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I'm on a waiting list for either a Weil's osteotomy or metetarsal head resection and plateau correction,due to bent toes.I have another appointment before surgery so hope I can ask more questions then.I would like to hear form people who are perhaps recovering from something similar.I've been told that it is a 6 week recovery period,I don't work now,I don't drive so that's not a problem.However,I live alone and in a house with stairs, so I worry about getting around.

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    Metatarsal head resection is an irrational, flawed, brutally destructive and unsuccessful procedure, often leading to permanent disability.

    Weil's osteotomy is not much better which fails to understand or correct the underlying cause. Should you write to me privately I will give you a link to the pitiful success rate of Weil’s osteotomy.

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      Gosh.... I find this quite frightening as I'm about to have

      revised surgury of 1st MPT fusion and 2/3 weils osteotomy + 2nd toe correction after having a double bunionectomy and

      hammer toe straightening last year that was not done properly

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      thanks,very interesting,does prove that I'm right to be anxious.I feel more prepared for my next appointment now,when I find out what exactly is planned for me.I'll keep your information to refer to.
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      Problem is jp you put your trust in those that younight k are the

      professionals to know what it best and what isn't.

      My feet are uncomfortable, big toes have drifted causing toes 2/3/4 to also drift, I also have a feeling as though I have pebbles

      underneath my feet. I don't think I can carry on like this as it

      affects my walking and the pain keeps me awake at night, so I

      don't really see any alternative but to have more surgery.

      Althought it will be with a different surgeon this time.

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      I understand you dilemma, and the need to place trust in someone.

      My grievance is against the foot and ankle surgeons (and those who purport to be foot and ankle surgeons) who dispense (often with arrogance) techniques which are poorly thought out and often diametrically incorrect.

      As far as the great toe metatarsophalangeal joint goes you are now committed to a revision (since the joint surfaces have been irreversible destroyed).

      Please feel free to refer your surgeon to me. If he/she is polite I might be able to help (not just you but all the others)

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      Thank you.... My new surgeon feels that I had the wrong

      procedure to start with.

      My first surgery was done in a private hospital but paid for by

      the NHS and I can honestly say I was very surprised at how little

      attention I received after my operation.... No X-rays taken after my operation at the 2 dressing changes and none on release.

      I always thought something was a miss, even after returning and

      asking for an x-ray 2 months later I was told all was ok.

      11 months after my operation I decided to see whether orthotics

      might help and went to see a private Podiatrist.... long story

      short she highly recommended I returned to my GP for a referal,

      preferably not with the first surgeon.... she said Orthotics

      wouldn't help and I needed to have more surgery....which I

      thought was very honest of her as she could have charged me

      top money for a product that would be of no benefit to me.

      I have met the new surgeon.... NHS surgeon at a NHS hospital.

      He asked for 5 sets of x-rays to be taken before we even spoke....and I could clearly see from these that my toes were so out of

      line.This new surgeon was recommend to me by a consultant...

      although not a foot specialists....of a friend.

      Just to add as I'm not sure where you are from, I'm in the UK and things are done a little bit different here as regards to how

      there are in the US. Really wish I had a copy of my x-rays but we

      don't get offered a copy.

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      The anatomy and the problems of the feet are universal, as should be the treatment.

      I suggest you ask the surgeon to explain (and perhaps write) the intended procedures very precicely.

      "Freedom of Information" entitles you to copies of your X-rays.

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      I do find it odd that there are so many different ways to treat

      the same condition.... but each to their own.

      I will pop into my GPs and ask if I can have a copy of my x-rays

      I'd imagine it's quite easy to email them over.

      Thanks once again.

