FLYING/TRAVELLING with Ovarian Cyst?

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Hi everyone, 

Last week it was discovered I have a 6cm X 6cm left ovarian cyst. It has been causing me discomfort more than pain - pain twinges are intermittent, but mostly it's just pressure on my bladder (have to pee alot) and rectum (constipated alot).  I have a 2 week backpacking trip to UK scheduled in 2 weeks that I planned months ago. Now, I don't know if it's safe for me to go. 

I have 2 GYNE appointments this week. I've had a brief consultation with both of them - BOTH (and including my GP) have said that I could go, but to be careful. They cannot predict if my cyst will rupture, however did tell me NOT to jump, run, do intense exercise, lift heavy things, and refrain from sex --> as these things tend to cause ruptures.  

I'm worried to go an airplane and then some trains, going from one location to another, in 2-3 countries, with a semi-filled large backpack on my back. (approx 15-20lbs). 

Has anyone here had a cyst that large in size and still flew/went on vacation? Any insight would be helpful. 

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    One the one hand they told me "I should be OK to go", and on the other "Just be careful and bring medical insurance with you" - which I have.  

    What do I do???? 

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    I have flown a few times with mine, with no issue. Doctors didn't really offer any advice, so I chose to risk it, but did ensure it was declared on my travel insurance.

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    Apparently it seems to be a simple cyst, monitored and not on the 'surgery' list yet.


    (above 6cm they often don't disappear = rupture/burst by themselves within 12weeks)

    When it ruptures (which your docs seem to wait for actually? hence the monitoring.....noticed?)

    it can cause pain, but....within normal range.

    The possibility of a twist is more of concern.

    No one can tell you if it will twist or not.

    The statistics are more for 'unlikely', but not impossible.

    My 9cm never did twist or burst until removal (and was complex at the end, dermoid) and grew over two years (3cm, 5cm, 9cm, was monitored) and I did hike, bike, fly long distance,.... everything, not even thinking about it.

    Was I plain lucky? could be. I had no family, no child then, no responsibility other than for myself, so I was pretty fine with it, not thinking too much about my 'cyst'. (Today as a mother I would not take the slightest chance.)

    It's playing with the odds and depends on your life circumstances, also the countries' medical facilities, which you plan to travel to.

    (would I go e.g. Nepal mountain hiking? Maybe not. Would I go through Europe? Anytime.)

    If need be, check into a hospital during your travels and yes, have a travel insurance (and the doc backing you up, that it was ok to go with pre-existing condition)

    Enjoy your travel!!

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    Do the Drs. recommend surgery upon your return? There is no predicting if a cyst will rupture. Mine were HUGE 15cm on each side but it didn't rupture until I was opened.

    I would be asking what would I do if it did rupture while on the trip? Seems the UK has serious issues dealing with gynecological problems. Multiple consults, referrals, waiting. Do you have international health coverage? Do you know approved providers in the towns you will visit? Will your current level of discomfort be tolerable or negatively impact the quality of your trip? Are you traveling with others? What would a one year delay involve. If you do have complications can you afford to stay there for an extra month ir so?

    I've had two trips I've had to postpone for different reasons. Both times I had more favorable financial conditions and better weather on the delayed trips. I also am a worrier and want medical things handled immediately.

    I know you've really been looking forward to this trip but explore your options. Your safety and health are first and foremost.

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      Hi there,

      The 2 gynecologists have said it's a simple fluid-filled cyst (based on my ultrasound reports/scans). They said I could travel, however, to carry insurance with me just in case I need medical treatment. I reside in Canada and flying to UK. I imagine the healthcare there is similar to that of here?

      - I DO have travel coverage through work, yes. They've said they will cover anywhere as long as it is a medical emergency, so that part I'm not worried.

      - I am travelling with a friend. Also, my mother will be there.

      - Right now, it's just needing a washroom frequently, and dealing with bloating.

      - I am going for sightseeing as well as a wedding. This is also the last time my mother is travelling there to see family, so it was a 2-in-1 kind of trip for me.

      I am a worrier as well - I don't like taking risks with my health. I have official gyne appointments this week. I hope I get better news then.

      I understand. I'll just feel gutted if I don't go, and nothing happens to me here. I'll feel like I missed out on this trip.

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      If only they could tell me there is NO chance of rupture/torsion, then I'd feel SO MUCH better about this all! sad

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      Sounds like you'd have the support you'd need, God forbid, something happens. Also sounds like the trip of a lifetime and you've made sure you'll be covered.

      I didn't mention possible torsion, thought I threw enough at you. So sorry. Most women on the forum seem to have from exercise, running, aerobics, trampoline but there's really no way to predict. You seem level headed and since your mom will be with you you couldn't have better support.

      So all that's left is toss the coin and decide. Either way let us know, if you can, how it goes.

      Best of luck!!! XXXX

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      One more thought, see if you can get copies of pertinent records to take with you. I've had great luck with carrying an umbrella when storms are forecast and not seeing a drop! ;-)

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    How was your trip? I am about to do the same thing! I have the same issues and I am also worried about my travel plans. However I am already taking pain meds due to my back pain from the cyst.
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      Hi Julianne, 

      Unfortunately,, I was advised not to fly, due to the changing nature of the cyst. The cyst had grew another 2cm in 8 days according to a second ultrasound, and it turned hemorrhagic (bleeding into itself). The specialist I saw at that time advised me maybe it wasn't a good idea to fly/travel backpacking in Europe, just in case it grew larger and/or ruptured.

      So, I did not go on my trip. But, things happen for a reason, and although I missed  what may have been the trip of a lifetime, the universe/God/cosmos/fate/whatever had other plans for me. I spent time with an old old friend, we connected, and fell in love unexpectedly. We are still dating and I will definately be marrying him! smile 

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