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Frozen Shoulder

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  • NatalieRP 2

    Frozen Shoulder - Arthroscopy

    Wonder if anyone can assist. I had a shoulder arthroscopy 7 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder after the surgery. I went to the doctor for a checkup just last week. I am in so much pain and the surgery has not helped. I asked the doc if I needed to go to physio and he told me no, only...

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  • sally65435 2

    Here we go again😫 FS in the opposite shoulder now!

    When I had the worst-18months-of-my-life due to the severe FS on my right side (2015/16) one day my Physical Therapist mentioned one of his other patients who'd complimented him by returning to him when "she got it on the other side." Something about his tone made it seem rather common....

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  • deb49491 2

    recovery time after frozen shoulder manipulation

    It's been 18 months of torture ! Going to have my shoulder manipulated this week . I am thrilled to have found this link . Knowing someone actually understands what I'm going through ! I was in tears reading everyone's situation .this is the most painful and debilitating situation ever !...

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  • Shorty015 1

    Frozen Shoulder Sufferers

    I have been dealing with a frozen shoulder over 6 months now. I have to my primary doctor whom did not have a clue on what was going on. Continued to be in exteme pain and not sleeping. Next stop was to get an x-ray. That showed nothing so off I went to get an MRI. In the meantime I went to P/T...

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  • Gemini6 2
  • caroline70170 2

    FS & allignment concerns

    Hi All. Been dealing with a FS for about 9months and it's been confirmed with an MRI. The scan also found some tears, something with the bursa (didn't catch that part fully when they were going through it all) and the adhesions have apparently pushed the shoulder out of alignment, and this is...

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  • maria58274 3

    Hydrodilatation - my experience

    I've decided to start another thread on here to document my experiences with Hyrodilatation (also spelled Hydrodilation or known as Arthrographic Distension) and how well it works for me over the next few weeks or so. A brief background, in case anyone didn't read my original thread.  I...

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  • krishnan2691 2

    Frozen shoulder problem & diabetes mellitus

    Hi, All. I have been a sufferer of frozen shoulder problem for the past 6 months. However, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus in 2012 having the usual medication. In view of this, I would like to know if there is any hope of cure for the frozen shoulder. Thanks.

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  • Miarch23 2

    Recovery Time after MUA

    Hi all -  Hoping everyone is healing quickly and with little discomfort.  Curious to know how long does discomfirt last after an MUA? I'm not in serious pain any longer, but I'm a month out (today) and I still can't lift my arm while standing and everything I can do is at waist...

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  • Fongool 2

    Shoulder Hydrodilatation - Frozen Shoulder Injection

    I want to add my experience of a procedure perfromed this afternoon called Hydroditlation. I think the correct procedure is "fluoroscopically guided hydrodilatation". I strarted having shoulder pain about 5 weeks ago. I had lost a fair amount of motion in the shoulder and the pain came and...

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  • Nethra 2627 2

    Is my pain is of frozen shoulder???

    My age is 27, m suffering from neck n left shoulder pain, since 2 years.. Pain was gradually increased and severe now.. Xray was clear, no bone problems... Doctor said it may be a nurve problem n gave pain killers.. But didn't work.. Now I got a doubt of frozen shoulder.. Bcoz symptoms r same.....

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  • Th0mkat 2

    Frozen Shoulder Second Time Around

    Hello everyone. I am so thankful to have found this forum. I am suffering from frozen shoulder for the second time. The first time it occurred in my left shoulder, which is my non-dominant side. Now two years later, I have it in the right shoulder which is my dominant side. My orthopedic doctor has...

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  • lee84313 1

    Shoulder Hydrodilatation -

    I had this procedure this morning. I've read some people talking of instant relief and improved ROM.  Admittedly it's only 8 hours later but I've had the opposite, instantly more restriction and more pain. Did anyone else have this and later recovered more ROM?

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  • joseph44943 1

    Confirmed that I have Frozen Shoulder

    I have been in pain for the last year with my shoulder , and being at work didn't help as I work in a food factory and lifting trays at shoulder height always gave me pain. I had physiotherapy on it but they just said it was my muscle that I pulled, no it was something else . Already had costizone...

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  • AJ12345 2

    Labrum Slap Tear and Frozen Shoulder

    Hello All, I've been researching this for quite some time and came across this website which seemed active. I injured my shoulder playing basketball 4 months ago. I have been doing PT for quite some time and eventually got an MRI. The results showed a Slap Tear Type 2. I went in to see the orthopedics...

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  • Hems06 2

    Post Operative Frozen Shoulder

    Hello everyone ! This is my 5 months since I have had partial rotator cuff tear repaired. Unfortunately, it's turned into frozen shoulder. I had Injection last month which helped a bit in terms of pain control. Surgeon had told me to stop doing stretching and exercising and so I have stopped completely....

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  • Guest M

    frozen shoulder not sleeping

    Hi all of you out there, Now I really understand constant pain and I really sympathise with you all. When I was first diagnosed it meant nothing to me I was going on holiday to a hot country and thought it would right itself. I cannot afford to stay off work, but am drugged up to the eye-balls but that...

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  • claire50742 3

    Anyone? Have you had the Trigenics frozen shoulder treatment?

