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Just wanted to tell everyone here that I'm sorry for posting so much lately and that I know all that I'm doing is looking for reassurance all the time and making my problems worse.

I guess I have what can only be described as an internet addiction to find a cure for my depression, anxiety and insomnia that has come from it. I've come to realize the only cure for myself is me and there isn't any magic cure to be found by looking on the internet.

I thank everyone who has given me info about Mirtazapine and I'll be glad to offer any help I can with my personal experiences but I won't be posting any longer looking for reassurance and making myself worse and freaked out all the time. Thanks again for everyone's help and understanding!

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    Focus on getting better my friend. I am new to this med do couldn't be of any help. Take care. X

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    There is nothing wrong with seeking reassurance to your situation. There aren't many places a person can go online to find reliable support and share challenges.

    Mirtazapine is a difficult drug to titrate from, I'm doing as we speak. I've been on it for 8 years and I wanted to get off it. Too many side effects. The support I've found on this website is outstanding. I am not familiar with internet addiction - if we were back in the days of books and libraries would you say you have a book/library addiction? Different people have various needs for information, are you being too hard on yourself? My husband was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago and I lived on the internet - I wanted as much informaton and support as I could find.

    Why don't you tell me about internet addiction and how it's affecting your life.

    Also, I'm not sure if you are starting Mirtz or trying to taper off.

    I wish you well


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      Thanks Karin for the kind words and I'm weening off of Mirtazapine from a high of 45 mg and have currently been on 15 mg for a little over three weeks. The side effects that I deal with are the reason I've been weening off of it. I've stayed on it just because it has helped me sleep better.

      I don't know if there's such a thing as internet addiction but I'm constantly on the internet looking up ways to battle my depression and anxiety and why I've lost all feelings which has become an obsession with me. It's gotten to the point that I don't even live my life..

      I look up what food, vitamins, exercises, etc. that might help me and I'm constantly changing things that I take and doing the same things over and over. I'm always looking for the magic cure constantly and there is none to be found because it comes down to me to fight this depression and live again. Information can be a good thing but for me it's turned unhealthy because I look up side effects of everything and get myself psyched out about everything.

      Foods and exercise definitely have there place in helping but they alone can't help you beat depression and you need to eat right and exercise for the right reasons.

      I'm sorry to hear your husband was diagnosed with cancer and I hope all goes well with curing him and thanks again for the kind words.

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      Hi Rob,

      I've been titrating off of Mirtazapine for the last three months. I started at 45 mg and now am at 7.5 & 15 mg on alternative nights. I had a few starts where I tapered down too quickly (following doctor's instructions).

      My GP is very supportive and any regular taper. I've been going extremley slow  partially due to the fact that the psychiatrist wanted me to cut the Cipralex by half (20mg - 10 mg).  My GP thought that tapering two ADs at the same time was too much for my system.

      Now I am stablized on the Cipralex, I have started the downward titration

      of Mirtazapine. The drs. instruction was to beware of triggers, such as traveling, holidays, the cancer stuff, my 97 year old mother - and just hold at the current rate. If things got rough, go up one dose. I think my doc is a very thoughtful person and understands my struggles.

      I have bipolar disorder, ME/CFIDS, anxiety disorder. These illnesses require several heavy-duty medications, which I have agreed to take. I wanted to stop Mirtazapine because of the side - effects. I've had a terrible weight gain which is attributed to the Mirtaz. If you've been reading alot on this drug you will know that weight gain is very common - it is actually classified as an appetite stimulate, it is used in anorexia with people and veternarian medicine. It was originally prescribed for a sleep disorder, I did'not know it was an antidepresant (not used as much in north america as in the UK)

      Something that works well for me is to make one change at a time, for example a supplement. Take it for 3-4 weeks, make a chart on the computer and record your dose, time of day, date, goal in using the supplement (or exercise or whatever you want to change up) and any side effects. In 3-4 weeks, assess the situation and decide whether to continue, add something else or leave things as they are.

      The other thing I've found helpful is to use a timer or clock to help regulate the amount of time on the computer. You can keep a running list of things you want to explore on the computer, but give yourself a limit.

      This too can be recorded on a chart - it gives you a place to record how long you were online, what researched, if you go over your time, and why. I think that you will find emerging patterns and maybe able to get a handle on what you call internet addiction.

      Remember that there are at least 20 difference antidepressants. Sometimes we have to type several to find the right one. CBT has proven to work well for many people, with or without ADs.

      Again I wish you well, it can be very difficult to deal well with depression. Give yourself some room to look at all the possible things you've done to get through the situation. Please be gentle with yourself and patient.


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    HI ROB03933....sorry u are not to well .i was on anti dep for 26 yrs.1963-1988-valium/activan ect..i went for councelling and was fine after [read my posts]...recently.after a lot of stress my dep/anx/CHRONIC INSOMNIA.RETURNED...i searched the web looking for help + reassurance ..i also was scared to go back on anti/dep/.i did not want to be addicted again.untill i found PATIENT i knew i had to have help  to survive.i went to dr he prescribed 30mg mirt scared to take 30mg so took 7.5mg made me ill so reduced to 3.75mg the next night i took that dose for 12 days i mproved greatly in that time doing things i just could not do before...went back to dr he said to increase to 7.5mg again as i had improved a lot and sleep will slowly return..i did this last night and not to bad to day i slepted 2 hrs bloody great first sleep for weeks.i am telling u this because u have to find the happy medium STAY. with PATIENT AND READ OTHER POSTS RELATING TO U.i cannot thank them enough.persiver with it and u will soon start to feel better..u are right u must  beleive in yourself  but  it also helps a lot to talk to others in the same situation..just thought this might help...get better soon .........................BLUESY
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