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      I'm following this with great interest.I haven't much faith in my surgeon,I really hope things are explained to me properly.It just seems that we have to just put up with what is decided for us.I really do need to know how things will be afterwards as I have nobody at home to help me.It probably sounds silly,but I have osteoporosis and I'm concerned about having a fall when I have to go  upstairs.
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      Once again,I'm sorry things have gone so wrong for you.It just proves that these operations aren't always a good idea.I'm seriously thinking of not bothering.At my last appointment I was told I have 3 options,shoe inserts,which I have tried,an operation,or "just put up with it" It may be the 3rd option if I don't feel any happier about it soon.
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      There are many ways to treat only because those exponents do not know a certain way to treat. The more options so the greater confusion and the greater the variety of "treatments". If there was certainty there would be only one treatment

      E-mail via jpeg etc.

      Best Wishes

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      Hi June....Thank you.

      Having had a double bunionecotomy and 1st MT and 2nd toe

      exterior tenotomy last year I do understand your concerns about

      being on your own.

      I take it that you don't have a downstairs toilet?

      I have heard of people sitting on their backsides and taking their

      time in going up/down the stairs.

      In my case I had a husband and 2 ( 22/25 years ) children at

      home, all worked and left the house before 7.30am and did not

      return until after 7pm and even though I'd cooked and frozen

      some meals they didn't last long. Equally all 3 were tired after a

      day at work and although hubby grabbed bits and pieces along

      the way to make meals things didn't always go to plan..... I'm a

      stay at home mother so I guess they all thought the fairies saw

      to most things... There was the packed lunches to do for the next

      day which they mucked in and helped with and dishes were seento but things like general everyday housework, washing and

      ironing were ailen to them and it drove me made seeing the

      laundry basket overflowing as I knew it would be one job that

      wouldn't get seen to. Consequently after 4 days rest it was down to me too see to it... washing was easy ironing on the other hand...well.

      That was my own downfall they then of course thought I was ok

      and left me to do everything....yes I should of protested...

      So what I'm trying to say is if you can get some help even for the

      first 24/48 hours you'll be ok....I've read of people who have been

      on their own who sit on their backsides and take their time to go up/down the stairs. Cook a bit extra when making meals so that

      you can freeze some... have books, tissues and things to keep

      the boredom away.

      Are you in the UK or US?

      Have you a Facebook account as there is a very good group

      called I survived a bunionecotomy.... really useful info from

      people who know what you've been through.

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      thanks for your advice

      I suppose there are two ways of looking at things,if you have a family at home you have a lot more work to do.I do have a downstairs toilet,but I'll still have to go upstairs.My husband lives in a care home so I miss having someone at home,but it won't be too bad if I can get on a bus and go to see him after a few days.

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      Bless you June....

      Is there any way that you could get help in setting up a

      downstairs room inorder to fit a single bed?

      would make life a little less of a worry until you're used to

      poodling about again.

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      thanks for this and all your help

      I suppose I could,but I'd still probably try to get upstairs,I'm not a sitting around person,something to consider though.In answer to a previous question,I'm in the UK.

      Do you know yet when your surgery is to be?

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      There's quite alot to consider other than the actual op itself.

      I did get bored at times but did manage to crochet a kingsized

      blanket that I'd been meaning to do for some years, so not all


      I haven't had a date in writing yet.....Think that's one of the

      biggest differences between the US and the UK.... if we have an operation on the NHS dates are not confirmed there and then..

      The surgeon did mention Feburay next year to work around

      commitments that I've already make and can't back track on.

      Will you be seeing your consultant/surgeon again before any

      decisions have been made?

      Mine did explain what would need to be done and although I'm

      loath to have any more operations the surgeon did say he didn't

      feel he could let me stay with my feet as they are. I do have days

      where I'm on a go slow as there is definatly discomfort from the

      balls of my feet due to the 'walking on pebbles feeling'

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      I'm waiting for a date too,I had to agree to be available within 12 weeks following my appointment on Nov 4th.It hadn't helped that my appointment should have been in July,but it was cancelled without them even telling me,so I had to wait till November for another one.So it could have all been over and done with,it's the waiting that's making me anxious.I'll have another appointment before the op,so I hope I can get more information.It seems that your op was bigger than mine,so it may not be too bad.But it's not good that you have to have further surgery,that makes me wonder if it's best just to not have any.
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