Full Recovery Stories...Anyone?

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please tell me your stories/experiences.

what did you do to aid in full recovery?

sorry i keep posting

just needing a boost here!

thank you

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    Hey Starr,

    First of all, I second this. There aren't nearly enough positive recovery stories on this forum (I know you're out there!). But the thing is, both of us probably won't be spending as much time on here when we're fully recovered. I'm sure the people who have recovered were eager--just like we are--to put this all behind them. I don't blame them, but let's promise each other that when we're both fully recovered that we will post our stories here to lift the spirits of those still struggling.

    Second, I'm not fully recovered yet (going on month 5), but I will say that the most helpful thing I've done for my body and mind is learn to accept the situation. I've changed my lifestyle in so many ways because of this virus and this has been by far the most difficult thing to do, but also the most beneficial. This virus feeds on stress, which makes it self-perpetuating as being sick is stressful and the sickness thrives under that same stress it causes.

    For this, I would recommend a meditation practice and a therapist (who will also recommend a mediation practice), to learn how to keep the stress at bay. Also, if it's an option for you, maybe consider taking some time off from your work-related responsibilities and focus on diet, sleep hygiene, and doing things that you enjoy primarily. I'm a college student who had to take this semester off because of this virus, so I'm currently living with my parents and doing nothing full-time (which probably sounds great to a lot of people but I was very active, high-functioning person before this took me out). I definitely get a little stir-crazy sometimes (especially when I'm feeling pretty good), but with the constant swinging between feeling good and feeling awful, it's comforting to know that when those awful times come, they won't reflect poorly on me. I just accept that I'm feeling terrible and do my best to pass the time with things that I enjoy (reading, watching movies, etc).

    I also hope that you have strong support system of people that will listen to you and acknowledge that what you're going through is really hard. One extremely valuable thing this virus has done for me is shown me who genuinely care about my well-being. I'm incredibly fortunate to have been able to distinguish people like this in in my life.

    I know that we want to be in control, but unfortunately we are not. This virus just needs to run it's course. The only thing that will speed it up is to have a healthy mind and body. Nothing special. Just take care of yourself and look forward to the forthcoming days of health where you have completely forgotten that you were ever sick. And when you do remember, don't forget to come back here and let all of us know that you're doing okay and that we will be soon too.

    I hope this helps!

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      this was nicely said willis....im in the same boat was a college student had to take this semester off and am still living with parents i am blessed that they are very supportive of me also during this rough time im 9 months into this now and still feeling overall pretty weak and fragile my blood sugar drops at random times..this virus does crazy things to our bodies...i agree with starr just needing some encouragment lately feeling down about it all but i also know that a lot of people that have recovered do want to put this in the past and not even think about it any longer i know thats how i would feel too...but i also know how hard this is so once we recover i agree its super important to at least share our stories and shed light to those suffering too i cant wait to post a recovery story and im sure yall are eager to do the same....gosh i am praying for us to all have that recovery story just right around the corner!

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      My symptoms are off and on. Most days I'm just incredibly exhausted and require 10 hour nights of sleep. If I get that much, the fatigue is manageable--any less and I feel like I was hit by a truck. If I'm having a bad flare up, my heart rate spikes, I have a crushing headache, I get hot with this really strange/uncomfortable tingling sensation on my face/around my nose, I get moderate pain in my right shoulder (weird) and in my spleen-area, but all of those things are things I can work through. The fatigue, malaise, and brain fog are the real problem. It's a difficult feeling to put into words, but the best way I can describe it is feeling like my head was zapped/electrocuted by something. It's really uncomfortable.

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      have that same feeling in my head very weird nothing like a regular headache the fatigue brain fog and malaise are the worst too for me as well as getting hot flushed and feverish

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      thank u well put

      im on 1yr


      but fragile

      still having issues

      i will be here helping others

      i will not leave even when well

      although its taking so long

      i feel like is this it


      take care!

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      Hope you're doing okay this week Starr, still been thinking about you and praying for you - praying for God's healing hand for and us all on here.


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    There is a thread with 251 replies that I read through to help let me know things will get better.


    It doesn't hurt to start a new discussion though!

    Willis, you hit this right on the head. There is no point to stress about something that cannot be cured with anything but time. I have just recently changed my outlook towards this and I have to tell myself that it can always be worse (cancer, etc.) and that I will get through this! (You all will too!)

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    Sorry for all the posts Starr, a combination of things helped during my recovery, taking vitamins and herbs, finding the balance between rest and activity, trying (hard as it really really is) to be patient, just managing things day to day and not looking too far ahead, and most definitely praying and trusting God was the no.1 thing, it's not at all easy to hold onto strong faith during trials I really do know Starr and have been finding it difficult at times myself lately, but knowing that God is there looking after you and will pull you through is something to hold onto, great hope.

