Food poisoning a month later? Bloating gas cramps

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Hello group:

Otherwise excellent health about a month ago seemingly had some bad chopmeat, after a big meatloaf I woke with gas pains cramps bloating and stomach spasms, oddly no fever, or diarrhea,, which dod says is unusual iorf food poisoning. Had all tests , Pylori, endo even a colonscopy. Have been placed on Aciphex about 3 weeks, if I follow a very bland diet chicken potatoe etc. I am fair, but still getting bloating cramps and actually constipation, if I try to eat normally.

My Doctor stay  on PPI's till it resolves, no real answers, hes not sure what caused the condition and says a lot of people have reflux. Before this episode, I never had reflux symptoms, or issues can eat pizza, have red sauce frequently no issues. I am convinced it was the chopmeat, I had problems with meat from this supermarket before, just not as bad.

Any ideas? 

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    was the meat cooked properly first? you have to be very careful when prepping food because of food poisoning if it isn't cooked to temperature.
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    I've had food poisoning and I can assure you you know when it happens, it comes out both ends at the same time, the meat could have just upset the bacteria a in your tummy, it just takes time to calm down and anti acid medication will have to be taken, it can last for weeks keep in touch with your doctors. Obviously that's just what had happened to me, so it's only a suggestion good luck
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    I must agree with Trisha and with food poisoning you would be emitting from both ends!! unfortunately trouble with abdomen trouble  is they  can be really hard to actually diagnose, Hope youi get to the bottom of it, sorry no pun intended  
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      Thank you, I have no faith in Doctors, they don't seem to care about diagnosing an ilness, as long as they can prescribe pills to treat the symptoms. I'll have to stay on PPI's for a while I guess, the symptoms were pretty bad, cramping spasms and burning!
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    Your doctor may be doing things in steps so  I'd go back if you aren't having any positive results.

    I don't see where you had a CT scan or MRI for gall bladder problems. When the gall bladder doesn't work properly it does not process fats well and your  normal diet seems high in meats and  foods  i.e. pizza, that are high in fats.

    Otherwise, another  possibilityis  food allergies. You can get skin tests for that and a gradual treatment.  Allergies cause inflammation.  The doc might prescribe an anti-inflammatory.

    Also, you might have an serious imbalance of the flora in your gut --- good bacteria, yeasts etc. that help in digestion. You replemish these with fruits and vegetables. When good bacteria, yeasts etc. are in short supply, very destructive bacterium and yeasts get established. This leads to bloating and pain. You would need to get on a treatment of probiotics, vitamins etc.


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      Hi Mary:

      Actually I did have a barium CT to rule out Gall Bladder and Diviticulitis.

      My brother Chiro) recommended Probiotics, I do have a slight milk allergy though.

      I do eat a lot of red meat, but Im certain this particular meal was the culprit. Maybe mild food poisoning?, my stomach was on fire retching and spasms, but I dont throw up easliy, but I did get quite a lot of reflux!

      It was meatloaf with chili powder, which I make frequently so its not something new in my diet. I did recall about a month ago, this particular supermarkets chopmeat gave me some issues, but not this bad. Ive been eating mostly melons chicken and white potatoes, and I seem to hold this down better. 


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      Trouble is there is so many stomach problems which match your symptoms, I can go weeks at a time with pain in my upper abdomen, doc says just got irritated inside and I've had every test done, so all I can say is keep going to docs until all avenues are exhausted. Good luck
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    Because you seem to have had all kinds of diagnostic tests,  and the doc has determined that nothing life-threatening is wrong,  I am going to suggest some other ideas.

    To find out what food allergies you might have, you would need to go to a doctor for skin tests.  Actually, wheat is highest on the list for food allergies, eggs is also high on the list.... so instead of guessing it would be better to get the skin tests to find out for sure.

    The next question is  --- How long has it been since you have  been on antibiotics?  We know you had a colonoscopy.  Both require rebuilding of the gut flora with probiotics immediately afterwards.  So, ask yourself, did you do that?   If not, then you probably need  to rebuild the gut flora with probiotics no matter what is going on.  Did you know that in Italy, for instance, no antibiotic are ever sold without probiotics sold along with it?

    FYI: Here are a few of  the kinds of foods that build probiotics in your system naturally: all fruits and vegetables particularly beans, asparagus, onion, garlic, bananas, artichokes, root vegetables, apples and pears.  If you aren't a vegetable lover, you can probably buy dehydrated green superfoods (fruits and or veggies).  You take a scoop daily in a small drink, or you can choose to take probiotics to build up your gut to a friendly environment and stay on them.... or you could do both for a little while and see how it works.

    One of the first kinds of destructive organisms that takes over the gut after antibiotics and/or a colonoscopy when the gut owner does not intervene with probiotics,  is a yeast called candida.  When a person's gut is over run by this yeast it, interestingly enough, causes food allergies, sugar cravings, and pain  -- so Paul, you can see how one thing leads to another.   

    Really brief and quick here: --- If you want to do probiotics get both kinds; the live kind and the other kind. Spend money for quality products.  I doubled up on the 2 different probiotics when I had a problem.  Also,  I had a holistic doc recommend  borage oil which is an anti-inflammatory some years back when I have abdominal pain and it worked. 

    If nothing works, go back to the doc.


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      Hi Mary:

      Good post thank you, I did start on Probiotics, give me some gas, but survivable, my brother recommended.

      Just got test results no Celiac, no Pylori. I almost wish they found something!. Has Endo colon Scan, all normal.

      It has to be some kind of food poisoning, I have read that such trauma to the system can take months to normalize!.

      Bland diet helps, but this is so frustrating, If I went off the Aciphex, Im sure it would start up again!. Im still getting some burning and reflux even on the Aciphex if I eat something normal. Eating Chicken potatoes and rice right now.

      I do have slight milk and wheat allergies, but usually have no problem with Red sauce. The meatloaf had chili powder but I have had this meatloaf many times before, I am convinced it was bad meat.

      How can I get my system back to normal?, I am eating some prunes which seem to help along keep me regular, with a bland diet probiotics and Zinc Carnosine.

      Thanks for your comments!


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      Your doing all the right things, you will get stronger and wiser if it flares up again

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