    OK - 7 months into a FS and I am making headway into finding out about the Trigenics treatment. What I really would like to hear about are the treatment experiences and results? Is there anyone out there who can either tell me first hand OR direct me to a site NOT written by the people who perform the...

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  • ilu rahul 1
  • Miarch23 2

    Recovery after Rotator Cuff Surgery AND MUA

    I had rotator cuff surgery on March 6th and two weeks ago my ortho suggested I undergo MUA due to stiffness and nerve irritation while in PT.  I hesitently agreed to do so and had it done last Monday (7 days ago).  For the three days with the pain pump, my ROM was excellent and I was super...

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  • tina61247 2

    frozen shoulder nerve pain

    i can't cope anymore with the pain! All my nerves hurt neck scapula biceps pain all the way down arm forearm aching hand aching does anyone else have the forearm hand aching pain.

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  • maria58274 3

    Here we go again...

    I had my first frozen shoulder 2 years ago and have posted (and got some great advice) on here.  Like many of us first time round, I didn't know what it was and assumed it was some sort of strain that might go away on it's own and so didn't seek help until it was very painful and frozen...

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  • susan35470 2

    How long does pain last?

    I'd be interested to hear how long the pain phase has lasted for other FS sufferers. I'm have just passed the 6 month mark of quite bad pain and it is showing no signs of letting up. This is my second FS and pain phase had pretty much subsided by 6 months with other shoulder. Beginning to wonder...

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  • cindy 45475 3

    Frozen shoulder hereditary ?

    Just another thought , as any one else had a family member who has had FS? My mum when she was in her late 30s also had frozen shoulder ... In those days (30 years ago), she tells me the cure was "gold injections", she never had to have any surgery , just regular injections and some massage,...

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  • Lesley998 3

    Menopausal Frozen Shoulder

    Any ladies with frozen shoulder who are peri menopausal/menopausal and not on HRT should have a serious chat with a (preferably female) GP. I suffered for ages (two male GP's dismissed the idea of it being hormonal) before being diagnosed with menopausal adhesive capsulitis by a Nurse Practitioner...

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  • charlotte08227 1

    Muscle wastage?

    I have had frozen shoulder to my left shoulder for just over a year. To begin with the pain was horrendous, then it was very stiff. I had my first steroid injection in August. Although I've been lucky in that movement has been relatively good the whole time, the joint has been very stiff and doesn't...

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  • Shoulderouch373 2

    Frozen Shoulder

    I have had a frozen shoulder since November 2016. It is now February 2017. I have been prescribed Naproxen, Vicodin, and Percocet. They take the edge off, but nothing really helps. I had a cortisone shot 3 weeks ago that helped for a week, but this week nothing helps. I am in agony, I can't find...

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  • Mad52 1

    My frozen shoulder has come back again. Did yours?

    Hello, Looking for some advice as I can't believe it's happening again. Had a frozen shoulder last year which ended with a cortisone injection just before Christmas. Thankfully it worked. However over the last 10 days those horrible familiar movement restrictions and pain are coming back. It...

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  • themagicpanda 2

    Arthroscopic Capsular Release Surgery for Frozen Shoulder

    Anyone out there had this surgery?  After suffering for a considerable time, missing the stage for injection I have surgery in a few days. I'm interested to hear others experiences post surgery, particularly around pain/mobility and return to work. Thansk in advance, Mandy

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  • FrozenJen 2

    Frozen Shoulder - Chronic Sinus Infection Concurrently

    I developed what my doctor is now calling a "chronic" Sinus infection. The sinus issue started a few months into the FS and can't get rid of the darn sinus infection. Anyone else experience similar? I have had my FS for about a year and a half and the sinus infection for about nine months....

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  • jillgrace 2

    Frozen shoulder and neck pain

    Since having frozen shoulder, I have also suffered with neck pain and neck stiffness. It's not the same dreadful, unbearable pain that you get in your shoulders and arm, just a dull, persistent ache. Does anyone else have this? I have been told that I have a slight amount of arthritis in my neck,...

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  • melissa64773 2

    My experience with frozen shoulder

    So about six weeks ago I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. I own a cleaning business so I already have a weak shoulder to begin with and I also had slipped and fell in my bathroom. As soon as I fell, I knew that I was going to be sore but was able to get up and brush it off. As time went on my shoulder...

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  • Tamara123 2

    Frozen shoulder - Pain in arm after an MUA

    I got FS as a result of not moving my arm due to pain from Bursitis late last summer.  After being in the "frozen" stage for months, I was unwilling to sit and wait for the "thawing stage" to begin and went in for 2nd opinion.  Went to shoulder surgeon that agreed with my...

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  • Frosty 2

    Helpful Tips

    Be patient. This is a LONG disease. Remember, adhesive capsulitis is a disease, not a syndrome or a condition; it has a beginning, middle and END. Wherever you are in the cycle, you're moving toward the END. – Educate yourself! There's lots of information on the internet about adhesive capsulitis,...

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  • barb50217 2

    What pain meds are you taking and do they work?

    I was just curious about what pain meds those with frozen shoulder have been prescribed and do you think they work for you?  I have been taking Tramadol (Ultram), which really doesn't help me with the pain, but it does help me to sleep for about 2-3 hours.  Is there one pain med that may...

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