Frozen Shoulder and Tremors

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Hi All, I'm new to this group and so grateful to find others who understand the pain and frustration!  I've never felt anything so excrutiating and long lasting in my life.  I'm 47 yo, and I'm going on 5 months in my left shoulder, and apparently I'm still in the freezing stage because it only continues to get worse.  I'm going to PT, have had 2 cortisone shots, and have tried accupuncture.  PT gives me temporary relief, but I continue to get worse.

My question for you all is, has anyone experienced tremors in their hands or arms as a result of FS?  I have developed intention tremors (like when I go to pick something up), not like Parkinson's, which is resting tremors (although I know there's an association of FS and Parkinson's).    

My doctor thinks I have essential tremors, which does run in my family, but I feel like it's a big coincidence that they came on suddenly, just a month after my FS (doc says it IS a coincidence).  I'm wondering if they could be caused from the inflammation, pain, and weakness from not using my arm and not exercising at all.  But I do have them in both hands and arms, although my left one is worse.  It's almost like I'm constantly jittery like too much caffeine, but I don't drink coffee.

Anyone experience anything like that?  I can't find any connection anywhere online.  Thank you all for your input.

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    Hi Seven years ago with my first FS I had muscle spasms if i tried to put a coat on.

    I am 6 weeks on after a MUA. It is no quick fix. Loads of exercises but chronic pain has gone and I can laugh again. I am UK based. There is the hydrodilation injection. ...a magic injection in the US which breaks down the scar tissue in the joint. Mine started in June.

    It's an awful complaint.Everybody is different but I think finding a consultant who offers the above is a solution. Intensive physio afterwards is a great help. 2/3 times a weeks. I use a hydrotherapy pool nr London as well. Great for pain.....

    good luck

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      Thank you, Elainescribens9!  I'll look into hydrodilation injection.  Neither my orthopedic doctor or my physical therapist have mentioned it, but I'll investigate further!  I'm glad to hear you're on the mend.

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    Hi junglerat2,

    I am recovering from having two frozen shoulders at the same time and I'm not sure I'd say I've had tremors, but my hands would wobble as I reached for things. I have not recovered my full fine motor skills in either arm or hand. In the early stages of my first frozen shoulder thawing, my physio asked me to lie on my back and raise each arm to point at the ceiling. She then asked me to draw imaginary circles on the ceiling with my pointy finger. My (still, at that time) good arm could make very neat circles and was such a breeze to use, but the frozen arm was so weak and just all over the place, took so much concentratino to use, and was just completely uncoordinated. The circles were slow, and looked like squares and triangles and ovals and boxes... anything but circles,,, She explained that this was because the muscles were'nt really coordinating themselves properly probably because of the inflammation, fibrosis and pain (inflammation and pain can 'switch off' proper muscle function and coordination), as well as the long term lack of use in my frozen shoulder - all of which changed how the joint and muscles worked together. This made a lot of sense to me as my frozen shoulder felt so weak and disconnected from by body in many ways. That has improved as my shoulder is recovering, but it's a long journey and I still have considerable weakness in the shoulder muscles and I still daily knock my hands on things, knock things over, clatter the dishes, and bump my hands in ways that I haven't done since I was a child. In fact, my body has had such a journey with two frozen shoulders and consequent back and neck problems from everything getting so stuck and weak through lack of proper function, that I need to put a significant amount of concentration into all of my physical movements, from reaching, to walking, to turning my head, to getting up and down, etc... So, your tremors... I don't know... do you trust your doctor? You could try a second opinion from another doctor, physiotherapist or specialist referral just for more peace of mind. I hope you find some answers. smile


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      Wow, two shoulders at once, that must be so horrible!  One is awful enough!  I can imagine how it puts your entire body completely out of whack.  I'm grateful to you for sharing your story, because it does sound similar to what I'm experiencing (the weakness and disconnection and lack of coordination).  It's good to hear that a doctor is saying that the inflammation could be part of the whole system being messed up.  My orthopedic doctor, my neurologist, my family doctor have all said they don't think the frozen shoulder is causing the tremors and weakness, but my physical therapist said it "could" be, but he wasn't confident.  My gut tells me that it is playing a big part though, but I'm not sure if that's just wishful thinking, hoping it's not something more serious.  My bloodwork is all normal, and I'm awaiting brain MRI results to rule out anything more serious.  I just don't want it to be essential tremors either, because those are tough too.  Anyway, thank you so much for your input.  I am so grateful to have found people who understand!  

