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  • adam3355 2

    Potential Long Term Effects Of Gabapentin

    I have been on Gabapentin on and off for about 7 months (since approx January). I was taking it for chronic pelvic pain, and it worked well, but it made me very emotional and made higher cognitive functions difficult. After 4 months of semi-regular use, I got off it quickly, but kept it around in case...

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  • Guest M

    Gabapentin Withdrawal IMPORTANT

    I spent 4 days in intensive care following a spinal operation. This was found to be the result of the sudden complete withdraawal of Gabapentin. For 3 whole days I was, to quote my surgeon, 'on another planet.' The only drug, of the many I was taking for pain, the only one that could not been given...

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  • alan160350 1
  • naomi64 3
  • brenda20365 1

    chest pains and stomache aches after 4 days on the drug

    so i started on 100mg for fibromyalgia after day 2 had severe chest pains and bad doc said perservere it will get day 3 headaches severe chest wall pain and bad tummy...stopped on day 4 still dizzy, still bad tummy and chest pains and face pain and headaches.. like ok i was on...

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  • lou88359 2

    Gabapentin 600mg. ×3 Daily.

    I have been on Gabapebtin for at least 2 years. My health is v.poor and I have lost complete faith in Doctors (Practice based NOT hospital consultants. For last 2 months approx I have had roughly 5-6 attacks where I am ok one minute then all of a sudden I am poleaxed by what I can only describe as severe...

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  • jesika28180 4

    Positive stories please***

    I have been given gabapentin for occipital neuralgia and anxiety, im so scared to take it, as its my anxiety keeping intilling this fear in me. I took gaba for 2 months 1 yr ago but didnt feel any difference so not sure if it will work or not, and also im reading so many negative responses that im now...

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  • Lexi13 2


    Does anyone else on here take gabapentin for anxiety?  If so, how much do you take?  Do you take an SSRI with it?

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  • lynn72382 2

    Gabapentin withdrawal and burning face and arms

    I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing burning face and arms with trying to get off of GABAPENTIN. As ell I experience heat waves upon waking which seem to last forever. I am on Estrogen so I know it isn't hot flashes as it only started when I began decreasing the dosage of the Gabapentin. Arms...

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  • terry51161 2

    Cutting back on Gabapentin

    I was on 300mg X3 of Gabapentin from 2006 till January of 2017.  I chose to cut back to 100mg X2 am and pm and 300mg at bedtime after having a RFA tx on my C5-7 fusion area.  I was not aware of any side effects from the decrease then. I am not trying to decrease 100mg in the am as I'd like to only be...

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  • Windyinthecity 1

    Gabbapentin for opiate withdraw help

    Hi everyone, I have been addicted to various types of opioids for a couple of years now. I have tried numerous times to detox but I always end up relapsing until I ended up in the psych ward and they prescribed 300mg of gabbapentin twice a day, .05mg of clonidine twice a day and .05 mg of lorazepam three...

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  • karen41245 3

    Tapering off Gabapentin

    I've been taking 400mg 3x daily for 6 weeks. I want to stop taking it because of side effects.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to best way to do this?  

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  • brown6320 1

    Breast Enlargement and Weight Gain

    Has anyone experienced having their breast get bigger after taking Gabapentin? Also, I can't lose weight to save my life. I workout hard every day and I eat right, however, I can not lose 1 pound no matter what. I'm suppose to take two 3 times per day, but I take 1 or 2 once or twice a day.

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  • teresa65434 2

    Extreme dry 👄 mouth

    I've been on 300 mg a day of Gabapentin for a year. Been off two weeks. The doctor took me off. Abruptly. I'm experiencing extreme dry mouth. Anyone else had this problem on or off this medication? Also, headaches in the afternoon.

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  • Meganpooch 3

    Scary Gabapentin side effects

    Hello all I started taking Gabapentin for a nerve problem in my foot in November 2015 starting at 300mg and working up to 900mg over 6 weeks. At the end of May this stopped having an effect so the doctor doubled the dose - again increasing in 2 weekly amounts. I stopped at 1200mg as this was working...

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  • kelly 74755 2

    My partner wants to come of grbapentin

    Hi can anyone help me my parner suffers with trapped nerve in his back and spondylitis in his neck he has been on transfec transdermal patches for about 3/4 years which were helping him a lot with pain but reasently been having a allergic reaction on his skin where patch was so he went to doctors and...

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  • connie09653 1
  • gina18608 2

    Gabapentin withdrawal and palpitations

    Hi. I was put on Gabapentin for nerve pain (though it turns out I was just having nerve pain-like withdrawals from coming off Mirtazapine). I only took Gabapentin for a week - max 200mg - then stopped as it gave me terrible side effects. I have now had two weeks of terrible withdrawals - nausea and insomnia...

