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So I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder with my dominant shoulder being affected. I am a 37 year old male with no history of diabetes, trauma, thyroid issues, or anything else. I can't figure out why I have this since according to everything I am in a minority being male and no other issues...but anywho.  The MRI says possible impingement with a small infraspinatus tendon tear. The ortho says its no impingement and its a frozen shoulder he just doesn't know why. When I move my arm quickly randomly at times there is a sharp pain in my shoulder. I did rehab for 4 weeks with little improvement. The doctor now wants to do MUA. The only thing I can't do is pitch a baseball which is a major issue since I can't play with my kids like usual but I can do pretty much anything else without causing too much discomfort. I got a steroid injection and have been stretching at home for a week now. Do you just continue stretching (I hang from a power tower and do pull ups as well) and let him do MUA in a few months or does anyone recommend anything else? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I can’t help but wonder if it’s not Frozen Shoulder. One of tell tale signs of Frozen Shoulder is not being able to reach above or behind your back. Maybe I misunderstood but it sounds like you can do both. 

    I was diagnosed this summer and the first 4 months were agony. I think I’m in the second stage so the pain is somewhat reduced. But my lack of ROM still wouldn’t allow me to even grab a pull up bar or reach behind my back. 

    I had a cortisone shot I July that did nothing. Have switched to getting Prolotherapy shots (with a NMD) to strengthen my shoulder and heal it. On my third Prolo shot - hoping it will shorten the duration of healing time. 

    If you do have Frozen Shoulder, you got lucky and have a really mild case. 

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    I too am not sure you have a frozen shoulder, after 7 months I can only just about touch the side seam on my jeans, I certainly can’t raise my arm more than 20 degrees forwards or sideways, treatment wise, I have so far had a steroid injection into the bursa and I had hydrodiatation 10 days ago, i was told this is a very effective treatment but it depends on your debilitation, I think you should look into this in your situation to perhaps avoid surgery, if this fails for me which I really hope it doesn’t then I too will be listed for MUA which the surgeon has advised  will also include shaving the bone. If you do have a frozen shoulder then I am very jealous of your ability to move your arm so well.

    Good luck with your treatment, I hope you get sorted out soon

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    I too was diagnosed with FS - I am 42 with no health issues and reasonably healthy.  I had no injury but my job involves repetitive movement - podiatrist!! I too was initially told I had an infraspinatus tear with impingement but the pain was horrific, so much so that the physio had to adjust a lot of the exercises as my arm would tremble violently with pain when I reached the end range of motion in ANY direction.  Endless sleepless nights combined with strong pain relief, anti-inflammatories and endless wheat bags over my shoulder AND Tiloket gel x2 daily.  This made the pain only just manageable.  I continued on with the above diagnoses however FS was mentioned at every physio appointment and I knew deep down this was a FS. My ROM remained pretty good as a exercised x4-6 times daily but I hit a bad week and the movement reduced significantly over night and I couldn't believe it - this was when I was diagnosed with FS. The up side to this was that pain dropped from 8/10 to 4/10 - the change was ALL within 2-3 days.  In the freezing stage of FS I felt that the shoulder was angry and alive and uncontrollable but now I am in thawing stage I feel like the fire has gone and it's ALL about the physio.  My physio is really against the MUA (she is highly experienced) as exercise in the early stages should be passive, it's not about bulking muscle etc........just to keep movement. She is under the impression that if you manipulate a joint that is already inflammed, it will flare for longer and cause MORE inflammation, compressing the nerves further and causing more pain. In the thawing stage and when the inflammation has calmed, the physio is a little bit more intense but it aims to strengthen the muscles very gradually AND break up adhesions in the damaged joint capsule. To me it made sense.  The freezing phase of this condition is a BEAST and I don't think it can be tamed - ride the storm with pain relief and be vigilant about your passive exercise regime. It may be the case that you are in the early stages of FS as mine too began like yours but in my case the Dr and physio kept it from me as not to worry me. My FS started with twinges and the odd shooting pain but began taking hold after 6 weeks. I truly wish you well and if you need any other advice just post on here.

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    Thanks all for all the responses. I hope you each had a Happy Thanksgiving. 

    @MomGoneMad - Sounds like you have had a rough time. I hope the pain is almost over and you get to healing soon. Yea it is odd. There is definitely reduced ROM for me but I can get my hand an inch or 2 above my pants and reach a little up my back. I have pain (sharp that lasts roughly a minute) when doing certain quick movements.  I coached a kindergarten flag football team and one of the kids gave me a low 5 (stuck out my hand and he slapped it) and it shot an intense pain that lasted 15 seconds then went away completely. I tried to duplicate what he did and I couldn't pain at all. Its so confusing. All the best if I find out anything that specifically help me I'll pass it on. 

    @Jackie - Hope you get well soon. How has the hydrodiatation worked for you so far?  Yea mine started January 10 months ago with a ache at bedtime when I raise my arm up. I pitched to kids in coach pitch baseball in may with some pain. I'd rate 5 out of 10. I played basketball in July with moderate pain but it went away as I played. August I saw an ortho for the first time and did rehab.  I had pain reaching under the bed for the dogs toys or above my head. Ever since the steroid injection I have been able to do a lot more. If it is a Frozen Shoulder then what stage am I in? Just so confusing. Best of luck in your rehab!

    @emma - Interesting. I scan a badge moving my right arm forward and back no less than 600 times a day in my profession. Wonder if tendonitis would this? Sounds like your case is very similar to mine minus me having anywhere near the pain you have been in. That is terrible. I also had major arm shaking when the physical therapist tried to stretch my arm. I did have some really bad pain during that. I was holding my phone last week and my dog jumped up in my lap and hit my arm ever so slightly and intense pain shot through my arm for 30 seconds or so then went away. Where do you think I am at in this process? I appreciate you sharing your story with me and wish you the best. 

    I will keep you guys updated and let you know if anything imparticular helps. I have had 2 massages lately and the masseuse said my muscles on the right side of shoulder and neck were ridiculously tight. Thanks again. God Bless.


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