Gall bladder removal, I had the surgery 3 years ago.

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I had gall stones & one large one was blocking the opening so the hospital did surgery that next early morning; as the Doctor/Specialist said this had to be done right away. This was 3 years ago now. I'm also lactose intolerant so I only drink lactose free milk, which does help with my stomach & bloating. I have nightly pain in my hall bladder area, mainly its a bit bothersome, but being a side sleeper I know that sleeping on my right side is best to somewhat relieve this pain. I also have an adjustable sleep by number bed and I sleep with the head raised aprox. 25 degrees up, & this helps with the multiple stomach diseases I also have,( GERD, reflux, nervous stomach, IBS, spastic colon, gall bladder area pain-as mine has been removed,). I also tried a bed wedge to sleep on but this was ultimately uncomfortable no matter how I arranged my pillows. I also try to avoid late night eating; as everytime I do eat late at night I have extreme heartburn, bloating & uncomfortable minor pains in my stomach. Each night I must take 3-4 Tums because of heartburn on a regular basis, although these meds are not good for us to take, yet I have'nt found anything else that works to relieve this bad heartburn. Stool, not a subject to talk about with the public, yet it's part of gall bladder post surgery, & important to share so I will. I have'nt had a normal BM since before gall bladder surgery, not fun at all! Very loose stool & after my first bathroom visit, I must have 3-4 more visits to the bathroom with bad diarrhea within 2-3 more hours. My personal warning: Do not trust that the gas you are feeling is simply gas, especially if you're away from home!! And embarrassing as it may sound, wear a panty liner whenever you have these diarrhea bouts, as its been very helpful for me to discover this simple thing. GOD created us with a gall bladder so it must be important, the Doctors tell us we can live without one, which is true, but before you have surgery look at all alternatives, (unless you are at risk like I was & need surgery right away), because I sure miss my gall bladder because of the negative things I'm having to deal with now because of it's removal. I will survive, because I am a strong Soldier in all of my life's challenges, and you can be a strong Soldier too!! I wish all of you that are dealing with gall bladder & digestive challenges . . . many blessings & positive answers to your concerns & questions as you walk this path with me.

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    My gall bladder was removed eighteen months ago. In my case there was mo option as i had a nine mm polyp growing on the gallbladder. The diarrhea and stomach cramps - and as you mention the uncertainty of gas pain are part of my life now. My intolerance appears to be animal fats. It is not much fun that is for sure.

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      I want my gall bladder back! lol. There are so many unfavorable things we must simply adhere to & get used to after gall bladder surgery that it's no picnic that's for sure. But my Uncle died from a gall bladder infection where they had to put him in a coma because his pain was so unbearable. With knowing this I'm glad I did have the surgery, as advised, because I had a gall stone blockage which was very large blocking the opening if the gall bladder & more gall stones inside. This diarrhea is awful, & you never know if it's simply gas or worse, lol. Fatty foods, spicy foods and occasional alcohol are the worst thing for my post surgery gall bladder area, it causes me big problems with bloating, diarrhea, & pain, so I try to stay away from these things, yet I love fatty foods & spicy foods as well as an occasional drink so I know I'll suffer after I consume them. Best wishes to you & thanks for sharing about your gall bladder surgery. It's great to be able to talk to others who have experienced this surgery, as we can share our personal stories, our concerns, we can compare our situations, learn from each other & support one another through this venue. Thank you for this opportunity!

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    lol you are funny haha.

    i also had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago this september the 14th.

    i also had one large stone of 2.2cm stuck lodged blocking the cystic duct ie the neck of the gallbladder.

    plus a further large stone of 2.4 cm in the gallbladder.

    i had this going on for 3 years and the bilery colic attacks as they call them near killed me lol

    in the end i was so ill and is so much pain for like 20 to 24 hours aday i just wanted to die. the painfrom the attacks was on another level. haha how a human is supposed to withstand such pain , beggers beleaf , in all the 3 years i was nit given so much as an anadin lol

    i ended up having my gangreene gallbladder removed privately with hours to live says the surgeon.

    its been a hell of a 5 years come october the 4th this year and i wonder why i dont just top myself tobe honest ,so i feel your pain my friend all of it.

    i still beleave sadly that i have pancriatic cancer and stilli find no fkn help in this crappy scandalous nhs

    no hope service. nor from my gp genral prick.

    ive now had light peanut butter colour stools for near 5 years and it worries me to death i wont lie.

    and i lost over 60 kilos when i was so sick and ive put that all back on and more ijust keep getting fatter and fatter its a joke and its sent me nuts lol.

    i have reached a point where i couldant give a hoot about anything anymore , becouse theirs just no point is their lol.

    by the way do you suffer light colour stools ?



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      So nice to hear from you and to hear about your experiences. i sincerely pray that you don't have pancreatic cancer. And yes, you are correct, i

      I do have peanut colored loose stool a great deal of the time. Why is this do you know? I'd really appreciate your response to this unnerving question. I'd love to compare notes with you about our gall bladder experiences, is that even possible? I cant leave my phone number on this public venue, or I would to possibly be able to talk to you. I'm a Grandmother of 6 & a pretty nice person to talk to, I don't do Facebook either or I would be happy to connect with you there. Yet, going by my strong intuition-gift, I believe we may be able to learn from each other, & perhaps be a support system regarding our gall bladder challenges to each other, what do you think about this? And do you have a suggestion on how we could possibly talk over the phone or communicate? Blessings & best wishes to you either way it goes. Also, Please don't give up or be ready for the end of your life Dear One, no matter what life dishes out to you; as GOD placed you here on this Earth for important reasons & for your presence to those in your life & the unique gifts you've been blessed with to share. And I pray that GOD leads you to a perfect GI Doctor to properly assess you pancreas and guide you to perfect health.

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