Gall bladder attached to liver

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I had my gall bladder out last week and my surgeon afterwards informed me that my fall bladder was attached to my liver. Anyone else had this and if so do you know if there are any implications I need to know about?

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    Hi Angela07730


    I had my gall bladder removed in March this year after nearly a year of attacks and infections. No one said anything to me after surgery, but after still feeling ill post surgery and returning to my GP he informed me that mine had to be cut out. It had attached itself to my liver and they had to cut scar tissue away. I am only now starting to feel human again. Are you experiencing any issues since its removal? Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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    When organs are stuck to other organs its usually down to adhensions scar tissue. I wouuld be definately asking your surgeon about it. My bowel is stuck to the side of my abdominal wall so that causes me problems but i have had 9 operations in 10 years so i have alot of adhensions scar which causes me problems with pain
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      Thanks, I think I need to see the doctor, I haven't had any other surgery so don't know what to think. The information I have been given is minimal. Saw in one article it was down to the development of the liver. Need to know what that means and will it lead to other problems.
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    I just found your post when I googled to find out why this happened to me . I suffered excruciating attacks for over a year but tried to control them through diet . It worked for a while and then one day they started again . I had a lap chole done Wednesday and was expecting it to be easy recovery. Instead I had a searing pain where my liver and gall bladder joined . I knew my surgery was longer than anticipated and they called my husband to delay picking me up because I had bleeding issues but nobody told me anything went wrong . Friday I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went back to the hospital and was admitted for ct scans. That's when I was informed that my gall bladder had been so scarred from frequent attacks that it attached to my liver . Removing it caused bleeding which was cauterized . I was fortunate to have a liver specialist on the team . They did  a CT scan this morning to make sure I was not still bleeding and that no abscess had formed . For a while there it looked like they were going to open me up again. I was also running a fever of 101 . Had I not gone back to the ER in pain I may never have known this had happened . 

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    Hi Angela

    I was looking at this and also at the reply karla54547 posted - so similar to my experience as well.

    I started off having severe pain just below my rib cage and had to be  taken by ambulance to the emergency department.

    They couldn't get any intravenous liquid into me because my blood pressure was so high the liquid back of the tube,  that was the pain I presume.  Once in hospital a few tests were done and medical staff on duty decided that it was a severe case of gastroenteritis.

    In the next few months I had quite a few severe attacks of pain mainly below the rib cage again,  and my doctor presumed it was down to gastric reflux problems.

    A few months later It was only when I had a fever and woke up yellow the next day,  I was admitted into hospital and tested.

    Over the next 4 months I had ultrasound, an MRI and an ERCP to examine and scrape the bile ducts.I couldn't get a definitive answer from anyone as to what had been found but what was was definite was that people telling me different things - as in nothing had been found to limps in my gall bladder and gallstones found. 

    I went along with it as I was then put on waiting list to have my gallbladder removed  which actually happened due to a cancellation  of somebody else's operation 6 months later. 

    After the removal was in absolute agony for the next 2 days  and was taken down for another operation  after which I ended up in intensive care for two days,  mainly due too low blood pressure, I presume it it was due to the bleeding that caused hypovolemic shock.  It was when the surgeon was called in at midnight due to my condition that we had a proper discussion, and he said that I had a deeply embedded gallbladder and there was a lot of blood loss.  The blood loss appears to have mainly been stemmed by the use of a gauze attached to the liver, a drainage tube had also been inserted due to bile leaking into my abdomen.

    A month later I went to see the surgeon for a follow up and asked for more detail and he said that besides the gallbladder being very adhered to the Liver,  there was hematoma and an abscess that had developed between gallbladder and liver. 

    Like Karla I seem to have the experience of being shielded from the actual facts at the time. Not happy about that all,  I'm assuming that the gallbladder  had become adhered to the liver by scar tissue because of the number of attacks that I had waiting and that the abscess was probably caused by the worsening and infected gallbladder.

    It sounds pretty rough when you read through the events, it's taken me the best part of a year to actually stop feeding nauseous most of the time.  I'm not too bad now because I was very very before the time of the operation but I've definitely lost an edge because of it.  Also interested to find out how Karla is getting on seen as she had approximately the same symptoms.

     The one thing that comes out of this is that if anybody suspects they have gallbladder problems, they need to go and get it sorted out as quickly as possible before the adherence and other complications begin to kick in.....

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      Hi Mike ,  I am sorry you had such a hard time . It sounds much worse than my ordeal as I didn’t have any infection to deal with . I had my gall bladder removed in September but continued to have pain that was very similar to my original gall bladder attacks . Finally I returned to the surgeon and told her . The only difference in this post op pain was that it was closer to the middle of my abdomen. My gall bladder pain had been right sided . They sent me for an MRI and discovered 3 more stones in my CBD ( common bile duct ) This time I was operated on the next day . In total I had 13 stones . This second surgery was 4 months ago and although I don’t have the painful attacks , my appetite has not yet returned.  I keep losing weight and this can lead to the formation of new stones .  One thing I might add is that my sister suggested I obtain my medical records from the hospital. It is your right to have access to them .  I was absolutely shocked at what I discovered upon reading about my surgery . The surgeon had neglected to mention that my post op bleeding was due to her  having “ accidentally cutting into my liver “ . Not only did she not tell me that , I didn’t see anything in the report mentioning my gall bladder had attached itself to the liver so I will never know if that part was true . I know it can happen in prolonged cases like ours , but she may have used it as an excuse in mine .  Hope you continue to improve and never see the inside of an OR again ! 
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      Hi Karla

      Thanks for that, First I wish you well, Might be worth mentioning that my surgery was 9 months ago and I do feel unwell and nauseous at times but has got less frequent over time It definitely improves  after I do exercise at gym. Appetite also affected by what I eat, better with less bread, pastry and fatty meat.

      I really hope you recover more and start feeling more dynamic, keeping out of OR also means bonus of not having to out up with hospital food again....!

      I will ask for the medical records - it may be interesting reading, though not much seems to be given away - I suppose they are so scared of litigation which I can understand.

      All the best. Mike

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    Yes make sure you do not have large polyps cause they check your liver they found scar tissue from mine thanks to the gall bladder removal and I am calling a lawyer on this one the liver was fine until the colon surgeon checked it so if you have too have any kind of colon removal be prepared for that too have a colon surgeon check your liver ok.
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