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      I've never heard of essential tremors... but if your docs don't think it's that, then perhaps try and trust them for a little longer. I am not a doctor, but my experience of frozen shoulders has given me such a strange array of disabling symptoms, and there were very few answers. I hope you do recover and the tremors leave of their own accord when they're ready. All the very best. smile

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      Thank you, Hilary.  Essential tremors are just tremors that people get for an unknown reason, although they are genetic and passed down through families.  Katharine Hepburn had essential tremors, if you remember how she used to shake.  I hope it's not that, because there's no cure.  I'm still hoping that the tremors are related to the inflammation in my body.  Time will tell.  Thank you again for sharing your story, and I hope you continue to improve more and more!

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    Hi. I agree with you, it seems like a very big coincidence.

    I have twitches in my arm and hand. I'm nervous to hold a cup of tea in that hand as it feels like I could suddenly drop it, once my coffee cup was just above my saucer, and the cup suddenly landed on the saucer.

    I can even feel twitches when I'm not doing anything. Once after a stressful day at work I had painful twitches and spasms.

    The thing that has helped me the most is magnesium tablets, and a hot bath when I have the time. Someone recommended magnesium, and I expected to feel like I might be improving but wonder if the improvement was in my mind. I've had a very big improvement. I'm in a lot less pain.

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      I also see a Physio once a week to loosen up my tired, painful muscles in my arm and shoulder. I've been taking the magnesium for a week and he could see the difference.

      I recommend that you google 'magnesium and frozen shoulder'.

      Hope it helps you like it's helped me. I had been wondering how much more pain I could cope with, on top of work and kids.

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      I keep replying to you, and it keeps getting deleted because I mentioned a product.  I answered you on a message further down, without mentioning the product.  :-)  Thank you for the recommendation!  
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    hi sorry to hear your in pain i have been through two frozen shoulders and coming out the other end and feeling great . if you mean by tremors you feel like a vibration through your arm this is all connected to fs. i didnt realise fs could be so awful untill i had it i had lots of cotisone but it didnt improve my right shoulder and lots of physio eventually i had a shoulder release op which worked and got better imediatly with physio then a year later i got the same in my left shoulder and had the same op but i didnt recover as well so had lots of physio apointments and eventually saw a specialist thankfully he listened to my symptoms and gave me another shot of cortisone but this time at the front of my shoulder and im happy to say it worked a treat i have more movement but not total i guess it takes time just wanted to say how it ruind my quality of life and got very depressed but there is light its just a long and drawn out tunnel but stay possitive you will get there x ps im 52 and my 57 year old brothers are just begining to have the same problem
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      Thank you, Mandy81040.  I'm so glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Isn't it strange how your two shoulders responded differently to treatment?  And I'm finding from reading these forums, that different treatments work for different people too.  I guess you just have to try a bunch of things and see what works.  Thanks for sharing your story!

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    Hi...Seven yrs ago I had muscle spasms...when I tried to put my coat on with my first FS.

    I am post op MUA now. 6 chronic pain. Loads of exercises. Hydrodilitation...MUA....r well worth considering. I am practicality pain free.

    I'm trying epsom salts in baths. Magnesium pills as well. Isn't Magnesium a muscle relaxant. I've used it for migraine. ...good luck

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      I'm trying magnesium too, as ali had mentioned it worked for her (higher up on this thread).  It does seem to relax my muscles a bit, without making me tired, so it's worth continuing to try!  

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      The magnesium made a big difference to me. My latest issue is a very stiff neck, the back of my neck. My shoulder is only occasionally painful, sometimes a bit twitchy, but very limited movement. My neck is so much worse, was starting to feel quite sick from it.

      My physio thinks my shoulder is pulling at my neck muscles, along with working at a computer all day.

      I just googled, to see if magnesium could give me a stiff neck, and found some people complaining of this. Apparently u must make sure u have good quality, slow release magnesium.

      I was going to add Epsom salt baths but also read that tablets are ok as ur body will absorb what it needs. With an Epsom salt bath the magnesium goes straight into ur bloodstream so u can overdo it.

      Just thought I should let u know. We need to b careful.

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      Thank you, Ali!  I've tried twice to reply to your previous message about magnesium, and my comments keep getting deleted by the moderator, because I mentioned a product that I used, and apparently that's against the rules.  Anyway, I had this one product that you drink with magnesium in it that I had previously bought for digestive issues and never used.  (I'm afraid to mention it again, or my post might get deleted!)  So I tried it, and have been using it for the past few days.  It seems to help my shoulder and arm muscles relax a bit.  No stiff neck so far (well, I should say no worse than neck is ALWAYS you, probably due to too much computer time).  Thank you so much for the recommendation, or I would never have thought of that!  I hope you get a resolution to your neck somehow.  It's so frustrating being in pain all the time.  It really takes its toll.  

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      Thanks for that. And thanks for the replies. I could see that u were trying to reply.

      My neck is still a bit stiff but so much better without the magnesium. I mite try taking it every second day and then try a different brand, but hesitant to spend a fortune trying different brands.

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