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Frozen Shoulder

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  • flashasarat 2

    Found a cure for myself.

    Hi All, I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder a few years ago and went through a few General Practitoners, a handful of sessions at the physio and when the discomfort got too much a shoulder specialist.   As many of you know, none of these helped in any way.  The stretches I was given were

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  • melissa48549 2

    Castor oil

    I want to encourage others to try castor oil for easing the pain of frozen shoulder. Each evening, I apply a generous layer, put on a loose cotton t-shirt, and then use a large moisture producing electric heating pad for about 30- 45 minutes. I switch out of the T-shirt into nightclothes before bed,...

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  • elaine  82959 1
  • paulfoel 2

    Have I got frozen shoulder?

    Waiting for GP appt BTW. I'm late 40s. Can't say I did anything for it to start suddenly. It feels like a stiff neck/shoulder that just won't go away. Various parts of my shoulder, upper arm are painful. Also, feel sort of heavy. Its not like a pulled muscle where I can't use the shoulder but

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  • Lesley998 3

    Menopausal Frozen Shoulder

    Any ladies with frozen shoulder who are peri menopausal/menopausal and not on HRT should have a serious chat with a (preferably female) GP. I suffered for ages (two male GP's dismissed the idea of it being hormonal) before being diagnosed with menopausal adhesive capsulitis by a Nurse Practitioner

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  • maria58274 3

    Hydrodilatation - my experience

    I've decided to start another thread on here to document my experiences with Hyrodilatation (also spelled Hydrodilation or known as Arthrographic Distension) and how well it works for me over the next few weeks or so. A brief background, in case anyone didn't read my original thread.  I started

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  • Guest M

    frozen shoulder not sleeping

    Hi all of you out there, Now I really understand constant pain and I really sympathise with you all. When I was first diagnosed it meant nothing to me I was going on holiday to a hot country and thought it would right itself. I cannot afford to stay off work, but am drugged up to the eye-balls but

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  • themagicpanda 2

    Arthroscopic Capsular Release Surgery for Frozen Shoulder

    Anyone out there had this surgery?  After suffering for a considerable time, missing the stage for injection I have surgery in a few days. I'm interested to hear others experiences post surgery, particularly around pain/mobility and return to work. Thansk in advance, Mandy

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  • deb49491 2

    recovery time after frozen shoulder manipulation

    It's been 18 months of torture ! Going to have my shoulder manipulated this week . I am thrilled to have found this link . Knowing someone actually understands what I'm going through ! I was in tears reading everyone's situation .this is the most painful and debilitating situation ever ! Would like

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  • Frosty 2

    Helpful Tips

    Be patient. This is a LONG disease. Remember, adhesive capsulitis is a disease, not a syndrome or a condition; it has a beginning, middle and END. Wherever you are in the cycle, you're moving toward the END. – Educate yourself! There's lots of information on the internet about adhesive capsulitis,...

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  • mamaelaine 2

    bilateral frozen shoulder Need advice

    I have bilateral frozen shoulder. Right is worse than left but both are in the freezing stage at the same time. I am 4 months in and the pain is getting worse instead of better. Had one cortisone shot (in the right (dominant) arm) and will have one in the left arm this coming week. It did not help

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  • FrozenJen 2

    Anyone else with FS have pain in fingers?

    Secound year into a nasty FS. Anyone else having pain in the affected FS, hand? I have been having this weird pressure and pain on all my fingers. Feels like a rubber band around my fingers. Anyone else?

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  • lmlaster 2

    Frozen shoulder and menopause

    Just curious how nany of those of you sufferig with frozen shoulder are female and going through menopause or perimenopause. Curious if FS started At a certain time or after hysterectomy.

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  • david11111 4


    I've been diagnosed with frozen shoulder recently and have been pescribed Tramadol but this is having no effect whatsoever!  Are there stronger alternatives I can ask my doctor for ? I can't sleep and suffer constant pain, it's excruciating and I've never experienced anything like it before ! 

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  • cindy 45475 3

    Frozen shoulder hereditary ?

    Just another thought , as any one else had a family member who has had FS? My mum when she was in her late 30s also had frozen shoulder ... In those days (30 years ago), she tells me the cure was "gold injections", she never had to have any surgery , just regular injections and some massage, she

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  • Gemini6 2

    Ultrasound guided steroid injections

    Has anyone else suffered from terrible fatigue and just feeling awful after steroid injections for frozen shoulder. It's been great for the pain but I have problems concentrating and just feel spaced out a lot of the time and incredibly tired. I just wonder how long it will take before I feel my

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  • amy729 2
  • Oliveria 3

    Frozen hip or adhesive capsulitis of the hip.

    A little over a year ago I had a really bad fall in my hip, after few weeks I started to develop a little bit of discomfort and I went to see a doctor. Doctor sent me to physio but it didn't seem to help. 6 months later I had lots of snaping sounds, my leg start to give away. Now I saw a specialist

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  • ami117 2

    Frozen shoulder - anyone used a chiropractor to help with this?

