Functional Dyspepsia Misery for the last 3 months

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and wanted to start a thread for functional dyspepsia. i have been suffering on and off with this terrible issue now for the last 2 years.

It all started back in 2019 when I got the worst heartburn along with regurgitation i have ever experienced! after numerous doctor visits and no answers, I decided to privately refer myself to go and see a gastroenterologist, in hope that i would get some relief as i was experiencing the burning almost every day for 3 months straight at this point.

I had an endoscopy done which came back unremarkable, i was also tested for H Pylori which was also negative. I was relieved to find out that nothing was terribly wrong and was therefore diagnosed with Functional Dyspepsia. My gastroenterologist told me to manage symptoms through diet and prescribed me with 2 months supply of Esomeprazole 40 mg which started to help with the constant burning. The medication along with changing my diet to avoid trigger items, got rid of all my symptoms at the time.

Unfortunately, in Oct 2020 my symptoms returned again after taking a course of antibiotics for a slight UTI. This time the burning in my chest and stomach was unbearable and I was also experiencing terrible hunger pangs even when not hungry. luckily i had a few tablets of the Esomeprazole left and started on them again - in hope my symptoms would subside. Boy was i wrong, nothing was helping and i was in agony all day long and falling asleep at night was also difficult.

I was convinced the antibiotic triggered the dyspepsia and stomach pains, so i arranged an appointment with the GP. They advised it was probably IBS and arranged a blood test to check for infection and checked vital organs - everything came back normal.

The burning and stomach pain was showing no signs of improvement, so i saw my Gastroenterologist again, who arranged for an abdominal ultrasound (which was normal) and a blood test, where my eosinophils count was very marginally elevated. He told me he was not concerned by this and that it suggested an allergic reaction. I once again started on the Esomeprazole 40mg and then 20mg for a further month.

The PPI along with dietary changes to this day have shown no improvement. In fact I feel worse when taking the PPI, so have stopped it. Everyday, i wake up with stomach discomfort and the burning in my chest returns as soon as i've had breakfast. The burning stays with me all day and I feel slightly better after eating food but this is short lived.

I have booked to speak to my consultant next week as i am fed up feeling like this and really would like some sort of relief! We discussed last time that anti-depressants were quite effective with functional disorders, i was in two minds about taking an anti-depressant. However, at this point i am desperate for something to at least work in getting rid of the burning sensation as i have been this way for the last 3 month. So i am going to give this a go - has anyone on the forum taken amitriptyline for functional dyspepsia and has it worked at all?

I would also love to find out if anyone has had a similar experience with this awful condition? and have you found any herbal remedies helpful?

Thank you and I wish you all good health!

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    I am so sorry you are going through this. I haven’t

    taken the amitriptyline yet. I get occasional gastritis and it isn’t any better! my gastroenterologist thinks it may be dyspepsia. Mine started in 2017. Since then I heard maybe 10 episodes or so I can’t really remember. I don’t find the medication to be that helpful I was taking omeprazole.

    Are you a person who has generalized anxiety or a lot of stress? I know that there is a very strong mind body connection especially to the entire gastrointestinal system. That’s why you hear of people who are highly stressed and have ulcers. One of my strategies is to relax my mind as much as possible. In fact I was listening to a Gastro intestinal doctor on YouTube who said besides eating the right foods, it’s vital that you lower your stress levels because of that connection. He said take time out to do things that relax you such as going for a walk in nature or by water, listening to beautiful music, doing things that make you laugh and smile, and there are hundreds of other things we can do. He even said that several times a day he will just stop what he’s doing and breathe! Just several long slow deep breath‘s to reset yourself and calm everything down.

    For some reason when we’re anxious, that fight or flight response can actually produce more gastric acid.

    Anyway, As far as the diet goes , make sure your eating non-acidic foods. Very important! Stay away from junk foods, dairy, red meat, spice, red sauce, soda pop, etc. eat an alkaline diet

    that consists of fresh greens, Asparagus actually has healing properties for the stomach! Eat low acid meat such as chicken, turkey, fish, . you can find all of this online. You may already know about it.

    best to eat five or six small meals a day rather than three large ones. Drink lots of water! I just flushed my entire system out because I felt gastritis coming on and I drink a lot of water over a few days and I feel better.

    herbal remedies for me would be .....

