Please help me! Mental horror stopping gabapentin

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I have been off gabapentin for 17days now.. I feel like I'm losing my mind! My mind & thoughts are not working right!! I'm terrified that I'm gonna lose it! I've never felt so depressed in my life! 

And it's not just sadness..I don't have control of my mind, pure darkness! Horrible thoughts..weird thoughts..

Constant songs playing over in my head? Like the words of a song that I hear will just play over in my head after hearing the song. I can't think right! 

I can't see any good! Only bad. 

I can't sleep either.. 

my head just doesn't feel right at all.

Is this the mental side of  gabapentin withdrawal ? I'm not really feeling major physical withdrawals. Just heavy body, tiredness & body's aching abit, no energy. 

Its the mental side that's bothering me majorly! 

Someone please help me, has anyone experienced this coming off gabapentin ? 

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    Yes Tyler this is the horror of Gaba withdrawal. And it is so hard to go through. If you got family or friends to be with that helps some. Just realize that it isn't real and you will get through this. 

    I am 2 months and 2 weeks off Gaba, went through all you have described, and other stuff that at the time you don't know what it is.  But believe me, you will slowly start getting better. You will have good days and then bad days, just keep hanging in there. The rest of us are praying for you. And you are not alone in this, there is a bunch of us that have gone through this and we know you too will be okay  Eat good food,Epsom salt baths, magnesium thru the day. Get lots of rest.  I started smoking pot to be able to sleep and stop some of the "pain".  Last time I smoked pot was in the 1970's. Got to find what helps. I learned about pot on the other Gaba site, there are a couple of them out there. Hope this helps, will be thinking of you

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      Thank you Mary! 💜 

      This awful drug has messed up my mind so much! 

      People ask what's wrong & I can't explain! My minds just not with it! I've lost my personality completely.. did you really experience these mental symptoms when stopping gabapentin?

      Thank you for replying Mary means the world right now to have some comfort that I'm not the only one this is happening to! 

      I'm so worried.. 

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      Yes you lose your person, can't hold a conversation, can't remember what some told you 5 seconds ago. 

      And you can't explain to others what you are going through heck I couldn't explain it to myself, and the fear that goes with this.  Splitting headaches, I never had headaches until this stuff, wasn't emotional, didn' t cry, wasn't afraid of anything. But coming off this Stuff, I did all that and more. Just keep wading thru it Tyler, I know it's hard to have Hope when it seems hopeless,  another gift from Gabe. You will slowly get your brain back, mine is on its way back

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      Thankyou so much Mary.. 

      I'm not gonna give up I want my mind back more than I wanna die right now.. 

      I just hope to god I'm not doing this for nothing.. 


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      Stay tough Tyler, I know how you feel. I thought when I was in the depth of the Gaba withdrawal ,everything was black, that I would never have myself and brain back. But that is part of the Gaba WD playing with your mind .  

      You will be okay,just takes time, keep putting one foot in front of the other and wade on out of this mess

      " All your symptoms will subside in Time and you will heal "  Gloom 4/29/14, I found him on another Gaba site Nov of 2017.  What he said helped me to keep going and know this would stop.

      Sending good thoughts and care to you,  Mary

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      Mary and Tyler - I too am going through horrible mental withdrawal symptoms from going off gabapentin too. I have been off 5 weeks now. Had to go off pretty much cold turkey from 600 because of bad side effects. I had taken it for 4 months. The physical side effects have for the most part faded by now, but I'm still having horrible mental withdrawal symptoms. I'm completely out of it with brain fog and can't focus on anything. Terrible memory too. I'm not able to work and have never felt like this in my life - like I'm not myself at all.  It is so terrifying and feels like it will never end! I also still have really bad anxiety and insomnia since stopping the gabapentin. I would be so grateful for any advice or inspiration you can give me.  Tyler - I see you posted two months ago.  Have your mental issues improved since then? Mary - how did you get through this? I just feel completely hopeless like I'll never be myself again. 

