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I am stuggling on foods I can eat while doing low residue. So far I have pasta, potatoes, white bread, apple juice and white rice. Everything else I tried (apple sauce, tomato sauce, canned peaches, cooked to mush carrots, eggs, chicken) have started the pain back up. I am at a loss. If you could please list what you can eat maybe I can find some things that don't bother me. Thank you.


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    I can add steamed white fish, meal replacement drinks, cream of chicken or mushroom soup, blended veggie soup, custards, cottage cheese.  I don't eat it, but how about rice pudding?

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      I have had DD for 18 years and just 6 flares since.  It used to take me 4 - 6 weeks to get back into a normal eating pattern.  But the last 3 flares were in quick succession, and it was about 4 months of eating carefully with lots of fluids.  I pretty much had a meal replacement for breakfast, home made soup for lunch and a light meal with yogurt in the evening from August through to Christmas.  Even now, some 18 months later, I still get twinges when I eat the wrong thing, and I try and have at least one day a week mainly fluids. 

      The fear is natural - susan95516 posts will tell you she had exactly the same problem for months.  But she started small and built up.  If a food aggravates her she just adds it on the list of foods to avoid.  You must remember small portions, cook well and chew well.  This takes time and patience to come to terms with.  Best wishes.

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    Hi Julie,

    I will be interested to see the response of others since I am only 12 weeks in to this new DD lifestyle.  I think tomato sauce is probably too spicey.  I could not do applesauce either and I am not sure why.  I tried various types of white bread to make it more interesting- french bread, soft white rolls etc.  I am not sure if rice is okay or not. I have been told by several who have had it for years that I should avoid rice period.  I have not had it because of that advice.  I cooked turkey tenderloin in the crock pot with only olive oil on it and salt and pepper and some water and I ate on that for several days without any problem but only a little at a time and chew well. Remember very small portions at a time.  I ate only half a small container of peaches at a time of the individual packs.  I small white roll and a tiny bit of turkey on it.  Maybe you are eating too much at a time.  I have struggled with this due to eating fast teaching school for years.  I am mainly drinking water. No carbonated drinks.  I had well cooked and a small amount of green beans, mashed potatoes, boiled potato, baked potato without skin.  I am now tired of potatoes.  

    For the past 4 weeks I am now trying to find a new normal for eating.  I am still struggling- how much fiber, now much is too much?  Portion sizes of foods, trying to eat healthy, etc  I am never sure what to eat and find myself eating the same things over and over because they seem safe. I am eating various shapes of white pasta to make it interesting with olive oil and some cooked vegetables and turkey and chicken. I have add a few bites of pineapple to it. So far that has worked okay.

    Nothing is easy. I have to plan ahead for what I will eat so I do not get too hungry and eat too much or too fast.  I ate only a white roll at a wedding last weekend.  There was nothing I could eat there. So being prepared seems to be important.

    I hope you heal quickly and I hope I will learn from the advice others will give you.  The good news is you are not alone!

    Take care,


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    Hi all 

    I'm also fairly new to this DD lifestyle.  I had two flare ups last year and a colonoscopy diagnosed mild DD last month.  

    Currently coming to the end of a flare up but am on antibiotics.  

    I have found that eating a lot of white bread seems to help!  Never been an advocate of white bread but my flare up seems to have occurred since I stopped the white bread!  

    Can anyone tell me why white bread helps our symptoms?  

    I used to eat a lot of fruit and salads but am terrified now of going down that route and I know when I've been eating what I would call 'hearty' foods I've been fine eg: white bread sandwiches, cottage pie, potatoes (no skin) chips, roast chicken (not all at one I hasten to add!).

    I've started buying Kefir drink as well and that seems to help me.  

    I also drink tonic water which seems to agree with me.  

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    Sometimes a little of something may be ok, too much of it no!

    ​A scrambled egg is easy for me to digest than a hard boiled egg. Try making  home made chicken broad, you can have it with noodles or rice in it. Jell-O and soda crackers. stay in the diet for a while... as you get better you can start adding at a time...

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    At this moment, I have gotten past my DD flare up, thank God, but while I was in the midst of it and simultaneously on antibiotics, I ate nothing but home made vegetable broths, yogurt, Boost, Ensure, milkshakes -- basically nothing but liquids. But I did sneak in oatmeal with fresh blueberries in the morning. I don't know if you have Jamba Juice where you live, but at least 3 times/week I went there to get a drink made from carrots, apples, and a banana, totally liquified, with no pulp. 

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    I have severe sigmoid diverticulitis, and am still in the trial and error stage, but here are a few foods that 

    I find I can tolerate.

    I found that the canned fruits that are sweetened have caused painful gas.  I've been eating unsweetened applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and it's been fine.  The ingredients are apples, water, ascorbic acid.

    Even the canned fruits with fruit juice are intolerable for me.  

    I have also found that a banana, but only if it's ripe, doesn't bother me.  If it's even a bit starchy, it will cause pain.

    I poach eggs and add just a bit of salt, pepper and vegan margarine, mash it well, and can tolerate that.

    Anything with gum as an ingredient causes pain.  At first, I though it might be just carageenan, but it's all gums.

    I avoid gluten and lactose.  For bread, I stick to the gluten free with no seeds.  Again, that works for me.

    These are a few things that I hope will help you.

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