    Hi I am two months into this frozen shoulder and am in absolute agony - I'd never heard of it before I'd got it so I'm in a whole new world - of pain & frustration to me and no knowledge! Treatment wise I'm dosing up on painkillers to little effect and excercises from YouTube. I have GP appointment

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  • crystale 2
  • 57chevy 1

    End of tether

    For several months I've had a dull shoulder pain which I've lived with but recently it has been so severe I can't sleep on one side, as soon as I lie down it gets 10 times worse, why is this, I dread going to bed as I don't sleep well with it, I'm not bothering with x-ray and physio but am going to

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  • Shoulderouch373 2

    Frozen Shoulder

    I have had a frozen shoulder since November 2016. It is now February 2017. I have been prescribed Naproxen, Vicodin, and Percocet. They take the edge off, but nothing really helps. I had a cortisone shot 3 weeks ago that helped for a week, but this week nothing helps. I am in agony, I can't find a

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  • LessrTuberosity 2

    What is your external rotation like?

    Hi folks, I'm wondering what people are experiencing with external rotation? How far can you move your arm out to the side when the elbow is bent at 90 degrees by your side? Does it move at all, does it pivot properly? If it resolved for you, what was it like, how long did it take? Where do you

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  • julia84279 2

    Had 3 surgeries can now feel a lump on my bone

    I had subcronial decompression oct 2015, frozen shoulder arthroscopic capsular release mar 2016 and again Nov 2016. I have now noticed if I run my hand over my bad shoulder (yes still and awaiting a further scan to check bracial plexus nerve) due to pain even though movement improved. I can feel

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  • Hayley P 1

    Intense upper arm muscle pain & restricted movement

    Hello everyone I've went to see my GP after my upper arm really hurting for a month & my arm movements getting more restricted. My GP sent me for physio who I saw today. He diagnosed me with frozen shoulder. My symptoms are VERY limited arm movements with the most intense awful burning pain in

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  • alison41082 3

    Frozen shoulder after labrum tear surgery

    Hi, I am a 46 year old woman. On June first I underwent my first surgery ever. I had a torn labrum slap tear, biceps was cut and attached down my arm a little way do to it being shredded up at the top, acriom was hooked so that was shaved down and quite a few bone spurs were shaved off! My

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  • alison41082 3

    frozen shoulder lost almost all external rotation!

    I was wondering out of everyone on forum that had or has frozen shoulder and lost external rotation almost completely! So if I have my hands at my side and bend at the elbow my arm goes into a sling like position! If say I were to try to lay down and try to tough the back of my hand to the ground

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  • aabb 3


    I may need to get my frozen shoulder manipulated by the orthopaedic doctor. Can anyone tell me if they have had this done and if so did it work, how long was your recovery  did you have to go for physio after it was done? aabb

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  • Frozengal45 1

    Frozen Shoulder after MUA

    I had a MUA a week ago. However I am still in pain, is this normal. I am taking co codomol but trying to reduce to paracetamol as I find it leaves me in a fog. I feel very frustrated and when I try to do the physio it only increases the pain. I don't know whether I just had high expectations of an

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  • ami117 2

    Any experiences of Fish oil tablets to help ease frozen shoulder

    Hi I'm still continuing my journey with this terrible FS and have by chance seen something about taking fish oil tablets to help ease the pain of FS & was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this and did it help if you did? (I know is not a cure but just something to ease apparently)

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  • Mimimemee 2
  • collie12 2

    Frozen should pain getting worse after about 5 months

    Hi, About 5 months ago I was diagonised with a frozen shoulder. Probably onset coz of a broken wrist. However, unlike other people I can move my arm although there are limitations and stiffness and I am not in pain like people described. Three professionals said that i have frozen shoulder. Has

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  • angela02390 2

    HELP frozen shoulder did anyone's scapular protrude?

    I have suspected frozen shoulder since November ... have had hydrodistension and a lot of Physio .. Am concerned if usual to have scapular protruding ? Or whether something else going on? My frozen shoulder started from an injury AC separation (grade 4) ... Also anyone have pain if walking

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  • leah08809 2

    Frozen shoulder and finger joints

    I'm on my way to thawing out after 8 months of frozen fun. For the past month I've noticed that my index finger on the affected arm has gotten stiffer and stiffer. Now I have a lovely swollen joint and the finger is hard to bend. So now the opposite hand is going the same route. I'm thinking

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  • ruby50888 2

    Frozen Shoulder 6 months later

    I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder/impingement in November last year and the Doctor pushed me forwards for a hydrodilatation. The pain has returned and I was wondering if anyone has had this procedure repeated?  I’m a little unsure about surgery due to many complications. The pain is unbearable

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