Forever Grateful to you

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For all of you that have been there with me while I struggle this week.

I'm finally on Day 4 sober.

​All of your replies kept me as positive as I could be that I was capable of doing this.  I don't have any family or friend support and you acted as thou  you had known me for years...holding me up each day I was spiraling in despair.

That was such a ride and its not over..but I see the light now.

Food is tasting better

I have taken a shower

I have been able to watch tv

​I have been able to have a conversation

I have been able to walk to the bathroom without feeling like I was going to die.

I still look like death...but I no longer feel like I look. I am still having struggles and not 100%.  On a scale of 1-10.....I'm a solid 7 now because of my hard work and ALL OF YOU.

I want to tell anyone that is about to get sober...IF you can afford or obtain medical is in your best interest and you will be more comfortable.

​If you can't...when you plan your quit day...ensure you have some very important things in your house (because I was unable to get some until Day 3 and I was in serious need of many of them):

​Vitamins (B1, B12, Vit C, Zinc, Folic Acid)

Get the energy drinks to replace your electrolytes...I used Gatorade and Pedilyte.



Chicken broth or soup


A tranqualizer of some kind


​Peanut Butter


​The drinks that make up for a meal (shakes - Ensure)

​AND plenty of water

​I wasn't able to actually EAT many of those things...but the ones I did were extremely helpful.  Today I managed a grilled cheese.  And I just received a phone call from my b/f who is out and he is picking up a smorgesboard plate of food...he gave me some choices...and a piece of baked scrod..sounded good to me!

​I am living again...and for anyone that is are NOT alone....I especially know what your going thru at this moment....and those of you again that have made it thru and have helped ME....THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

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    Congratulations,I have detoxed many times.You sure are prepared.It will be an inspiration to others.Especially laying out how you thought this through beforehand,anyone considering doing same can use it as a guide. Can keep us posted, ,on your feelings,I know it reminds me how I felt.It is like a new lease on life.We are forever grateful to you
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      No I wasn't really prepared....that's why I wanted to give others a heads up....some of those things really helped me when I finally got them.

      ​Thanks for your support anthony!

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    Aah bless ya! I'm so pleased you're feeling better and more positive. I'd like to say to everyone thank you for helping me too during my terrible detox. You've said all misssy...

    as you know I tapered on Friday and Saturday so I'm on day 3 and it's wonderful to be normal again with simple things like eating, watching tv, reading and not isolating. Plus not feeling like I'm losing my mind. And waking up exited about the!!!

    We're not the walking dead anymore. It's freakin' awesome!!! Xx

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    Just want to say how good it is to see such positive discussions. A week ago the forum was full of negatives. I love the way we can all help and encourage each other by sharing very private and personal thoughts and behaviours that would otherwise not be shared. It certainly helps me to know I'm not some weird freak and that others have been and still are going through the same thing. I've found being honest and admitting things I've done wrong is very theraputic and this forum really helps by being non judgemental
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      "A week ago the forum was full of negatives"

      smile I took some kind of offense to this statement.

      I knew it most surely wasn't meant to be taken "negatively".  I guess I did take it to heart.

      I expected and needed a place to be negative...and I hope others feel comfortable to be thierselves drunk or not.

      ​It helps those that are sober to stay sober and it helps those who feel not to feel alone.

      ​AND GOD HELP ME...I hope I never have to be negative again.  To me...its nice to see that many are healing this week and I hope the ones that are suffering will still post your "negatives". 

      I need to hear them..because I FORGET...and I we also have alot of experience, strength and hope that I can share.  That includes you vicky! 2 months...xx

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      That is not what I meant at all. I wasn't criticising any negative comments at all, in fact I meant the opposite. Perhaps negative was the wrong word and I certainly didn't mean to cause offence. I was trying to praise this forum for helping people, myself included, to be able to share how they are feeling, and with support from other members and ourselves we can start to feel better about ourselves without being judged.

      please everyone continue to share your feelings, whatever you're feeling and thinking as we all help each other, well I thought we did. I am horrified to think that my comments which were meant to praise this forum, may have stopped anyone from sharing or feeling that they will be criticised.

      again my apologies to anyone who thought I was being offensive, not my way or intention at all.

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      hi Missy and Vikckylou: your are both super nice and doing everything right by being honest and this forum helps many people very day of the year and GUESS WHAT?? IT IS FREE. YES, IT COSTS NOTHING....ha ha funny that one. Seriously, well done for staying and the smooth and shiny track towards Christmas..whether you believe in it or not...keep well girls and boys!! Robin
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    Well done Missy.Also completed day 4.Today has not been easy though.Hava felt very tired and stressed. My normal answer to that problem is to have a DRINK but I didn't succumb ,I know I have a bottle of Vodka stashed away,it would have been so easy to have a crafty slurp!! Maybe I should throw it away-but that is so painfull for me to do-watched a DVD instead to tak the thought away and had something to eat-not very interested in food these days. Been in Bed for 3 hours trying to go to sleep-no Luck-so boring just waiting to sleep.I could do with a sleeping pill. Now I will be tired tomorrow and not get on with chores again.Maybe i will try again to sleep after I have read my mail.Good luck for day 5.X
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      susan...I remember a couple days of that tossing and turning as well and as silly as it sounds it is unbearable and frustrating not to be able to sleep off some of the "time" as we recover.

      ​You really need to throw out that vodka...congrats on not drinking it...I'm not sure that if I had something here on Day 2 and 3...if I would have drank it already.  I was suffering so deeply.

      ​Well its Day 5 and I should feel chipper about that...but I have bronchitis or something from running my system down.  My mother won't talk to me when I am I talked to her last night...and this morning I woke up and she had messaged me and asked i I wanted to go to a FAIR today...LOL.  A FAIR?  No...I just want to try and continue to something decent...and function for day 5.

      ​She will be dissappointed - so there goes alcohol again ruining the "good times" ...its just not far enough in the past yet I guess.

      ​Hope your Day 5 is going well and that vodka is gone (down the sink)!

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    Well Done.

    It is a good feeling coming out of that dreaded, sickening fog and haze but beginning to feel well is lovely.

    Keep going Missy.


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      Thats exactly what I meant, the dreaded, sickening fog and haze is what I meant by using the word 'negative', and beginning to feel well is 'positive'. I certainly don't want to prevent anyone posting, whether drunk or sober. I've definitely done both!
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