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Hi all

I was put on gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day with codeine 500mg 4 times a day, about 5 weeks ago for potential slipped disc.

After 3 weird weeks of terrible pain in bed I came out the other side.

I went cold turkey on both 4 days before returning to work.

Jesus.....10 days later I've been to see my GP again.

I have 50% less lung capacity, it feels like a giant is constantly gripping my midriff, bloated, itchy tingling under left ribcage.

BMI is under 20.

What has this drug done to me?????

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    I'm sorry. We are all feeling diff. things coming off this satan medication, hang in there, I was told it takes several years to completely get out of the system.

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    GABAPENTIN after 10 years at 4500mg spun my brain into madness, mania when I SLOWLY came off the drug. It landed me into a psych ward for 16 days of hell. when you read The STANDFORD Brain STUDY you'll be glad that is the only thing wrong. So glad you learned in 3 weeks instead of 10 years. Sending you much love and healing.

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    I was on it too,but I took myself off.same amount,but I was on liquid morphine as well. as others state , different side effects ,different people. I went through horrid side effects,but refused to give in. it took me about 5 months. don't give in,stay away from gabapentin...please.and good luck

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    Luke I'm sorry you're dealing with this. You're likely experiencing Withdrawal from going cold turkey. It's never recommended, particularly with gab. However, the itchy tingling concerns me. I had shingles, that's why I was put on gab, then I developed PHN Post Herpetic Neuralgia, meaning the nerves were damaged by the shingles so I have lasting pain. The pain you describe could be from the WD of gab, but it's also similar to shingles. It may not be, but if you see ANY kind of rash at all, get to your doctor and ask for the antivirals. Shingles doesn't even need a rash, many people don't get one, that's why we didn't know I had it, it was just the pain. But I only bring that up as a possibility.

    If it's WD from the gab, you can get all kinds of pain and side effects. The pain that you originally had can reoccur and even worsen by quite a bit if you drop too quickly. There are a number of side effects WD has including emotional problems like depression and anxiety, sleepless or extreme fatigue, abdominal problems, head ache etc. At this point, there's nothing to be done for the WD symptoms, but self-care, take it easy, rest, try and distract yourself and wait it out. Adding more drugs to the mix will make it worse. It's hard to say how long you'll have problems, it varies greatly, but it likely will be multiple days, or more likely weeks, as the symptoms get better and get worse, and slowly ease up. Yeah, it's an awful drug.

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    HI LUKE,

    I am sorry to hear you are having

    with drawl symptoms. Before stopping your meds you should have spoke with your GP. Both Gabapentin and Codeine are Adictive . You should have cut down on them both , Lowering your amount of mg by weeks until you gradually take the least amount possible , This could take months before you can come off them completely .

    For me i was very much like your self

    my GP told me to go back on them

    which i did and still on them 8 years down the line .

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      Thank you for your concerned reply.

      I've had confirmation from GP it's not shingles as I had chicken pox 6 years old.

      I think gabapentin has damaged nerves in my tum.

      Muscular skeletal app on 12th.

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      Luke, shingles comes FROM the chicken pox virus. It lies dormant in anyone who's had chicken pox. Under times of great stress, physical or emotional or when the body's immune system is low, it can occur. I'm not saying you have it, I just want to clarify what the condition is.

      Gab is given with the hope that it will help with nerve pain, but it's only approved in the US for 2 types of nerve pain, that caused by shingles/PHN (which I had), and small nerve diabetic neuropathy. It is actually an anti-seizure medication but the company wanted to expand its uses (make more money). There may be only minimal pain decrease even in those two cases.

      Your doctor isn't alone in not knowing what this drug does. Its been used for years, but only more recently are patients communicating better with their doctors and the doctors are listening. However, the information with the drug states explicitly that it should NEVER be stopped abruptly as seizures may occur. But doctors don't read that info and tell us that we'll be fine and there are no side effects. Right.

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    hi LUKE,


    I really am not positive, but I know the narcotics (even after you have stopped taking) have a way of CONTINUED all kinds of side effects..I have had same issues in the past! Give it some time..I think your body is STILL TRYING to adjust to going off the codein. I do not think its the gabapentin.

    Let us know if your symptoms improve in 7 days..ok? I know it's hard..4 days is very fast. What did your Dr. say? Just curious..


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      Chan, the side effects and withdrawal process from gabapentin, benzoids, narcotics, etc. are quite similar. If people are on multiple drugs it makes it harder. Some people have told me that getting off gab is harder than getting off percocet or heroin. We're all different but for many, it can be a hell both physically and mentally.

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