Full body tendon degeneration

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Still trying to understand why all of my tendons keep inflaming. Still searching for answers and need help.

My history

46 female. History long term fitness 

Had tendonitis left ppt ankle.

Patellar tendinitis left knee

Tendonitis right elbow

Mild bursitis left Achilles

Most resolved but acts up once in while.

Currently tendonitis hands. Worst of all bc can’t really rest them.

Treatments : glucosamine. Fish old. Magnesium. Antinflamm pills and gels. Cold water soak w Epsom salt. Magnesium gel. 80% gluten free diet. Tumeric.

Braces and therapy starting again.

Autoimmune: pernicious anemia but I take b-12 sublinqually by mouth. Blood work showed high ranges now but getting rechecked.

SM-RNP antibody positive for mixed connective tissue disease but ANA negative meaning it’s not active. Rheum stated it’s nit causing tendon issues.

Need history from others to see where we show similarities to help uncover this mystery.



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    quick question - are you taking any form of statins or other cholesterol reducing medication?
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      I’m not on any antibiotics or meds. I did take Cipro once for an infection once  but nothing on constant basis. I’m a super healthy eater and no diabetes, cholesterol, or any thyroid problems or heart conditions. 

      I understand I’m getting older and muscle, bones, ligaments get weaker. However, I read bunch young people have same issue, so clearly they should be fine and aren’t either?????

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      Hi there , had mine done as well but never been right nightmare whick I had left the 3. Opp as the first one was done wrong in Harley street he never should have done it 9 Harley st Jason Hargreaves . He messed up a lady's foot who was a story writer if you put in story writer and his name u will see it . I do hope you sort it out massage is very good do u take pain killers for it ????

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    Hey , i got really close problom for yours .. and im only 19 years old ..

    I got tendonitis in both shoulders, both knee, both wrist tendonitis and more

    ... every time my budy is in focus on one place .. i mean i can have pain in only knee and couple month later it will go to another tendon in my body ...let my know pls if u find something thet help .. i really want to try cbd oil i heard its really good anti inflammtory without side effects 

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      I actually did find some info.

      It’s called the pain dynamic. Basically, when some ppl get injured (by repetitive stress or injury) the body tightens the muscles and the fascia (tissue wrapping) squeezes down on the muscle. This then becomes stressful and the body continues to tighten up and up and up.

      It beyond sucks!!!

      So, eventually the CNS thinks this is normal and we stay in a heightened state of pain , inflammation, injury, and stress.

      I’ve tried everything from vitamins to gluten free to ignoring it and more.

      Only thing I can suggest is to try and stop focusing on the pain and change the OCD of the brain and to Stretch .. stretch... stretch.

      When we were kids we didn’t have this issue because we were limber and we never thought about pain. Something changed within our brain and we need to try and get back to that childlike state of mind and flexibility.

      Anything we take to ease pain...ANYTHING is not the solution.

      The solution is fixing the cause.

      Good luck I’m trying too!

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      Thats what i alsoo found !!!!!!!!!!!!

      In the moment i started to focus and think about the pain and thia problom a lot = i got inflammed in alot of new places in my body, also its became much easier to get tendonitis ....

      I also tryed eveeything like free gluten vitamincs , vegan .. nothing help..

       1) Can u please tell me what to write in google to get more info about this problom? 

      2)what helping u and how u try to get rid of the focus and thinikng about all this  pains ? Cause i found myself 24/7 mind chatting about the pain ... ty for answer , sory about my english im not american 

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      This is my treatment so far:


      Vitamins: D, multi, glucosamine and fish oil, C, magnesium 450 mg,  a collagen type 2 pill and collagen powder type 1,3 in my water. Collagen helps repairs tendon tissues. B-12 for me is a must for I have anemia. Tumeric and garlic.

      I’m 80% gluten free.

      Lots water.. 1/4 of ur body weight.


      107 lbs so I drink about 30 0z a day.

      If your sleep is messed up try Tylenol pm or melatonin .. sleep is crucial for repair at night. Mine was messed up. 

      Fitness:: I’m doing some vinyasa yoga. It’s all about creating flow in the body. If that’s too extreme do full body stretching.

      Someone suggested acupressure. It’s deeper than massage but without needles like acupuncture. I’m starting this soon.

      I also ice dip. I put my hands in icy water for 10 seconds then allow the blood to purge back into my hands and heal my tendons. If ur hands hurt? Mine do.

      I repeat this 5 times at night.

      Most important of all!!!! You must decrease your stress!! Anyone who has full body tendonitis is in a cycle of extreme stress. Usually perfectionists/type A personalities.

      Anytime my brain wants to focus on the pain I put on music or dance. I do not allow my mind to focus on my tightness.

      Anyone negative in ur life? Say goodbye to them. You need to stay happy, positive, and I’m good spirits to heal emotionally.

      Good luck!

      I’m starting to feel much better but not yet st 100% . It’s a slow process 

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