Foods that Help the Lungs

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Personally I always try to include garlic, fresh root ginger, chilli, fresh herbs in my daily intake, sometimes not all but at least 3 of these each day. Chilli and curries are well known to help the respiratory system and garlic and ginger are well known in boosting the immune system. There is lots of encouraging information about these foods which can be found by doing a little research. Broccoli is another, apples, walnuts, many foods are natures natural medicines and help the body achieve is good working potential.

[i:94b34f0911]Below is information taken from a Health Food Guide on Lung Health, with some information added from my own personal experiences, which I hope you will find both encouraging and helpful:[/i:94b34f0911]

In today's health conscious world, proper care is taken to decide what foods to eat for lung health. We all know that lungs help us in breathing. Even this simple act requires a lot of energy from our body. If we don't eat well and don't take healthy food, our body will find it difficult to provide that kind of energy for breathing as well as for all its other daily functions. Proper nourishing food should be taken in the right quantity for better health of lungs as this effects the body's metabolism and even the amount of carbon dioxide produced by digestion whose excess can make you feel weak and fatigued.

For good lung health, we must take a nourishing diet. Unfortunately there is no food or food group that has all the nutrients required by the body. In a way it is good because it allows us to enjoy a variety of foods to meet the requirements. Therefore it is essential to combine three or four food groups in every meal. You can even have some healthy food snacks if you want.

Let us see some dos and don'ts about the foods eaten for lung health.

* Enjoying a variety of foods is a must. This will ensure proper nourishment for the body

* We all know that fruits and vegetables are very rich in nutrients. So it is important to include a generous serving of fruits and vegetables in your daily meal.

* Have plenty of cereals, breads and other grain products. This increases the fibre that is required by the body. [i:94b34f0911](some people are unable to tolerate all of these foods so recommended dietary alternatives may be required, see your GP, dietician or health food advisor)[/i:94b34f0911]

* Avoid oily and greasy foods and take low-fat dairy products. The foods high in calories will only harm the lungs.

[i:94b34f0911](Oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon are recommend to eat 2-3 times a week)[/i:94b34f0911]

* It is better to have lean proteins such as eggs, fish, white meat chicken and turkey etc. Consuming lean meats reduce the intake of calories by us

* Excess of salt is very bad for lungs as well as the overall health. Limit the amount of salt consumed.

* Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol. These foods are very addictive and are very bad for the lungs [i:94b34f0911]especially so in excess[/i:94b34f0911].

* Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water or other healthy beverages everyday. Its good for lungs and it also flushes out toxins from your body

* Don't go for carbonated and sugary beverages. The foods with added sugar and refined starches such as cakes and candies should be avoided

* Don't combine beverages along with you meals. Having them along with the meal increases the pressure on the diaphragm

* Avoid chewing gums as the air swallowed by us when we chew it causes bloating and gas

Besides having healthy eating habits it is also important to have healthy living style. You must be physically active and follow a regular exercise routine and maintain an ideal weight.



Attention Smokers![/b:94b34f0911]

The first and most important thing every smoker should do is to Detox your Lungs.Your lungs can go from black and clogged to pink and healthy in under a year by following this program.


An overweight person carries extra weight around his stomach or the upper part of the body. It makes breathing difficult and puts strain on the lungs as well as on the heart. In the same way an underweight person will also face problems, as he will feel weaker and more tired easily. Therefore, try and maintain an ideal weight and take care about the best foods to eat for lung health and enjoy a long and healthy life.


[b:94b34f0911]Some people with COPD have difficulty maintain weight. [/b:94b34f0911]

For these people it is recommended that eating 5 smaller meals a day is better than 3 main meals, a larger quantity of food can have a tendency to occupy breathing space and diaphragm muscle manoeuvreability.

If you are underweight do speak with your doctor about obtaining a prescription for fortisip to take in addition to your normal daily food consumption. Fortisip is similar to a milk shake which is fortified with vitamin and minerals as well as providing protein and carbohydrates.

An alternative to Fortisip would be to include something like complan which can be mixed with fruit juice or oat, soya, rice or cows milk, or there is the more expensive protein drinks that athletes take.


