Fundiplication op last June

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Hi all,

So I'm now 7 months after my surgery.

Basically I'm eating what I want now but smaller portions to what I was having before.

I'm not feeling any nausea now thank goodness.

I do still have a few symptoms which I'm hoping will disappear in time.

They are a bit of phlegm still in my throat so I'm coughing a bit and my throat feels a bit sore. I used to have a permanent blocked feeling in my nose and weird smell which has just about gone now and both nostrils are clear.

My tummy still feels a bit tender and mucsel a bit of a tight feeling.

I had a slight burning sensation in my throat the other day and I gave in and had a gaviscon.

I'm still taking plenty of Deflatine for the wind.

On the whole I think I'm getting on OK compared to before my surgery when I was taking Nexium 40mg per day 300mg Ranitadine and lots of gaviscon, I was sleeping sitting up and felt nausea most nights.

Now the only medium I'm taking is deflatine.

I'm having no problem with my swallow as long as I chew everything to a liquid before I swallow it goes down no problem and stop eating when I start feeling full.

I've had a good Christmas with no trauma, I've been able to have a drink only 1 drink tho. Whereas before I could have maybe 3. I've lost about just over a stone and a half and it's staying off.

I've lost track of my blog I put on here in June when I had my surgery, I recorded everything I ate drank and passed, pain killers I took etc.

Good luck to anyone considering the surgery.


Margaret xx

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    Hi Margaret

    That's great to hear. I hadn't my op back in September and recovery is going well. Like you I still have a bit of a cough and phlegm but nothing like before so I can cope.

    The only thing I still struggle to eat is bananas as they hurt a bit when going down.

    My aim was to eat my Xmas dinner and although I could only eat half I saved the rest for Boxing Day haha.

    I have been told that I can go back the gym so I am looking forward to getting my fitness back up.

    Hope your recovery continues to go well and for me at the moment it was definitely a good decision to have the op.

    Lou xx

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      Great to hear from you again and that you are having a successful recovery too. I was a bit worried about the phlegm but you have put my mind at ease knowing it's not just me.

      We done a restaurant dinner on boxing day which I worried about but I only left a tiny bit of soup and a few veg and slice of meat, I ganneted my pudding chocolate cheesecake, and managed a sandwich later, I use Kingsmill Thins which are great.


      Margaret xx

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      Oh I never thought of kingsmill thins - I will get some of those tomorrow.

      I wasn't able to eat cheese before but can manage it again now - just make sure I don't over indulge.

      I have another checkup with my surgeon in three months so hopefully things will continue to go well


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      I was signed off with hospital after my 7 week post op visit with consultant which lasted ten minutes.

      It concernes me a bit.

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      I didn't have a check then mine was three months but because I wasn't well and coughing quite a lot they just said they will see me again in three months to double check the cough.

      I was just getting over tonsillitis when I went for my appointment.

      They did say if anything happens in the meantime then I can just ring his secretary to get an appointment.

      7 weeks sounds a bit soon to get signed off though


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    Hi Margaret and everyone else .

    Glad you are all OK .

    I went back to see Dr just before Xmas as I keep having a few time when was a bit pain and trying to be sick but can't actually be sick you just reach violently. Was not my normal Dr she has referd me to go back and see my surgon. I saw him last about two weeks after surgery. She put me back on Lanzopzol twice a day I used to take that before my operation and Ranitidine. But just taking Lanzopzol. She said could be a bit acid try not to get stressed and gave me some more anti sickness tablet but not need8to take them. Have been ok since taking Lanzopzol again managed Xmas Dinner which my Daughter boyfriend cooked think the kids had bigger platform than me . But I managed to eat more than thought I would be able to as was trying to be sick they Thursday before Xmas so was bit worried about being ok so took sick tables and deflatine just in case ...