      Thank you for any help you can give me - Amy

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      Dear Amy, It will be Okay, this GABA stuff is like having a date with the devil himself. He whispers awful things in your ear.  Don't listen, every day you are getting better, you won't see it all the time but it is happening. Stay strong 

      Are you taking Magnesium, I took also Source Naturals Coenzymate B Complex from Amazon, I also soaked in Epsom salt baths 2xs a day. Got spray Mag to spray on the skin when things got bad during the day.. The GABA robs your B vit and your magnesium from your body.  Magnesium helps you sleep and quiet your mind. You need a lot of it now because you have none left in your body. I went to smoking Pot relived the pain and helped me to sleep Do you live with someone, who can tell you what your progress is. hard for us in this mess to see we are doing better.  The hopeless feeling is the GABA talking to you, believe me, you are getting better. My daughter was with me through this and she would tell me how I was getting better.You will be yourself again. I'm 4 months off, still have forgetting problems. But my life is back and so is happiness.  Feel free to ask anything I will do my best to help.  I'm here

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      Thank you for the encouragement Mary!  Yes I am taking Magnesium. It is MAG w/SRT from Amazon. Also has B and C vitamins in it. I've tried the Epsom salt baths as well, but they didn't seem to do much. I'm trying L-Theanine a couple times a day for the anxiety/panic. Seems to work a little.  I wish I could try the pot to help sleep! I don't have the medical license that I would need in my state. Although I wouldn't want the THC in it to amp up my anxiety - that is horrible enough as it is!  Maybe there is some blend that is specifically for sleep?

      I am actually staying with my parents during this whole ordeal, which is kind of pathetic at my age, but I'm grateful they are helping me through it. I've been to several doctors and all of them say gabapentin withdrawal would never last this long. Ya right!

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      I don't know much or nothing about pot, have friends that hand me some and said , " smoke this" I did and sleep like a baby.    I have learned from this experience to never believe what a DR. tells me anymore.   I am very happy you are with you parents, I was very glad my daughter stayed with me. I can't imagine how lonely your mind would be alone, was hard enough with the daughter with me.  I also took,, Thorne-L Glutamine power,,,,Benevolent Adrenal-Rx,,,,Professional Formulas Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence,,,,and www.Pure Oxytocin Accelerator,,,, all available on Amazon.  Learned that Gaba also attacks your pituriy gland and your hypothalamus gland and the above stuff help to repair that damage faster.. Source Naturals Melatonin 5mgs also on Amazon I take 3 of them a night also Gabe depletes this also .  I would ask around about the pot someone might hand you some  L theanine helped me too.  Sound like your doing better, good for you. All my thought and prays are with you


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    I have also experienced some depression and loss of sleep, not feeling myself. It is the withdrawal symptoms from this drug.

    If you have family, friends who can be with you or talk with you through this, that would be helpful. It does make you feel like you're losing your mind!

    It takes a while, I've heard, for your brain to reset itself.

    I try to stay busy during the day and when I feel anxious or sad, I tell myself that it's the withdrawals and try to force myself to relax. I will be praying for you.

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      Thankyou Janis 💜 

      Do you think the brain can heal from this?? 

      How long have you been off gabapentin for ? 

      This is just awful 😖😰😢 

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      I'm not off it yet. Still taking 600 mg at night. I'm dreading going through anything worse than what I've been going through already!

      As for the brain returning to what it was before gabapentin, I sure hope so!

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      Janis, mine is coming back, slowly. I took my last GABA Nov 17, 2017. Have been out of the horrible WD for a week or so now. Have good and not so good days, but so much better.  As a person , who went by Gloom on another site said " All your symptoms will subside in Time, and you will heal".  I wrote that down on a sticky note and kept it by my chair when I was in the worst of the WD. It's still by my chair and I send it out to give others the hope and help it gave me. Wishing you well

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      Thank you, Mary. I haven't even stopped it completely yet! I'm almost afraid to go lower than the 600 mg that I'm taking now. Removing the first 600 mg about a month ago was fairly easy. Guess it made me think that getting off it would be a breeze.

      I'm tapering the last 600 mg gradually.

      But, I will not give up until I'm off it!

      Upset that my previous PCP did not warn me of the possible long-term side effects.

      I will post those words around my apartment to remind me. Thank you again.

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      Glad to hear it, Janis, keep strong. And I'm here if you need someone at you back

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