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  • karen00354 2
  • Guest M

    gabapentin side affects?

    I am on gabapentin 300mg capsules 3 times a day for nerve pain that i have been suffering from for quite a few weeks now. Since taking these capsules i cant believe how weird and spaced out i feel,i feel confused alot of the time and also like many other people - dont feel like im in my own body anymore....

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  • samkc3017 2

    frustrated on gabapentin

    Well went back to dr yesterday told him my concerns and nothing. He did lower my dosage from 3600 back down to 2400 but I'm not happy. My biggest concern on this med is not being addresed. My body has swelled up so bad that my feet no longer fit in my shoes they are so swollen my ankles are so swollen...

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  • david96583 1

    Gabapentin withdrawal after short term use?

    Hi there, I was prescribed gabapentin for a nerve issue. The goal was to start at 100mg and work up to 800mg by adding 100mg every 3 days or 4 days. I started to feel badly at 300mg (slurring words, irritable, feeling violent), and then did one day of 400 mg and could take no more (feeling extraordinary...

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  • keith 40678 2
  • christine332 2

    New member

    just been prescribed gabapentin 100 mg .. back pain  tingling   Dragging pains in front of legs  .been reading comments anyone having positive results with this drug ? It's scary as I don't want to take ibuprofen etc because it plays havoc with my IBS 

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  • carol34396 2

    Withdrawal from gaba

    I've been on gaba for a year and am trying to wean off this drug.  I was searching for info and came across this site.  Very informative.  I'm seeing that I am having alot of things going on like you all have been having!   I was thinking I was going crazy.  I pray for the best for all of us!  Be well.........

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  • gillian10394 2

    Gabapentin dose

    Hi i am on 2700mg of gabapentin for very chronic nerve pain in back but still get occasional pains down my legs, is this normal

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  • samkc3017 2

    miserable on gabapentin

    I have been taking gabapentin for a few months now I'm up to 3600 while it does help my neck pain it has done nothing for my lower back pain or my knee pain. At the start the side effects floored me but after a week I felt back to normal everytime he raised my dose it was more of the same but I started...

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  • Floatmeaway 1

    Skin burns while taking Gabapentin! Does yours?

    I've been taking Gabapentin - 800mg 2x's a day - For a good 4 months. I have been on this drug for over a year. I'm trying so hard to get off of this poison! Yes, it did help my pain in the beginning but I'm so ready to get off of it now! My skin will burn so badly and I don't know if it's from the...

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  • s.98450 1

    Weight gain

    I am getting the same feedback about gabapentin. ... I feel like I've put 2 stone since I started taking them... im at my wits end

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  • pamela16260 3

    Deady Combination Gabapentin & Depression meds

    Gabapentin and antidepressants are a deadly combination. I can say first hand what it has done to me. The neurotransmitters in my brain no longer have the ability to control the systems in my body including heart kidneys, etcetera. Yes, I have been left with permanent brain damage. The pain specialist...

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  • beefaith 1

    Looking for Tapering Advice

    My doctor prescribed gabapentin 100 mg 3xs per day after I was bedridden with severe pain from my hip down my right leg. She also prescribed 10 mg of cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) at night. That was almost 3 weeks ago on April 26th. I was at this dose for 2 weeks. It was helping, but then the pain level...

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  • donna97909 3

    Advice please

    Been on gabpentine for about 3 months due to nerve pain I have a slipped disc. I get really bad pains in me stomach and have to go toilet until pain goes . I know this is not a nice thought. Just wondering if anyone else gets this , the pain terrible . I feel bloated all the time I eat but not a lot...

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  • kim8884 2

    This life I have to live

    I wish waking up each day was a feeling of gratitude and excitement. But I feel dreadfulness cause I feel so empty and lost. left out the the loop of this life that everyone else enjoys. I am ashamed and embarrassed to feel this way and try daily to be optimistic then it's goes as soon as I go thru...

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  • elizabeth2244 5

    i need some advice please help me

    I was only taking Gabapentin 100 mg at bed time for sleep but i have noticed that i am more anxious durring the day, i have feelings like I am going to pass out, and my diabetes has been way out of control.  Tonight i am stopping the Gabapentin because i have only been on it for a week no more than that. ...

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  • robert68588 3

    gabapetin 400 to 600mg

    Hi all.I posted a few minutes ago about Gabapetin.I was reading some of your  posts and noticed they were cut short.This didn't appear to happen on the Mirt board.Is there a way to see the entire post by someone?God Bless,Bob

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