[b:94b34f0911]When you are feeling unwell[/b:94b34f0911] it is important to try and take in the necessary nutrients each day, at times that you do not feel well enough to spend too much energy preparing food or even eating it, you may want to stock your cupboards with fruit and vegetable drinks as well as complan.

For those watching their weight may want to stock up with meal replacement drinks at these times of feeling unwell.

All these nutritional dietary aids / drinks are not recommended to be used as an alternative to eating fresh foods when you are feeling well enough.

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    More from the Health Guide


    [b:8bc9332016]Best Foods for Lung Health[/b:8bc9332016]

    If you want to improve the functioning of your lungs, you need a list of foodsthat are the best foodsfor lung health and the appropriate way to eat those foods. People with damage to their lungs, COPD, often have a difficult time breathing after a large meal. Not only does the increased amount of food in your stomach require more oxygen to digest, it also takes more room and often pushes against your diaphragm. This makes breathing far more difficult. Be ware of gassy foods, also. As your stomach fills with gas, it has the same effect as eating too much. It presses on your diaphragm and makes breathing far more difficult.

    Whether you have COPD, or simply want to improve the health of your lungs, you'll find a variety of foods that can help you. The most important foods are fruits and vegetables. These foods provide plant fiber that helps you not only reduce your cholesterol but also move food through your system faster. Foods high in fiber include fresh vegetables, cooked beans, whole grains, dried peas and fresh fruit. Not only do these foods help reduce cholesterol but they also help control your blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled high glucose levels in the blood, diabetes, can cause damage to the lungs.

    If your a smoker and have already done damage to your lungs, then the first thing you should do is to detox your lungs. Your lungs can go from black and cloged to pink and healthy by following a simple regimine

    Get foods that contain plenty of vitamin D. Recent research shows that vitamin D helps to slow declining lung function in people with asthma. Scientists tested cell cultures from both asthmatics and non-asthmatics and found that calcitriol, a type of vitamin D, slowed muscle proliferation in airways. Muscle proliferation reduces lung function. Calcitriol, also acts as an anti-inflammatory. You can get vitamin D from exposure to the sun, but also from fish and .

    Look for colorful fruits and vegetables, which contain high amounts of vitamin A. Recent studies on lab animals indicate that a high intake of vitamin A can actually help heal the lungs. In addition, vitamin A also helps the body build more resistance to infections, including those in the respiratory area. Foods containing vitamin A in the form of retinol or beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A, include Apricots, carrots, asparagus, cantaloupe, tomatoes and watermelon, to name just a few.

    Increase the amount of anti-oxidants in your diet. Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants. Besides being an antioxidant and enhancing the antioxidant action of vitamin E to protect the lung cells from damage from free radicals, vitamin C also plays a major role in building collagen and elastin, both necessary for the health of all tissues. A recent study showed that if both vitamin C and magnesium levels played important roles in maintaining healthy lung tissues. Foods that contain high vitamin C are citrus fruits, red peppers, cantaloupe, rose hips, tomatoes and cucumbers, among others.

    Help your lungs by reducing the amount of sugar you consume. Sugar has a negative effect on the body's immune system, lowering it's efficiency. If you want to keep not only your lungs healthy, but also the rest of your body, reduce your intake of sugar and sugary products.

    Cut down on fats and salt. Whether you already have a problem with your lungs, such as COPD, or simply want to live healthier, cut down on your intake of saturated fats and salty foods. Sodium causes you to retain fluids and people with lung problems find that makes it more difficult to breathe. Fats clog your arteries. When this happens, it often builds up fluid in the lungs.

    Eat appropriately, exercise and lose weight if necessary. Running, bicycling and other aerobic exercises help work your lungs, cleanse them and make them stronger.

    Maintaining appropriate weight is g

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    Hi V,

    Thanks for the benefit of your research re diet, which has given me a lot of food for thought. (No pun intended) Food and diet are very much on my mind at the minute so I will take more time to digest info. Good to hear you. God bless.



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    Hi Robert,

    Good to hear from you too. Hope you are keeping reasonably well and enjoying this wonderful weather we have had recently. I've been spending time in the garden stocking up on vitamin D wink

    Good wishes to you.



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