    Got a little belly pain today but didn't eat much yesterday as was bit deserter day as was my Grandson birthday had contactsome to fit plastic cover for my gas boiler that taken housing 3 month to do. Half hour after he went my heating stopped working not heating at all and was freezing so spend half complain on phone to be told be 24 slot that some one would come out go see about it . The came out 11.45 today .but luck started working last night again. Didn't cancel just in case didn't work in morning needed new pump. Then clothing power cut but wasn't sure if was something he'd done az only been gone 15 mins and all electrical stuff including light went off. All came back on so no stress out . Was going to meet Grandson after school yesterday to give present but had to get daughter to bring round and pic them up as couldn't leave house incase theyou came. Nothing ever seam to run smoothly in my life. Hopefully try not to let things stress me out and get appointment to see surgon so can get everything sorted. Still not been able to eat bread as get pain. But not tried since taking tables again can now drink tea with out feel sick. Just have to stat trying other stuff and hopefully just hic up and get back on track to full recovery just waiting on Surgon appointment. To see what he advisesays. Can eat thins but slowly and make sure chew well . Just takes time I suppose. My operation was August. Sorry bit long winded excuse punt. Glad you all are making good progress.



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      Hi Zena

      Sorry to hear you are still having problems with nausea.

      I am having a little bit of pain in my chest which I think is trapped wind, I had some Doom Bar ale over Christmas and it made me burp right from my feet (well big burp) I've not had a big burp in a couple of days, I've been eating a few deflatine.

      I think my expectations of the op are quite big, I was expecting a miracle cure but there are a couple of niggling symptoms but not as excessive as yours. Hopefully they will ease up in time.

      If I overthink the symptoms and stress I will make myself feel nausea, so you need to chill out and let your body recover at its own pace.

      Keep in touch.



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      Hi Margaret

      I still have not had any alcohol over year now I was going to have some at Xmas but apart from a mouthfull of The Honey Jack Daniel and Lemonade that daughtersexy boyfriend had brought and was drinking as he knew I normally would drink Jack Daniel and Coke. Was nice but didn't have any more as Dr said stay away from any alcohol. I have stared to try write a daily food diary again so I can see if get sick again what might be trigger it. Thought might be good idea before see surgon again..but since been taking Lanzopzol again not yet felt sick again. Belly makes gurgling noses some times and get bit trapped wind. Did get bit stomach pain yesterday but lower in stomach but think didn't eat properly day before what with drama about heating and getting it sorted not long had bowl of rice Krispy and banna . My be didnt chew banana enough but was lower in stomach more like intestines area rather than proper stoumch i was taking to work man and get bowl and stuff while sort out new pump on tank and not get water every were took my mind off I and it passed. Most pian is normally by the scar in middle about were stomach is . Think must just get stuck or backs up or something coz not always as or when eating sometime a while after. I dI'd sometimes find hard to drink as sometimes felt as if lump or as if swallow big load air when drinking but dosent seam az bad since taking tables again my be was bit acid agrevating that area may be help it sort out and can stop taking tablets aging.

      May be I was just exspected a mericale and exspected to be back to normal too soon.

      I do find I get board eating same stuff and then sometimes go off eating it ..

      Not good patient. Too busy running around sorting others out and not thinking about my self. Maybe my body trying to tell me to think and look after my self more. Have changed some thing like have only worn dresses to work since going back and not worn dresses to work foe many years. But ws bit worried I'd be uncomfortable Wrexham scares were as near waistbandsouth would be and sitting at desk all day . Wich got few comments at work. Also try to make sure pack up my desk so leave work as soon as stop getting paid finish time and not doing more hours for nothing. Doing all things should for last few years . And trying not to let work stress me out if not done in working hours of day tough have to weight. And when not passed information to do my work don't stress just say well can't do till get proper info and contact will stay on desk till do. Instead of letting wind me up...

      Have to listen more to my body I think and look out for my self and not worry about pleasing others...

      Will kept you up dated

      Think sometimes were we take of body's for granted and how works on its own we now have to re programme our bodies that need to work bit different now as changes that have been made due to the surgery.

      Brain has to reprogramming how we eat again.

      We will get there ...

      Keep you up dated and hope you recovery stays good ..



      Sorry waffled on a bit lol


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