Gaining weight on mirtazapine

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Hi, im 24 i go to the gym 5 times a week plus cycle and when i go to the gym i do weighta for strength training and then a 22 minute all out cardio blast however ive noticed my body has got bigger and when i say biggwr my bum and legs in perticular now being a boy its not somethubg id normally worry about but ive noticed ive started to gain body fat around my stomach... ive gained 11 pounds since starting the tablet so im now up to 14 stone 11..... however the tablet has helped loads mentally. I was suicidal and had an episode where i nearly killed myself. Im a fit lad at 24 years old and my strength has gone up with my weight which is great however im worried im gonna keep gaining the body fat even though i train like a mad man!! Should i visit my gp? As ive also noticed ive developed bitch tit (in body building term) nipples like females. Should i go back to my gp?

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    I'm in the same boat as you James . . . my weight has rocketed despite being active and following the Slimming World diet  - I know we're doing it right as my not very overweight husband has now lost over 1 stone.  My initial weight gain on Mirt has been 10-lbs, I've managed to lose 2.5 lbs over three months . . . I'm still feeling a little depressed but I'm not sure now whether that is due to the weight gain and just not liking what I see in the mirror - it's gone on in the same places as yours - around my tummy and my upper thighs.   I've got an appointment with my GP on Wedensday to discuss whether or not I continue to take it . .  .will let you know what she has to say, and if there's a way to taper without too many side effects from that . .  . Have you ever taken any other anti depressant medication?

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      Hi susan! Not good i know however i have read that the medication actually increases the amount of sugar your blood takes up which will cause spikes and because im eating so much more its just storing as fat!! Which makes so much sense to me. But yes aroubs my tummy and legs and bum, now i have been training harder however i will just monitor my sweet intake and train harder i look a little better for the weight as i am 6 foot 4 but id rather it had been pure muscle build rather than fat store! Ive booked another gp appt and will chat with them about it. I do feel so much better no depression or anything. Ive had citalopram in the past however it made me so so so tired during the day but then at night no sleep. So wasnt wrecking me!

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      Hi James, I'm off the mirt for 2 weeks now but I only needed it for

      Sleep problems, I would say with your history don't do anything until

      You've discussed it with your GP. The weight gain of 21lbs made me

      Come off it, if I hadnt heard the discussion on the Jeremy Vine show

      I would never have realised the tablets were at fault. I had no we at all

      But I did cut down from 30mg to nothing over 12 days and no side

      Affects at all thankfully ??

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      Wow awesome!! Since being on the tablets less thab a month i have gained the weight which is 11lbs but i reckon as soon as i come off ill lose it all! And since being on them ive been able to make plans for the future and i will hopefully be able to follow these through! But ill hang tight for now as i have doctors on the 20th! So ill wait until then but thanks for your reply!

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      My weight gain was 10lb to in less than 2 weeks. Only way I found was cut out carbs all together 😕
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      Hi Rosieogrady

      Fascinated to read you have quit virtually CT with no symptoms, how long were you on Mirt for?  I understand a very small percentage can quit like this, also be aware that WD can hit 2 weeks out or longer, fingers crossed that doesn't happen though.

      Did Jeremy Vine discuss Mirtazapine?

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      I quit ct too pdr said just come straight off them .my gp was so shocked..
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      I was on it for over a year, if I hadnt been so active looking after

      And riding 5 horses I dread to think how much weight I would have put on

      It's too scarey, yes mirt was discussed and it was acknowledged

      As the worst of all in the weight gain stakes of anti-depressants

      Maybe just perhaps I only needed it to aid my life long insomnia and not

      As an AD perhaps that's why I haven't had WD symptoms??

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      Hi Sharon

      So how did you get on with your CT?  How long were you on Mirt for and how long since you quit?  


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      So you've not had any symtoms at all, how long ago did you stop?

      Yes Mirt' is prescribed for insomnia, although there's some debate as to insomnia being caused by depression, generally I mean, not you personally, or the fact that you need to make changes to your life ~ sounds kinder than depression smile  

      I have no idea why some do and some don't have symptoms, I only know it's a tiny minority that don't, or so it appears.  Lucky you!  Wish it was that easy for everyone, and me.

      Best wishes.

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      Hi calmer I was on it for 4months 30mg. I found the 1st week was strange around the time I'd usually take I felt quite off it..spaced but that was it thankfully.. frightened me seeing all the horror story's . I'm on venlafaxine now.. came off mirt because of all the side effects

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      I'm convinced my long term insomnia of over 40 years is due to

      Me having an over active brain, Im always planning ahead, never seem to be

      Able to shut down, I was having problems with terrible pain due to

      Having Paget's disease of the pelvis and the nerve pain down

      My leg as a side affect was driving me to distraction, so being an insomniac

      And being in pain, always worse in bed prompted my GP to prescribe

      The mirt, it did a great job, I have since received treatment for the

      Paget's so no longer have night pain, just weight gain, as soon

      As I realised that the mirt was to blame I dropped it, gradually of course

      The last speck of the tablet was last Thursday, I certainly wouldn't

      Have been stupid enough to stop it dead, although my GP told me

      When he prescribed it that WD wouldn't be a problem

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      Hi Rosie

      I totally understand and can empathise with the overactive mind not letting you sleep.  You might want to read (and i'll write this with spaces so the Moderators on the forum don't remove my post) 

      helpguide . org and look at ADHD - adults - which is often over looked.

      I think the quick mind gets in a spin, needs help to shut it down basically, meditation is the most effective of course, before bedtime especially.  

      Will you be looking for an alternative med' to help you now I wonder?

      Yes Mirt & weight gain = nightmare.  According to those before us, 400calories less should be eaten to maintain weight once starting Mirt', now that's just impossible.

      I've been tapering a long time, and slowly the appetite has returned to almost normal, losing 7 lbs over 5 months I guess.

      Wishing you well smile


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      Hi calmer, yes I've often joked I've got send and so has one of my horses haha, I just couldn't cut down calories any more I'm far to busy physically to eat less food I have 5 horses to look after and ride on a daily basis, I'm 62yo and have lived my life with insomnia, now the pain has gone I'll live a little longer with little or no sleep, I'm just looking forward to fitting into my size 10's again the uk sizing not the USA sizing haha

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      Calmer send should ADHD flipping spell check ggrr

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