Muscle twitching and cramping

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I'm being tested for various things to include hyperparathyroidism. I've been on gabapentin 300mg supposed to be once per day but I've increased it to 3 times. The twitching and muscle cramping is ruining my life. Get woken up with severe cramps and the twitching I have videoed where sometimes my arm literally jumps. Does anyone on here have this experience?

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    While on Gaba and getting off of it I had bad cramping of leg muscles and my arm muscles would twitch.  I am off 3mos 2weeks and all that is gone for, my guess is at least 2 months
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      Hi Mary! I was put on gabapentin for twitching and muscle cramping so I’m sure it’s not gabapentin. I’m glad you are feeling better!
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      You may not know what caused your original twitching and cramping, but Gabapentin does cause twitching and jerking. Did it make yours worse?

      I had an adverse reaction 10 years ago after two consecutive 300 mg doses. Most people don’t develop a permanent movement disorder, but for me it was too large a dose. 

      Mine began with seeing bright dots of light and rapid hand shaking, then uncontrollable movements spread rapidly throughout my body. 

      My Dr didn’t give me my brain MRI results, and claimed they weren’t in yet, but he was really hiding a 5 mm lesion on my hypothalamus gland. 

      You can search online for, “Gabapentin Side Effects,” and find twitching mentioned. It might be listed on your RX  information. 

      I think doctors should prescribe the oral solution so a patient can start low and go slow. I found out the hard way that “Haste makes waste,” but rapidly weaning off can also cause problems. 


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    That happens to me when my potassium is low. Perhaps your doctor could check your sodium and potassium levels, as well as vitamin B levels.

    In the meantime, eating some potassium rich foods may help. My go to is bananas, about 2 - 3 a day for a couple days.

    Best of luck to you!

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      Hi Kim! I had all my levels checked and all good except low D and my calcium is high normal. I’ve tried electrolytes, drinking tons of water etc. I’m being seen by a neurologist too. Hopefully get to the bottom of this😊

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    Twitching like that happened to me when my sodium, magnesium, and potassium were insanely low. I had no clue and just kept drinking water. I ended up in the ER from a seizure caused by low sodium. Now I drink electrolytes in my water every day. I've just gotten off the gabapentin-only for 3 days so far. I've been using magnesium to keep calm. I would either have a doctor check your levels or start taking electrolytes- or like the other person said eat a banana, drink some orange juice with salt, and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise definitely get checked. 

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    I recently started taking gabapentin and I am on the regular 3 times a day now. I woke up screaming and crying with a leg cramp in my calf or Charlie horse that lasted 10 min. I was in a deep sleep and I shot straight up and rolled around on my bed screaming my wife looked at me like i was crazy until she seen the spasm/ charlie horse. It was like the size of an apple . I dont know about this medication? I dont think it is good for me. I have had 7 back surgeries. Fused from L2 to L5s1. Doctor prescribed it to treat burning pains on outside of right thigh? I sm lost on why? Or what to do? I do not think this medication should be used to treat symptoms such as ours.
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    I literally just started taking Gabapentin on 6-19-2018 and ever since then, I have had uncontrollable muscle twitching, and muscle cramps, and spasms. They wake me out of a dead asleep so badly, that I literally have to get up outta bed right away to try to make them stop. I'm going to get in touch with my rheumatologist and ask him if there is anything else he can put me on besides this, because I don't want to live with this for the rest of my life! I'm not going to trade one thing for another, this is ridiculous, and yes, I believe it is the drug, it is not the illness!!!

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      You’re right, it is a ridiculous drug that can cause unbelievable conditions in a short period of time. 

      Doctors have expressed doubt for the last 10 years that Gabapentin was the cause of my uncontrollable twitching and jerking movement disorder after only two consecutive doses. 

      Your Rheumatologist might say that since you haven’t been taking it very long that you can just stop it. 

      Don’t believe that! -  Please read the Patient info post titled:

      “Short term low dosage Gabapentin, still experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms.”

      Slow reduction is advised on many sites. Ask Babs on the above mentioned  post since she is very knowledgeable about tapering. 

      I have constant back spasms that produce shoulder and neck jerks. This drug messed up my hypothalamus gland since they can see a 6 mm non enhancing white mass. One neurologist said, “I’m sure you didn’t have a stroke,” but I’m sure he knew I had one. I recently found an explanation given by an online Canadian doctor who explains “The Motor Circuit of the Basal Ganglia - Functional s. Dysfunctional. I couldn’t find one doctor to admit that an infarction affecting the subthalamic nucleus at or near its connections will cause a condition called Ballism. Some  people may only have a temporary disturbance. 

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    Hi Kim, I was wondering if your twitching and muscle cramps has gotten better, or stayed the same? 

    A neurologist recorded in my records that I didn’t have any fasiculations, even though my face has a lot of twitching. 

    Why did she ignore my uncontrollable twitching and jerking movements? 

    Doctors want to protect Gabapentin because of the opioid crisis, and they seem to think that Gabapentin and Lyrica are their only options. 


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      I wouldn't give you a dime for a gallon can drop off lyrica. The only thing it did for me was to make me very dizzy. but gabapentin's do work if you take them as directed.

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    i also have the muscle jerks in my arms and hands and sometimes my legs. i have been taking gabapentin for about 10 yrs. if i only took the 300s 3 times a day i would prob be just fine but my Dr has me at 600 3 times a day. when i tell my Dr that's what does it, I get looks that says you're crazy. Right now as i am txtg this my hands are jerking, I even dropped my phone.

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      I appreciate your comments and wonder how you are doing now?

      I have been taking 1800 mg of Gabapentin for over 20 years. I have started having jerking movements mainly in my arm and back. My pain is in my left arm caused by a spinal cord tumor. The jerking is very debilitating. I am going to get an appointment with a neurologist .

      Have you had any help from your doctors? I hope that you are better. Thanks

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