Fractures of the Wrist / Scaphoid Bone

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I was at work on June 30, 2016 and I had a fall in the parking lot and I really didn't think much of it to start with all I knew that I was walking and before I knew it I twisted my ankle and then fell face first onto the pavement. I landed on my hands and one knee, just scrapped the knee and my hand felt like I had a stone bruise like you could get on your feet from going barefooted. I went ahead and filled out a incident report just to be on the safe side and the next morning I was glad I did.  I woke up my Hand was killing me and I knew my ankle would be, I got to work and HR and told her I think I need to go get checked out so they sent me to get x-rays and they took Ankle & Hand x-rays and come to find out the Doctor came in and ask you said it wasn't broke right and I said I didn't think it was but he said I had an articular distal radius fracture of the wrist so they immediately started calling Ortho Doc's to see if anybody was still in office to see me. This happened on a Friday on July 4th weekend so nobody was in. They cast it up and said I needed to see a Hand Specialist and that was July 1st finally got in on workers comp to see Hand specialist on July 12th and all he said was it had caused a Arthritic Episode and that's what he has said every since went back on 26th July he decided to give me Cortisone Injection and since then It's been down hill hurting worse now than when I did it and I have some Doctor friends and they agree with the first Doctors and I think the Cortisone Injection he gave me I think he hit something going for second opinion soon has anybody went through anything like this before and had a misdiagnosis that caused problems ? I was hoping actually that he was right because all this just gets you behind on bills an taking care of your family.

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    Hi Eva

    I don't know whether you have rad any of my posts but I have a problem with my wrist. I have been suffering for at least 40 years and at the beginning I thought it was tension and went for hypnotherapy but this didn't seem to work.

    Over my working years I coped with it and taught myself to write with my non dominant hand. I have had my carpal tunnels repaired and after having X-Rays I was told it was shattered and there was nothing they could do.

    I don't know what caused this but I have fallen a few times landing on my hands.  Well the last time I went to the hospital with it I was offered a complete new wrist. This shocked me because I didn't know anyone who has had this operation. I told the surgeon I wanted to get my hip sorted first and he said even if it was a year and I was still having problems to get the doctor to refer me back to him and he would do it.

    Im still having problems and its preventing me from doing a lot of things. Because of the problems I'm having with my foot after the hip op I don't know what to do.

    Brenda C


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      I know what you mean, I've had Arthritis a little over a year and then I fall at work and went for x-rays and Doctor said it was fractured, 11 days later went to Hand Specialist he said the fall caused Arthritic Episode & 14 days after that I went back he said same thing and gave Cortisone Injections & usually after that it gets better in a couple days but mines just progressively gotten worse. I'm waiting on second opinion now, it should be set up soon. I've had 5 doctors tell me it was fractured though.

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      Hi Eva

      I've had cortisone injections over the years but eventually they told me I couldnt have any more because 3 is the most they give you.  I found the first lasted about 2 years the second about 12 months and the third only 6 months. The previous time when I went to the hospital they looked at the xray and told me the bones were shattered and there was nothing they could do.  This was 2 years ago, when I went this time the consultant had looked at the previous xray and that is why when he came in to see me he automically told me he advised a complete new wrist.  I was shocked but left with the decision what to do.

      Brenda C

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      Hi Brenda,

      I have had 4 sets of x-rays done, but what I didn't understand is why

      He can't see the fracture in the first set of x-rays that were taken and

      why he is the only doc that can't see it . One of my friends is a doctor

      orthopedic that is and he said it was slight but there and that's why

      I'm so confused. It makes me wonder why he can't see it. I just want

      him to admit that it's there or was, I'm sure it has healed, but all I did

      in between the time, because at first it was no pinching movements

      with my thumb, I still did my job but used my fingers and it went from

      that when the pain was getting worse to not using my arm at all until

      further notice and it makes me wonder why all of a sudden he doesn't

      want me to use my whole arm. Did he actually see something or is

      he being cautious thinking there's something there that he just

      didn't see or what? I just want to be able to do my job so I can come

      off this light duty, because I hate light duty. Just want things to go back

      to normal that's all. Should be getting my second opinion sometimes this

      week. Wish me luck.

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    Hi Eva

    Sorry to hear about your experience.  I've been suffering with my hand for at least 40 years.  Like you I was given cortisone injections.  The first lasted a couple of years, the second 12 months, the third only lasted about 6 weeks and they told me that was the maximum I could have.  My job involved writing because I worked in the accounts department of a local newspaper.  It was my right dominant hand, I taught myself to write with my left hand and that is how I continued working.

    Over the years I have had x-rays and they told me my wrist was shattered and there wasn't anything they could do for it.  I left the accounts work and re-trained as nursery nurse.  I had to take more exams all writing with my left hand.  I qualified and worked in a school for the last 12 years.

    Since I retired my wrist has been getting worse, age I expect.  Last November I went to the hospital and they offered to give me a complete new wrist.  I told the consultant I would think about it but I needed to get my hip done first.  My hip has been a success but I'm having problems with my foot, I'm waiting for an appointment for a nerve conduction test.

    I can understand your worry but all I can say is there's light at the end of the tunnel.  I don't know where you live but I wish you luck and let me know hoe you get on with your second opinion.

    Best Wishes Brenda C


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      Brenda, I appreciate the write back, and I'm a Georgia Girl lol, when I fell at work and went to doc the next day they took x-rays and said I had a fracture they called it (Intra-Articular Distal Radius Fracture) These doctors looked seriously concerned for me and tried to get me into Ortho Doctor that same day but as it was the weekend of the 4th of July no Ortho doc's in so they put me in a half cast on thumb side and referred me to see an Ortho Doctor as soon as they could get me in of course being workers comp that was on July 1st once they figured out who my case worker actually was I had appt for July 12th and when I saw him he said that the fall had caused an Arthritic Episode and that's all he's said all way down the line. I had been diagnosed with Arthritis last year when I had thought I had hurt my thumb and that it would get better, when I found out that I had Arthritis the Doctor gave me a choice of medication or to get some fast relief and I had already been suffering for over 2 weeks so I decided to get the Cortisone Injection and within 2 days of injection I felt like a new person. This on the other hand I tend to lean toward the first Doctors who said I had a Fracture because it doesn't feel like just Arthritis not to say that Arthritis isn't bad because God knows it is but this workers comp doctor that gave me this one saying it is Arthritis instead of a fracture didn't try to seperate the joint like the first one did and also it felt like he hit something because my hand/wrist/arm hurts worse now than when I had the accident. I also have a couple of friends who are doctors who deal with looking at the bones and are very knowledgeable about this both say that I did have a fracture that's why I wanted the second opinion because if he's took that many x-rays and still didn't see a fracture but I have 5 different doctors who say it was fractured then something has been caused from him not catching it and treating it for what it really was. There's no telling what I'll have to go through and I finally did get the first available appt which is November 9th unless they have a cancellation and I'm praying for someone to cancel for sure I'm so tired of hurting and further more the longer it takes to get treatment the longer I'm going to be on lite duty and some people might say that they wish they had lite duty but let me tell you I had rather work 14 hour days than to have to deal with the supervisor I now have, she's up my butt constatly and that I don't like.Thank you for your concern and I surely do appreciate it and need all the prayers I can get. I also want to let you know that I hope something comes your way so you can get some kind of peice with your hand. I will let everyone know how things go when I finally get therel

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