    . A nice mug of ginger tea. Ginger has a calming effect on the G.I. system and possibly healing. So does decaffeinated green tea. It’s a great antioxidant! unfortunately I don’t put honey in it because it’s very acidic.!

    be careful with whatever you eat even if it’s labeled herbal. Sometimes it can still be acidic. Other than the tea, I don’t really take anything herbal. I take one melatonin at night to sleep and I found out it actually helps with gastritis and dyspepsia. I hope you start to feel better soon. The main thing is be careful what you eat and drink, do some fun things, and take time out during the day several times to do a little deep breathing. take care!

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      Hi Jan34534 , thanks for your reply!

      I was initially prescribed Omeprazole and found that it did nothing, the Esomeprazole however did help me slightly the first time i had the flare up and now it just makes me feel more uncomfortable every time i take it.

      Yes, i have been under a lot of stress and anxiety over the last couple of years which could have triggered my symptoms. On a day to day basis i don't find myself to be stressed, however maybe subconsciously my body is reacting to anxiety. I do agree that it has a lot to do with remaining calm and relaxed, I to have started meditating on a regular basis - it is still early days so i'm hoping i'll see some improvement over the coming weeks.

      I will definitely try drinking more water than i am to see if this makes a difference with my symptoms. Yes, green tea helps and ive found that camomille is quite soothing too.

      First time im hearing about Melatonin, i may have to give that a go as well and see if that helps. I don't feel too great about taking an anti-depressant so if i can find an alternative that can help just as well, i am willing to give that a shot!

      I guess i'll find out next week, if there is anything else I can try to bring my symptoms under control, so that I can manage it well thereafter.

      Thank you so much for all the advice and information, its great to hear from someone who has had a similar experience! i really hope your symptoms stay under control, wishing you well. Take care too.

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    Hi! I was wondering how you're doing. I'm experiencing the same type of issues as you, and I don't know where to go from here. My issues:

    • In June 2020 I suddenly started having heartburn (never had any issues before), or at least I think it's heartburn (a burning sensation in my esophagus and throat, but I never feel acid come up or taste anything, just the burning feeling. Also it doesn't seem to be related to food).
    • The drs put me on omeprazol, didn't help, then on pantoprazol (protonix). This did the trick, but you're not supposed to be on it for very long. Stopped taking it after 8 weeks, and all the symptoms returned. So started taking them again.
    • Had all the tests: endoscopy, ultrasound, mri, all showed nothing except gallstones. Last week I went for the 24h ph monitoring test, still waiting for the results.

    I've been off the ppi for two weeks or so now because of the ph monitoring test, and I'm burning up. I don't want to continue to take these pills. I'd love to accept the diagnosis of functional dyspepsia and get on with my life. Focusing on feeling unwell is so draining. But I've read too many scary stories of people with gastrinomas, which aren't detected easily. And I'm super worried my mystery symptoms are related to some cancer they can't find yet.

    I'm sorry this post isn't helpful at all. But I hope we can keep each other updated if we find something that does work.

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      Hi Nicola! sorry about the late reply.

      Since my initial post and having seen my Dr again, i have been on 40mg of Esomeprazole and 10mg of amitriptyline. This combination gave me relief, however over the last couple of days I have noticed that my heart has been racing. This seems to be a common side effect of the drug, so i have stopped the Amitriptyline as it did scare me a little!

      The burning seems to be under control, however I do still experience the stomach discomfort - which is as annoying!

      I see you have mentioned that they found gallstones - i also underwent an ultrasound to check for any as the burning which you're experiencing can be related to gallstones, something which my gastro mentioned. Are you going to be getting them removed? also hope the results of the PH Monitoring was fine?

      I wouldnt be worried if all your tests are coming back normal, i too felt as though something was seriously wrong but after countless consultations and nothing major being detected (which is a good thing) im trying to manage my symptoms through diet and supplements, as im worried of symptoms returning once coming off medication.

      its very frustrating as the burning seems to occur out of the blue and there are no exact food triggers that i can pin point! i've got a follow up in 2 weeks time and will keep you updated.

      I hope the burning is under control and you're keeping well, yes of course please do keep me updated on how you're getting on.

      Take Care 😃

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      Hi Dave!

      No problem. I don't always check this website.

      All my tests came out clear. So also no acid reflux. The GI specialist has officially diagnosed me with functional dyspepsia and hypersensitive stomach. He basically told me to take PPIs for life. How did I go from a healthy person 6 months ago to being in agony? I'm so frustrated.

      I've stopped taking the PPI, because why should I if nothing is actually wrong. I was actually hoping this thing would clear up by itself, but sadly the burning and pain is constant, and my stomach (not bowels) is extremely bloated and tender.

