression.

      I completely agree with you about your opinion for the acceptance of the situation.

      But it's difficult at least in this first weeks to manage it.

      It's really unbelievable how this journey is going and no Dr will describe to you what to expect.

      I am feeling better sometimes and I will stick on it no matter what blips is surrounding me.

      I truly hope I will post like you after 4 months from today..smile

      Thanks again,


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      Hi Alex

      You have the same problems as me - don't know which tense to use, I have or I had the same problems. Past or present, I'm not suffering the symptoms now and I am sure that you will get to this place, too. Happiness and contentment with liberal handsful of joy thrown in!

      It's not just acceptance of the situation, it's acceptance of yourself, your feelings, your life so far, your relationships or lack of them. The more honestly you can look at yourself and accept whatever you see as OK, who I am, the firmer is your path to recovery.

      I do not know if Fluoxetine will work the magic without you working on yourself. Having accepted that I get depressed, I wanted to know all about it and did a lot of searching in myself. A lot was not pretty.

      As well as banging on about acceptance, I shdould also have mentioned giving yourself time. It takes time to recover from depression and anxiety and you need to give it to yourself as much as you can - lovingly.

      To the best of my knowledge, panic attacks and anxiety are brought about by an over-active adrenaline gland - over-stimulated.  Our job is to quieten it down - acceptance and time, again.

      Good to see you have hope! That's the light shining at the end of the tunnel. What you are experiencing now will pass, like all things. Promise.

      Be well


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    Hello Carl

    Great to hear from you again, and so great to hear how you're feeling now!!  I said that amazing joyous feeling comes to you eventually, and I'm so pleased you've got there.  It'll keep on improving I'm sure as it did with me from 6 months onwards.

    Hows the cat?

    Best wishes

    K xx

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      Hey Kate

      Good to hear from you! You did tell me that joy comes eventually and you were right - it has!

      How's yourself? Still going strong? I hope you are blessed with feeling and being well.

      The cat has the lurgies - all this sunshine, I expect. Was he ever ill? He drives me nuts with all his energy - and then zonks spark out asleep on my lap as soon as I ssit to watch TV. There is a grand bond between us - I'm an easy touch and he works that to the nth degree!


      Carl xx

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      Yes I knew it would come to you if you just accepted and waited.  Very hard to do when you so want it now .... but it does happen.

      Yes thanks I'm doing well.  Enjoying the Spring sunshine :-)

      Glad your cat is fine .... yes he was very poorly when you first joined this site.  My 2 cats are the same - they dash madly outside, tear round the garden, then come in and want to sleep all day!  I'm going to be a cat in my next life biggrin

      K x

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      Yeah!time and acceptance - watch words for Flu ad depression/anxiety. And treating yourself well - little treats, rewards, all goes toward loving yourself.

      I reckon becoming a cat is a good choice - provided you get to choose your human! My two are nine years old now and have quietened a lot from their youth - thankfully. Still Bengals and still a handful - but calmer for more of the time. A bit like me on Flu, come to think of it!

      Carl xx

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      Yes definitely need to choose a nice human.  I need to be a veggie cat too.  Be nice to lay in the sun, chase a ball around occasionally and curl up and snuggle up with my human.  I'd make sure I'd meow to go out, then when the door is opened for me I'd just sit there and stare out (just as my cats do)!



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