Full body vibration?

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anyone get where head feels like a motorboat (tinnitus) and ring but you feel it ...and my back all vibrated feeling as well.  So strange! I seem to have weird stuff since i had the flu. I hooe someone can relate and tell me is this anxiety because i never had this before. I have been to the dr. Twice already for other stuff and the ent for tinnitus stuff they said one ear is tube is retracted so that explains the head feeling and the ring they said was from motrin, which i dont feel is true..but why in the world would my whole back feel vibration small tremor? But whole back.. lasted a few hours. I cant complain they will really think im crazy at this point. I dont use meds, i cant. I did take a xanax the other day for sound sensitivity which i feel are migranes. Ahhh please help. I just drank a gatorade in case it is as simple as dehydration you never know.

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    Lisa! Hello smile

    Yes!! I get a vibration in my head which feels like a mobile phone is on vibrate inside.

    A few weeks ago I felt it at the back of my neck and it went into my head. I usually get it when I'm under extreme stress but I have had the odd one through the years when I don't feel too anxious.

    I used to get it in my forehead but since this year (and suspected ETD,) I have had it in various parts of my head and ears.

    I remember you saying that you had the same thing so perhaps it is related?

    As for a vibration in your back - I think this is anxiety. I feel vibrations in certain places on my body from time to time. Mainly my legs.

    I think it could also be a Trapped nerve.

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      This ear thing has really caused many issues. 😖 I had enough i didnt need this in my life.Maybe what helen said makes sense. Maybe i tensed or something but that was crazy.it started as what i started with the  chills. Im on holiday to make it all worse. My brother in law is sick and coughing hard and i am so scared because i just was sick was almost three weeks. Maybe thats adding to to all this too. Anything I google says lyme buzzing or MS. I know my brain scan showed no Ms three years back. And negative for lyme last year as they checked for the optic nerve pallor. My husband says i need time and patient to get through all this. We were at the ent last week. So i know i have an issue but i have had enough. I feel so jealous my husband nor his family has no understanding of what it is like to be me. Lucky him. I say nothing out loud. I am definetly nervous with my brother in law sick. We are on holiday together and share the house ...so that i know is anxiety. That i know is harping on my nerves. He coughs all about no one cares I was sick almost three weeks which caused everything basically im now going through. 

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      I know how it feels to be envious of those who live without these feelings or physical sensations... I can relate very strongly with you on that part.

      Your husband recommending that you give yourself time is right..you need to be kind to yourself right now.

      I can also relate to how much the vibrations can scare you but don't google them... It will only make it worse.

      I have spoken with doctors about the buzzing sensation and they both said it is anxiety. I also think some people get them and others don't. Also..as you have ear troubles I do think this makes the buzzing happen in itself. Especially when Eustachian tubes are blocked.

      You don't have MS xx I know of two people with MS and neither experienced vibrations. Their symptoms were very obvious and apparent from their early teens (despite not having their first attack until many years after diagnosis.)

      It is your ears...a virus you have just gotten over and stress... Anxiety is a horrible thing. I wish I could give you a hug!

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      Aw honey sad

      I know it hurts but you know, you know  that unless you have experience of ongoing health/anxiety issues, it is almost impossible to emphathise

      It's not that others don't care. It's that they don't understand. Hell, we can barely understand ourselves. It's like trying to explain colours to someone who is colour blind. Apart from that we keep everything to ourselves

      It's the trap we fall into when we need help the most

      We don't want to be a nuisance

      We fear being a burden

      We fear their love will turn into impatience

      We don't want to appear to endlessly whinge and complain

      We fear our loved ones will grow tired of our continuing ill health

      We put ourselves, our own well being, last

      I must add we have all been in the place where we are jealous of the robust physical/emotional health of others. It's only natural because ill health, no matter what shape or form it takes, is miserable to say the least.

      Why me?

      And it is a lonely place in which we live surrounded by others, even loved ones

      You who is tirelessly strong for others, must npw be tirelessly strong for yourself

      Remember the exchange we had about always putting ourselves last? There are times we should implement putting ourselves first without the guilt of feeling selfish

      We are mere human, Lisa. At times we need comfort, reassurance, we must look to ourselves for that first then to others if we are to heal.

      It begins and ends with us

      Our courage

      Our determination

      Our place within the family

      It is, as a rule, to us our loved ones turn in times of need

      Don't be afraid to voice your time of need is here

      I send love and hugs

      Helen xxx


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    Hell dear friend smile

    Oh I get that head vibration sensation sad

    It's awful. I have been known to stare in the mirror, lol, to see if my head is visibly shaking/wobbling at 100 miles per hour....

    You have ear problems which is dismal and doubtless adds to the problem.

    I can't say I've had this in my back but like Mospy I have had it in my legs. I do wonder did it start in your head? Because if so you might unknowingly have tensed the neck muscles....

    I say this because when my head vibrates I immediately tense up and have to make an effort to relax my shoulders.....so the tension could have affected your spine

    It's reassuring that it does not show signs of permanency and dissipated after a few hours

    Let me know how you go on with this

    I send hugs



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      Sorry to high-Jack a post but so relieved to hear others get the head vibration also. It really frightens me. The first time I experienced it was in my forehead and I think I was in my teens. Terrified the life out of me.

      It lasts for a few seconds and almost feels like a fizzing vibration.

      I hope that knowing others experience this will also help Lisa smile x

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      Thank you Helen. Although it is comforting i am not alone im so sorry you can relate. I just keep praying we all heal. I am honestly due for some good healthy times already. My body needs a rest and a break from all these ailments, I feel my body is tired  from all this. I have always been a firm believer the body is wise and has the wisdom to self heal. Even if it needs a bit of help at times. I would,like to put in a request  for a miracle,🙌🏼. 

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      Hi Mopsy,

      it's crap isn't it?

      The first time it happened to me I ran to the mirror...sigh..sure my head was visibly shaking frantically and that everyone would see it!!!

      We get the most weird symptoms

      I have had burning sensations on the top right side of my scalp. And when I say burning I mean red hot, where the scalp skin has felt hot

      Scared the hell out of me

      Once I lost my fear of it, it struck less and less

      I might have it now and then but I don't freak and it soon goes

      Then something else comes along sad

      It's a constant battle but...as I have said numerous times, it is the fear of the symptoms we must lose. Once we lose the fear, we lose the symptoms.....and yes, Lisa, I lost my head vibration fear and now I cannot even remember the last time it struck at me

      Hugs to one and all

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      My dear Heart Sister,

      I shall have a quiet word with our other Heart Sister, God bless her and keep her safe. I'm looking at her photo now

      I shall light a vanilla candle for you

      Our Heart Sister will recognize the fragrance...you and I know why...and will watch over you

      Hugs, dearest, from across the ocean

      Helen xxx


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    Have you heard of eustachian tube dysfunction?

    I would go back  to  your dr and explain how  you are  feeling. They have no reason to think you  are crazy. It could b the aftermath of thee flu, a virus.  Good luck

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      Yes i was told that. They diagnosed that. The high pitched frequency i blame on that. The doctor doesnt care. I told them i get headaches all the time now and she felt i use motrin too much and should get migraine meds but they have the same if not  worse side effects. I didnt have the vibrations then.  They have zero clue i have anxiety. 
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