      I'm going to see a naturopath soon, but I've already cut anything triggering from my diet, and nothing seems to work. Hopefull we'll get some relief soon! Hope you're feeling well and the drugs are working at least.

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    I was diagnosed with gastritis and diverticulosis. I was taking Dexilant for my gastritis but I told doctor I didn't want to stay on it due to my osteoporosis (long term use can affect bones). So he gave me samples of all natural for gastritis (FDgard) and IBGard for my intestines lower gut. They are sold over the counter. So far they have worked for me. And of course I am on a very bland diet at the moment. Hope this helps and you get better soon.

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    Can I ask what your pain/discomfort areas are? What about other symptoms?

    I've been having upper abdominal discomfort for months now. It isn't that bad and I can ignore it when I'm busy. However, I do know that it's there. It feels like some general pressure or tightness in my upper abdomen. Rarely, it'll feel like heartburn but not always.

    I never feel too full after meals nor do I ever have undigested food in my stools, so I'm not sure if it's dyspepsia.

    However, I tend to be constipated sometimes. So I wonder if it could be related. My physician diagnosed me with reflux and then, gastritis. I'm not sure about it because really, the upper belly pressure is my only symptom and that too, isn't noticeable when I'm busy.

    Does this sound similar?

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    I have very similar symptoms as OP. I am 51 yrs old and all this started 4 years ago.. I have been through every possible test: endoscopy, colonoscopy, capsule test, H Pylori check, blood tests and so on... every test was negative. My gastro doctor said I have IBS with functional dyspepsia, upper gastritis: pain and burning above your belly button. I have changed my gastro doctor as well... one thing that has helped me is FDGARD.. not IBGARD.

    FDgard is for pain/burning above your belly button and IBgard is for below your belly button... (there is more to it - consult with your doctor).

    Abdominal pain/burning started in early 2017.. lasted for 3 months, went through all checks and tests took omaprazole and pain went away meds nothing... Again in early 2019, it flared up.. went through similar tests, doc put me on LOWFOD map diet... lasted 3 months...took omaprazole (prilosec).. same thing.. pain went away.. stopped taking prilosec.

    The last one I got and which still bothers me tremendously started in November 2020... its been 4 months and the symptoms and pain/burning is far worst than what I had in 2017 and 2019 and I have seen 2 gastro doctors...have been prescribed many things and the only thing that has given me some relief is FDGARD (over the counter caps)... I take 2 caps before lunch and 2 before dinner... if pain is less, I take 1 each time.. max allowed is 6 caps per day...

    BTW, I have tried desipramine 10 mg HCI - anti depressant for a month and gave up... did not think it was helping me at all.

    I have another appointment scheduled .. to talk about radiating pain around my stomach extended to side.. I will ask if I need to see food allergist to see if there are certain foods triggering this misery.

    Hopefully, we find some solution to our sufferings.. I know and understand what you are going through.... frustration and pain is beyond what we can comprehend.. miserable in one word... I am not stressed out... have a nice IT job.. family support and so on. Keep us posted on your journey towards getting better.

    Take care !!

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    Thanks to all for sharing their experiences. I just got diagnosed with functional dyspepsia and could relate to quite a few things mentioned by different folks here. Just a few days back, i had started a thread on gastritis and updated it today with my functional dyspepsia diagnosis. I noticed this thread today and wanted to get more inputs. please do share your thoughts and update me with your current situation.

    my link for reference

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    My symptoms started almost 8 years ago when it would happen sometimes after I ate, although now it could happen at any time. I'm not one who runs to the doctor so of course I googled my symptoms and I came up with diaphragm spasms. Now I'm thinking it might be fuctional dyspesia, but there's only one thing. Pain is never associated with this. The only feeling I get is a twitching right where my stomach is (upper abdomen). I also get the urge to belch a lot. I have noticed that the more anxious it makes me, the longer it lasts. I can get it up to a few times a day, everyday and then I can go a couple of weeks without it. About a year before this happened, everytime I ate I was running to the bathroom within 15 minutes. I thought maybe for some reason me running to the bathroom was associated with a kidney stone that was found at that time. Nope, that wasn't it. Then I thought it was caused by gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed, but it continued. I recently had an appendectomy and realized that while I was eating very bland food while recovering, I didn't have an episode of the twitching at all. Not until I was fully recovered and eating normally. Does anyone else experience just twitching and no pain?

    I would also like to add that now it happens once I lay down to go to sleep. Eventually it stops, but I wake up during the night with it.

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