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Fore skin redness and shiny penis glans

For the past one month, I am having red foreskin and red spots on glans.

There is a white discharge under the foreskin even if I don't clean it for a single day. After washing the glans become shiny n develop wrinkles later. What it possibly be ?

I had sex around 1.5 months back. The symptoms developed after 15 days from the sexual activity. I used condom though. I don't have any issue while urinating but after urination it burns for 5-10 minutes at the tip of penis. I am uncircumcised and 25 year old. I consulted a urologist and applying onabet ointment for past 20 days and taking doxy tablets but the condition is not improving. The urologist diagnosed blantopithis. But I am having no improvement.

Please suggest something.

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  • Lostknight

    It sounds a lot like the symptoms my hubby gets when he has got thrush (from me). You can get thrush simply from messing up the balance of healthy bacteria and yeast e.g. by overwashing, using scented products, a reaction to a product. Try a canestan / fluconazole oral tablet canestan / clotrimazole cream.

  • Lostknight

    i have just looked up onabet and I see it is an antifungal cream. I would have thought that would clear up thrush. My hubby did have similar symptoms once that got worse with thrush treatment, so we guessed it wasn't thrush and the doctor have him fucidin cream which is an antibiotic cream. But you say you are on doxy, and that is an antibiotic. Hum....

  • Lostknight

    There is something else it could be. My hubby also had persistent soreness and redness on the head which didn't respond to any treatments (for fungal or bacterial infections). It lasted for weeks  and very occasionally flare up even now. Turned out it was balanitis. You may want to look that up on the internet. The symptoms are: 

    The head of your penis (glans) is inflamed — red, sore and itchy.

    White or red blotches or lumps may appear.

    The glans may also look shiny or waxy.

    In severe cases it may also be swollen.

    The foreskin may become pale and thickened and stick to the glans (known as balanitis xerotica obliterans)..

    A foul-smelling discharge.

    It is supposed to be treatable but my hubby found it went away slowly with time and taking good care of it - no excess washing, only using water and frequent application of coconut oil. He uses coconut oil now if he gets a flare up and that soothes it. You need to get raw, cold pressed, organic, virgin coconut oil. They sell it in supermarkets in the uk.

    • Suki girl

      Thank you Suki again so nice of you to take out time and reply.

      I am not itchy after I apply onabet.

      If I don't apply it for a day then it is itchy and a white discharge forms layers on my penis glans and inside of foreskin which I have to remove with warm water.

      My glans are not sore now just the red spots. Initially it was inflamed and red on the glans and irritating. But after I apply ointment it is just red spots and waxy and shiny glans . Although the foreskin still seems a bit red to me.

      I guess it burns me after urination because the last drops of urine irritates my foreskin and causes burning sensation for 5-10 minutes till it dries up.

      I also doubt I have balanitis but I don't have red irritating patches on my glans . I guess I am not showing all of the symptoms. I seriously doubt on balanitis but I need to suggest my doc although he would get irritated by me telling him the disease rather than he diagnosing it haha.

      Do you know how to upload pics here?

      Looking at pics would have made it clear.


    • Lostknight

      To upload a pic I think when you are writing a message you click on the square on the top right with a symbol of mountains and a Sun. But it probably isn't a good idea because it's a public forum so anyone could see it! I wouldn't do it! I think the moderators remove it pretty soon too. A lady posted a picture of her bits and it disappeared fairly soon. Luckily I saw it and was able to tell her what it was.

    • Suki girl

      Hahaha suki, actually i was commenting using phone so it was not giving the option earlier.

      But moderators will allow the pic as it is not vulgur but a genuine pic regarding the issue. I have seen in a different thread a guy posted a pic like that.

      I am attaching pic. kindly see and tell me if it is balanitis or not.

      Thank you so much Suki.

    • Lostknight

      Well, you have to know that I am not a medical dr, just a woman of a certain age who has had (and who's husband has had) a fair share of minor benign health problems. Even if I was a dr, I have found that GPs aren't great with diagnosing skin problems. Bearing in mind how long you gave had it, you perhaps should see a dermatologist. I can't really tell from the pictures -when I enlarge them they get blurry. I can see it is very shiny and that's about it. It didn't look red or inflamed like I would expect with balanitis. But everyone's symptoms are different and that list of symptoms I gave is just a list of 'can include'. With balanitis it would feel sore but also very sensitive to touch, almost like touch is painful. 

  • Lostknight

    Hi Lostknight

    The same thing recently started happening to my glans. The skin because wrinkly and it looks like it’s now going to start peeling.

    Like you, I don’t have any pain or discharge. Are you still experiencing the symptoms? My glans looked similar to yours with the wrinkly lines going across it. Was hoping you could tell me how you treated your glans.


    • Brttfvr

      The shiny glans have not improved much and the red dots are still there. The dots are more visible after getting an erection. But the redness of foreskin has subsided with the use or aloe vera gel and coconut oil alternatively.

      Hope this helps!

  • Lostknight

    Hi guys, 

    I’m new to all this and am freaking out... 

    I slept with a women over a year ago and seem to have the problems everyone on here is... 

    Red blotchyness but comes and goes... mainly if I masturbate (sorry) but then will calm down again ..... and small lymph node in my neck a bit sore... 

    I’ve looked up all stds and nothing seems to be it...  I’ve looked into balantis and I’m sure that’s it, can you get balantis from sex (sorry stupid question)

    I’ve uploaded a few pics any feedback greatly appreciated 

    • Guest

      I didn't had any itchiness like in balanitis, just the red dots and shiny glans. It has improved over a period of time but shiny glans with red or purple dots are still there. I used aloe vera gel and coconut oil and always ensured cleanliness with luke warm water.


    • Guest

      Balanitis is caused by some kind of trauma to the skin e.g. chemical, infection, allergy or chaffing. It is not caused by sex, although sex can aggravate it once you have got it. It is not an infection and can’t be caught or transmitted. It is a condition of the nerves where they became hypersensitive and hyperactive due to the trauma. Avoid washing the penis with anything scented or even with plain soap (incompatible ph). Just use warm water or wipe with coconut oil. Coconut oil should sooth the condition - just be aware it can cause oily stains on your trousers! Best to apply it before you go to bed so it is on there all night. Also stop sex / masturbation until it is fully better - you are only going to aggravate the condition and make it more difficult to get rid of.

    • jon5211984

      Balanitis is a description of the symptoms (inflammation and irritation) one of the causes of which can be infection. Balanitus itself is not the infection, it is a result of infection ... or trauma, or allergy, etc. Just as dementia is not a disease or condition, it is a description of a set of symptoms (memory, information processing, perception, language production difficulties, etc) caused by a disease or condition (the most common being Alzheimer’s).

      Here is a quote from Patient (i.e. the website of which these forums are part):

      Balanitis means inflammation (redness, irritation and soreness) at the end of the penis. There are many different causes which include infection (sexually transmitted infection, other bacterial infections or thrush), skin irritation and certain skin conditions.  The treatment of balanitis will depend on the underlying cause - antibiotics will clear infection caused by germs, while steroid cream is useful for balanitis caused by allergies.


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