    There is a British man called Phillip Day who is into vitamins and herbs a lot and recently I went to see a talk with him and learned a lot of useful new things - he advised taking much higher doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, particular during times to stress, his company website is www.credence.org I have learned a lot it's worth looking up his views / thoughts on vitamins.


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    i made a full recovery, but i already wrote about it lots so click on my username to see allllllll my posts from sickness to latest update.

    i am now 95% normal

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    Hi Starr,

    I was diagnosed with mono in Ocotober of 2017, I have recovered, I drink green tea for anti inflammatory properties and take Advil as needed and plenty of rest. I did take monolaurin,

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      good to hear

      so you said you rink tea and rest /advil etc

      does that mean now or past tense? is this a prevenative measure?

      youre 100%?

      im so ready for life/body back

      it feels like its coming.....glimpses of normal

      but not a full symptom free day yet*

      the normal moments seem more and closer than ever at this 1yr timeline of mine

      will my body cont to heal


      thank u so much

      you have helped me a lot

      my jelly legs scare me so very much

      the head stuff too


      thanku again!

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      Hi Starr,

      Yes pretty much recovered, have down days now and again, especially after a virus. I would say I am 95% and very grateful for that. The weakness in the leg lasts for a long time. I was 54 when I got this, so i think it lasts longer when you are older.

      When I was sick I thought I would never get my life back, it is a very slow process but you will get there.

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      I believe people can and do recover 100% Starr, with God's help of course. Of course it can take time and for at Year 2 you might get to say 90% or 95% and then get the extra 5 or 10% after that.

      Still believing for Mono_too also that the extra 5% is coming.


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      thank u craig

      how are you?

      sorry im not responding much

      i feel better then backslide

      over nothing

      im on my best behaviour here!

      eating good etc sticking with it!

      feeling pretty good then bam

      it comes back????? still dealing with nasty symptoms feeling stuck ugh

      ready for 100%!

      thsnk u for yoir time




      God works through you

      you are a guardian Angel

      i appreciate you

      not a lot of people care like you these days in this crazy world we live in!

      hope you are well and are seeing brighter days

      i pray for all here and i pray for God to diminish this curse once and for all!

      take care & happy weekend to you!

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      Hi Starr,

      I am not sure what made me feel better, I did not take the monolaurin powder only a tablet. I think it is a pretty natural thing.

      The green tea seems to be a help. I also took vitamin D. I always thought natural remedies seem best.

      Some people have mentioned anti virals. Maybe someone on the site has had experience with this.

      The first recovery signs are the periods of feeling better. Then the relapse phase. You will recovery eventually this is just a very long road. I wish you all the best.

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      Hi Starr,

      What lovely words I can only say thanks, I wish I was as good as you portray! I find it hard to keep positive attitude too and to hold onto hope and faith in hard times, not been coping too well at times lately, having issues with my foot which has upset me, compaining and moaning about it too much too I know I need to be more grateful and keep putting my hope and trust in God.

      You're doing all the right things, sometimes it's just about patience, time and perseverance. It's such a hard thing I know. I still believe there is 100% there for you Starr, I'm not giving up on that and I have confidence that God is working on things behind the scenes for you and that the manifestations of your FULL recovery will be seen.

      You are such a wonderful person and support to me and everyone on the forum too - I'm very grateful for that - hoping and praying for a good week ahead for you, today might just be the day that the corner turns I hope and pray for this and for breakthrough for you today Starr!


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      thank u

      at one year

      i was noticing more periods of feeling better closer together

      but only for hours not days or full days?

      13+ mos in?

      i feel deafeated

      im on 800 Acyclovir one daily antiviral dont know if that helps

      on lexapro for anxiety 5mg it helps

      feeling like progress is made

      then taken away



      i do not understand relapses?

      if i have good moments

      am i in recovery phase?

      or relapse?

      im very mixed up

      as ive yet to have one good day

      good hours not days


      i eat well

      juice etc

      all things perfectly

      supplements etc

      feel so stuck

      how do i get better day to day?

      how do i improve more quickly

      i feel like what does post viral mean?

      anymore advice would be wonderful.....

      right now

      im dealing with weak legs

      low back pain

      knee aches

      feet too


      back spine


      basically my spine and back of whole body





      things have lifted but others just keep rolling

      i wake up

      make bed

      get dressed

      make bfast

      walk out back

      twice day

      move my body



      dont work

      dont run around

      as i want to not push and just rest

      but have to function

      cannot lay in bed

      which before i had no choice

      does this end?

      who will i be


      i was working

      doing yoga feeling incredible


      got this

      sick overnight

      life changed

      will i ever be me

      its getting to me

      if i saw more improvement

      id be lifted

      but feel like ok is this it?

      thank u for your advice!

      sorry to be blue

      i just miss me

      what do i identify with now?

      me what i love is on hold?........

      glad to hear you recovered

      im 39 when hit

      now 40


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