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mark85393 mark85393

Forget it Here, Im DONE

Well for a week my BP hasnt been too bad on the Med, now all of a sudden today its 137/99, the bottom number after a week of staying ear or below normal way back up again, Im done with these damn meds, so I threw the rest out, Im stopping everything, Sick of these meds and Im sick of God F*cking with me

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  • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo mark85393

    Hi, one reading doesn't make a high or low BP, remember its been very warm and its possible your body is not coping as well as you would normally.

    How high was your bp before you were put on the medication, be careful that if you stop the meds dead without seeing your GP first you may cause more problems.

    Can I ask your age

    • mark85393 mark85393 AlexandriaGizmo

      On Toprol I was Still like 150/105 or higher, Im on Zestril now

      Ill Give you all Myreadings the past week since I Started the New Pill:







      Today: 137/99 - REALLY? 99? After all those more normal Bottom Nunbers? Thats crap no reason should be that high again

      Also My Age will be 38 in 2 months

    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo mark85393

      Hi Mark, thanks for passing on more info, were all your results taken at the same time of day, had you just eaten, drunk something or done exercise even needed the loo or just been, was there anything different in your routine.

      Nobodies BP is static and will rise and fall, please don't stop your meds without consulting your GP

    • lily65668 lily65668 mark85393

      Just one high reading in a week and you're reacting like this? REALLY? A single reading never means anything. And was it an average of three taken at 5-minute intervals (the way you're supposed to do it) or a single reading? If it's the latter, it means nothing at all.

      And it's never a good idea to suddenly stop taking BP meds without tailing them off. But hey, it's your life.

    • mark85393 mark85393 lily65668

      no Stil on the meds and BP was good for a wek and now its up, Still on the meds, ...Also My Ongoing Insomnia issue I have had for 2 and a half years dont help, I sleep maybe 3-4 hours a night and its VERY POOR sleep quality sucks...and Yes I had a Sleep Study last year they said I didnt have Apnea so I dont know what is wrong with me, tried alot of meds for it and still nothing comes out of it but tiredness and High BP

    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo mark85393

      I was told to take it mid morning, about 10 am not to be too cold or too hot, not to need the loo and not too have just eaten or drunk, sit quietly with feet planted on floor and be in a chair that let's you sit upright.

      5/10 mins later take your first reading then 2 more at approximately 3 min intervals, then add them together each reading systolic and dystolic and divide by 3, that should give your average BP reading at rest.

      Like others have said don't just stop the meds, give them time to get into your system, you are young to have bp is there a particular reason do you know.

    • lily65668 lily65668 mark85393

      Oops, sorry Mark. It was your later post I misread. I now see that your once a day referred to taking your BP once a day not your meds.

      I agree about once a day. However, most doctors these days suggest averaging three consecutive readings - all in a period of a few minutes - to get one reading. I almost always find that my first reading is the highest, and the other two come out lower, which brings down the average.

    • lily65668 lily65668 mark85393

      The diastolic is really not too bad at 87, and that's the more important reading at your age, provided the systolic isn't too high. In fact, it's not a bad reading at all, considering you're now off all BP meds.

      Your emotional state can cause both figures to rise, but especially the systolic. Do you think you might have become angry or agitated about your BP? This would affect it.

      I still think it would be a good idea to try the three-readings-in-a-row method, to see whether you get a lower reading on the second or third. That's how most of us do it. Can't do any harm, can it?

  • MrsO-UK Surrey MrsO-UK Surrey mark85393

    Mark, you were probably prescribed a low dose to start. Your starting dose may not be enough to stabilise your BP and then the doctor often titrates the dose upwards. Another factor might be that you haven't been on the pills long enough for them to do their job - sometimes it can take 2-3 weeks for the pills to really work. Have a chat with your GP.

  • Gillian 68 Gillian 68 mark85393

    Hi Mark, firstly that's not the worst reading you can have, a lot of people are higher while on meds. Mines did come down on Ramipril, but still had the odd high reading now and again. I'd also like to say I come off mines because of the excruciating pain in my legs while on them, my diastolic reading is often roughly between 90/100, but I feel fine, and sometimes it drops when I'm eating healthier foods. The bottom line is, docs are too quick to put us on meds, you should try the natural way, do some homework and find foods that have a high potassium-low sodium ratio. Foods that are high in magnesium as well. Fruits and veg are your best sources, certain nuts. Their are also some good supplements, superfoods etc. You could try Garlic, and black garlic. Combining both for best results. It can be stressful with the BP problem, I'm just about to deal with mine, but I'm also struggling with Gastritis, had to come off my pills for that as well.

    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo mark85393

      Hi Mark, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you appear angry or is that just the way you come across when posting, I'm sorry if that is the case, and I hope I haven't offended you, but if you are then it would account for your high readings.

      Please try the three reading procedure and see if it goes down, also are you remotely overweight and are all your blood tests normal

    • mark85393 mark85393

      Am Also always angry about my Poor sleeps and Insomni I have had over the past 2+ years, 4 hours a night combined with wakings up, nightmares and finally waking up feeling awful all day....its an ongoing thing with that

    • lily65668 lily65668 mark85393

      No need to be angry about the BP medication possibly not working. It's very early days, and as others have said, it might be that you need to try a different medication or a higher dose of the one you're on.

      It's also quite possible that your current medication might kick in once you settle down on it.

      Everyone can have quite wide variations in their BP from one day to the next, regardless of whether they're taking medication or not, so you don't need to get upset the minute you have a high reading.

      I sympathise about the sleep problem. I was never a good sleeper even as a child, but things took a turn for the worse at age 25, when I took a nursing job where I was obliged to work an impossible shift pattern. We were guinea-pigs in a crazy pilot scheme designed to recruit more nurses by changing the hours they worked. It was put together by a committee which included just one nurse and was chaired by a history professor, which just about says it all, I guess. I stuck it out for 14 months before moving on, but by that time my sleep pattern was permanently messed up. I just had to manage it as best I could for the rest of my working life.

    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo mark85393

      Hi Mark I'm not sure your getting the bigger picture, you need to do the average reading of 3 BP measurements and I suggest you try and keep at least moderately calm while your doing it, when my partner was originally diagnosed with BP it was high, 260/130 ish so I'm not considering yours to be crises levels, go back to your GP and talk to him, also make sure you follow the guidelines we have all suggested, then keep average readings

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