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My history in short, I've had two ablations, three cardioversions and in September my cardio deemed me recovered enough to take me off Bisoprolol and Flecainide, but continuing with anticoagulants.

Since stopping Flecainide I have been experiencing bouts of flutter and at the moment my heart is pumping at 135 bpm sitting.

My question is has anyone had the same symptoms and would a pacemaker be the next step for me? I really don't want another ablation.

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    Hi gwen.

    I'm in a similar situation. Haven't stopped taking bisoprolol but have started taking tambocor. Since taking tambocor i have had episodes everybody day!! Not ok!!! So i have asked my doctor ti try and put Me up for a maze operation. 95% success rate 😁

    Big op but Esther that than having a pacemaker. Hope this helps a Little.

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      Thanks rejnertj, I will check out the maze but my last ablation was 7 hours long under sedation and the whole experience was a nightmare, so I'm looking for alternatives.

      I wish you luck with yours and look forward to hearing how you get on.

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    I developed atrial flutter while on flecainide and it quit after I quit the drug and had a right-sided ablation. My doc claimed that flutter was easy to fix (easy for him to say since he caused it with the flecainide) with a right-sided ablation which is simplified by not having to pierce the atrial septum to get to the less accessible left side. The flutter has stayed away for about fifteen years but the af persists. The device you may be considering is likely a defibrillator, which is the usual method for calming tachycardia. Be sure to ask your doctor about possible complications, such as migration of the leads requiring additional surgery, before you jump. If you kill enough time hassling your doctor your flutter may self correct. Best of luck.
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      Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I can't hassle my doctor until next May as he is solidly booked up till then, so it may well correct itself by then!

      I am researching other less hassling alternatives at the moment 😏

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    Gwen, from what I understand, the pacemaker is only good for LOW heartbeat not high.  Suzanne
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      Hi Suzanne, I thought that as well, but wasn't 100% sure. Thank you.

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    Hi gwen ive taken tambocor

    Atenolol. Rythma. All of them made things worst my heartbeat went hay wire

    Yes as the other gentleman said. Thats easy for the dr to say. Hes nit the one suffering. My unsolicited advise to you is find a suitable dr

    Your comfortable with. Remmember one size doesnt fit all. It also goes with meds. It. May work for you but not for me. Ive gone to many cardios. But my present one is kina more awkward. Since he caters for poor indegenious people..who cannot afford expensive test and meds. He gave me bisoprolol 2.5 mgs twice a day. Since then ive got my life back. Do things i used to do. In moderation. Lets say im 80 % fine than i used to. Although i. Still feel flutters its not that annoying. My point is find a dr. That may have a different approach. That would suit you

    Goodluck finding that one lucky cardio never lose faith.

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      Hi Garry, The problem with Bisoprolol, I found, was that it keeps the heart rate low so that doing more strenuous exercise is tiring and makes you breathless. Since I've been off that particular med my heart rate has been increasing normally instead of being held under 60, except for occasions such as today when it goes into overdrive.

      It's good to get feedback from forums members, so thank you and I will keep searching!

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    A couple of people have mention that they thought pacemaker were for low heart rate.    I have an AF problem with fast rates never low.     A pace maker was mentioned to me today by a consultant as a possible option but one that was preferred for people in their 70's.   

    If you are experiencing new symptoms or return of them then you should be able to request to speak to your consultant and let him know about the return of sympotms.  Try to contact his secretary to seek advise. 

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      Thank you Kate, I will ask just in case it may be an option.
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      Just re-reading this message - I would add that you can have ablation under general anaesthesia.  Having been through a similar experience to you I understand your reluctance to try again. 
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      Thanks Kate, my first ablation was eventually done by GA although I started out as a sedation procedure.

      During the first stages, I developed terrible pains in my head so they decided to anaesthetised

      me completely.

      I will wait until the new year and see what transpires. I'm generally starting to feel better lately, so fingers crossed!!

      Good luck in your recovery too and a happy Christmas xx

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    Hello you can have a pacemaker fitted  for afib with fast heart rate usually done when all else has failed first you will have pacemaker and wires implanted told it can take a couple of hours they tell me, pacemaker is then started up but at this stage it doesn't do much you then have to return in 6 to 10 weeks this is to be sure pacemaker is working and the leads have embedded to tissues and they are secured next you will need small ablation to your sa heart node this makes it redundant your life then is dependent on the pacemaker the battery lasts about 10 years pacemaker is size of £2 coin it's a very intelligent bit of kit it can be fine tuned to suit your lifestyle by a non invasive magnetic pad or wand by your EP I am informed the afib is still there but it can't control the heart rate as the pacemaker is the master of the pace I know this as I have had an ablation in 2010 it came back in 2016 so far this year I have had 3 more ablations I am 67 years old I have decided no more ablations if it doesn't work this time straight to pacemaker to get my life back if possible hope this helps you good luck 

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      Thank you Ken,

      It may be something to think about in the future but I will persevere in the hope that mind and body will help get me through first. I am practising positive thoughts and lots of gentle exercise and although it's early days, I am generally starting to feel better.

      Merry Christmas xx

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