For the past 12 months I have had very high blood pressu...

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For the past 12 months I have had very high blood pressure. My GP has prescribed many different tablets, some of which gave very nasty side-effects. one was found which which didn't seem to have any effects or if there were some they were very mild. Irbesartan 150mg seem to be OK for me along with Bendroflumethiazide 2.5 just one a day. Overall the pressure has not yet dropped to where my GP wants it to be it is still very high. I need to make lifestyle changes now to help lower the pressure, like loose about 2 stones in weight at least take exercise (walking) and avoiding stressful situations and look at some of the supplements that I take daily.

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    I suggest you to go through my real story that is similar to your situation. I have tried pronokal weight loss program. See my article

    A few months ago I thought it was necessary to talk about my weight problem. Off course I realized that I was overweight, that’s step 1 I guess. but I never seemed to care to do anything about it, no one ever talked to me about it in the past.

    I went to see a doctor. He told me that carrying all that extra fat around is just not healthy. Not that I didn’t know all that but having a doctor checking me out and pointing me out the dangerous effects of being overweight, It did make me realize that I should do something about it.

    The doctor told me about a diet program, the diet program from Pronokal, it seems that he was guiding some people who were on the program.

    I have been going to this doctor for many years now and I thought: why not give it a try?

    He told me that it’s not that easy, you can’t just start with it. You have to be the right age and you need a doctor who check’s if you are able to start the diet.

    So I made a new appointment with him and he ran some tests on me, he explained me that your lever and kidneys have to work optimal because when you follow the diet, your body goes in a state of ketoses. Ketoses? Yes I never heard about that either.

    It seems that after a period of eating very few carbon hydrates, you go into a state of ketoses. That means that your body is burning fat way faster than normal. I started worrying but he told me that ketoses comes with every protein diet.

    After the doctor said that I was good to go, I got a prescription from him with some protein product on it. Yes, you can only get the Pronokal proteins with a doctor’s prescription. And you have to visit the doctor on a regularly basis.

    The products you have to take instead of a meal, don’t taste that great, I’ll be honest about that. But you do have a wide variety, so it’s not that you have to ‘eat’ the same each day.

    I have not been on the diet program that long but I did lose 10 pounds by now. So although I’m far from my goal of losing 80 pounds, there is no stopping me now! I’ll post my progress on the forum.

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    I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure about four years ago, and have had a series of horrible side effects from the various classes of medication - eventually, I was hardly able to move and didn't really see the point of living if I felt like that, so I gradually stopped all medication.

    Of course, I immediately started to feel a lot better, but still had high blood pressure. Because I had put on quite a lot of weight, I decided to do something about it, and embarked on a low carb high protein diet; within a week, my BP was down from around 185/94 to 135/74. In another week, it was around the 125/70 mark, and by the end of the month, I had consistent readings of around 105/65, where it stays, without meds, so long as I keep to less than 60gm carbohydrate a day.

    This kind of diet seems to also work to help type 2 diabetes.

    I have also lost weight quite painlessly, and find the eating plan very easy to stick to. There are plenty of books to help with recipes and guidelines, so I would recommend anyone to try this, rather than keep poisoning their body with largely ineffective medication.

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    Persistent high blood pressure is there for a reason. This is a prime symptom of kidney cancer, particularly if there is fatigue as well. Any doc worth their salt should check for kidney cancer. If your doc refuses, insist. Ultrasound check? blood tests?
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    Am not sure how old any of you are but i have suffered with hypertension from about my mid 20's and it gt particularly bad when i became pregnant with my 1st child.I now have it under control with 1 25 mg tablet of losartan potassium a day and a pretty hefty exercise reginme,i decided with my family history of high BP and strokes to become a fitness professional,so am now running my own spin classes and PT sessions,in order to do thi i have to keep myself very fit and lean,its hard work but the only way.If your GP advises it i would suggest high intensity training such as spinning or circuit training a couple of times a week to take your HR up to about 90% of its max(220-age).In time this brings down your resting pulse and increases your stroke volume plus increasing muscle and reducing body fat therefore eventually you should have a pretty stable BP.Mine still goes up when somebody else reads it though,so stress always plays a part with me and i have to try and curb my strss levels!Having said that you cant avoid it sometimes otherwise you'd lead a very boring existence.Hope this is helpful.I am 50 by the way and have been on several differnt meds and found losartan to be brilliant with zero side effects!
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    The best solution I found for high blood pressure,apart from weight loss, was Tai Chi lessons. After 3 months of 2x1 hour lessons a week my Bp was down to normal.


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    hi, i can help you. a whole and plant based diet (vegan) will help you easily lose weight and dramatically reduce blood pressure and improve your health in every way. if you dont belive me try it.
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    I think a vegan diet is fine if it suits you, and you like that sort of thing; having tried it, I know that I can't live that way.
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    After googling for years, i found out that these 3 things are the most effective ways to get back your normal BP and minimize the use of medicine:

    1. Eat:

    - High potassium & magnesium diet, i.e.: banana, dark chocolate, whole-grain bread/pasta/rice, spinach, brocolli

    - Low carb, low fat, with optimum protein and water intake to maintain your sugar level and maintain your kidney

    - Get omega-3 from fish/supp to protect your heart

    2. Exercise & maintain your weight:

    - 30-60 mins cardio exercise 3-4 times a week (jogging, swimming, cycling) with maintaining 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. This will strengthen your heart muscle and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or blood clot in your blood vessel

    - Blood pressure can fall by up to 2.5/1.5 mm Hg for each excess kilogram which is lost

    3. Sleep:

    - 6-8 hours/day is enough

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