Please help me! Mental horror stopping gabapentin

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I have been off gabapentin for 17days now.. I feel like I'm losing my mind! My mind & thoughts are not working right!! I'm terrified that I'm gonna lose it! I've never felt so depressed in my life! 

And it's not just sadness..I don't have control of my mind, pure darkness! Horrible thoughts..weird thoughts..

Constant songs playing over in my head? Like the words of a song that I hear will just play over in my head after hearing the song. I can't think right! 

I can't see any good! Only bad. 

I can't sleep either.. 

my head just doesn't feel right at all.

Is this the mental side of  gabapentin withdrawal ? I'm not really feeling major physical withdrawals. Just heavy body, tiredness & body's aching abit, no energy. 

Its the mental side that's bothering me majorly! 

Someone please help me, has anyone experienced this coming off gabapentin ? 

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    Its awful I know.  I don't think there are any good studies on this.  Its supposed to be a safe medicine and non-habit forming although stopping it is pure hell.  I would burst into tears over nothing and extremely sad and everything just felt so heavy.  It took about 3 weeks before the symptoms started to wind down but still I have profuse night sweats. The mental and emotional part of it is completely gone at 7 weeks now for me.  I couldn't focus on anything at all and time just moved so slow.  I reiterate that this will pass.  I couldn't sleep either.  You should really contact your doctor, you should seek some help because I am so worried for your state of mind.  Sounds like you are having a hard time of it, I did too.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel but no reason why you shouldn't reach out to your doctor or emergency room and explain that you are in horrible withdrawals from gabapentin.  It's a bad, bad medicine.       

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      My mum said to seak help too but I feel that talking to you guys is better & more helpful than a therapist that hasn't been through it you know.. 

      I guess its only day 17 so I just have to be more patient..

      I'm hoping so much that tomorrow will be a better day!! 

      Thankyou suzie 💜 

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      I hope every day gets a little better for us.  Was prescribed gaba for peripheral neuropathy, 100mg first week then 200 2nd week, 300 3rd week. Didn’t feel good so I weaned myself off the 4th week. First 2 weeks off were hell, had some time off work.

      30 days off the med today. Withdrawal symptoms still - some brain fog, restlessness, inability to focus, no appetite, balance issues, etc and - subsiding! Today I felt super tired but better! 

      We’ll get through this  💜

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    I am cross-posting this from another thread because I feel it is relevant here too and I really want to say this to everyone.

    • Victoria

    I quit Gabapentin cold-turkey on some very bad advice from my doctor back in February. It's now November. My dose was very low and I only took it for a few weeks - but I was on Cymbalta for a few months prior, so take this with a grain of salt, please. Remember that all your neurotransmitter chemistry is related, so even if you weren't on Cymbalta, you can take hope from this post.

    I also deal with severe anxiety issues, but I had never had symptoms like this before.

    The first few days off were awful, but nothing could prepare me for what I now know is called "antidepressant discontinuation syndrome".

    I've had severe cognitive impairment - memory problems, processing problems, "brain zaps" so bad I couldn't walk. They would come and go every few hours, sometimes leaving me functional and sometimes impairing me so badly I couldn't form sentences. I wondered dimly if I might have had a stroke, or had MS or Lupus, perhaps. I had so many tests done I can barely remember them all (but they all came back clean!).

    The symptoms were worse when I was near sleep - mornings and evenings. Many nights I legitimately couldn't tell dreams from reality. My childhood sleep paralysis came back, and I woke screaming four or five times a night some nights.

    This week, as if by magic, something changed: I woke up and was able to put sentences together in my head again. It just /worked/. The zaps and headaches are still around but my periods of lucidity are longer between them now, and truth be told I've been cognizant and clear-headed (with a few stumbles) for about three days straight now. That hasn't happened to me since before I started this rotten drug.

    I wanted to come back here and give you some hope - you who is there right now reading this forum as you endure this unbelievable nightmare, your thoughts scattered and broken and your brain malfunctioning:

    You will get better.

    This is not permanent. This is not forever.

    Your symptoms will come and go - and many times they will likely be worse than you remember them ever being - but they will get a little better each time. Each flareup or backslide leaves you just a little bit more healed. There are no victory stories on the internet about recovering from this medicine-induced misery because nobody wants to relive these symptoms once they are gone, but think about it: if nobody got better, there's be stories about that!

    Hang in there. You will recover. It may take a year. It may take longer. are healing. Be patient. There is an end to this madness.

    You will have your mind back.

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    Yes Tyler everthing you wrote is I went thru and then some Bad stuff I quit Nov 17 2017 and still have problems

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      hi mary! & to everyone else that commnted.. this is tyler_54849 but i had to make a new account as forgot my password ect.

      First of all id like to say thankyou SO much for helping me stay positive during that awful time of my life! words cant describe how greatful i am.

      Its been about a year now of being off gabapentin..

      after my post to you guys a year ago i was sectioned into a mental institute as you know i was im a very dark place. I have just started getting my mind back on track..

      Here is why im back on this site.. Last year when i started taking gabapentin for chronic vulvar pain that i had suffered previously for 8/9 years which completely ruined my life, the gabapentin completely stopped the pain.. I was over the moon! Until i expereienced horrible side effects & decided to stop the gabapentin.. stopping it was beyond belief terrible & the reason why i was sectioned & diagnosed with "psychosis" 😕

      after stopping gabapentin i still didnt have any pain for a year. Until like a month ago, the chronic vulvar pain is back, im absolutely gutted!!

      im constantly in pain just like i was for 8/9 years.

      Heres my predicament ..

      In 8/9 years of alllll the medications/pain reliverers i had been on gabapentin was the only thing that stopped the pain completely..

      I am stuck! bigtime! I am questioning wether to go back on it .. & i cant believe im even questioning it, but im in so much pain & i just want it gone again. im scared & terrified to go back on it, ive only just started getting my mind back on track & now this awful pain is back i need something to take it away!

      Gabapentin is the only thing that helped! completely stopped it! i really dont know what to do!?!

      i want my mind to be okay, but i also dont want this pain!

      what the heck do i do, shall i risk it???

      Thankyou so much for reading!

      For the people who commented to me before

      i really hope you got through it & are dealing okay..



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