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Gm.  Does anyone know if the hida scan is the only way to diagnose gallbladder issues? I have a really difficult time with injected dyes and scan machines... my symptoms match everything I've read... I did have an ultrasound which showed sludge around or near the gallbladder.... I've not been able to eat almost anything without being full of gas which takes hrs. to come up even after a piece of toast.... I have this horrible taste in my mouth and I'm getting very little sleep....can anyone here relate?

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    yes common symptoms of gallbladder issue you have their.

    what a hide scan does is tell you how well if at all the gallbladder is functioning that’s all the Haida scan does.

    i also have the same fears as you do ie the contrast medium ,mri machine panic attacks etc.

    and I ended up near dead with a gangrene gallbladder full of puss and was in a very bad way, I feel extremely lucky to be alive, and if it was done on the nhs I’m sure ide be gone.

    thankfully I had it out privately by a very brilliant top surgeon in London called Charles imber.

    now you can google him and he is specialist also in dealing with people like you and me Rosemary!!

    what a fantastic surgeon,what a clever man.

    Anyway the fact that sludge has been identified rosemary is reason enough for yours to be taken out.

    now please do bear this in mind .

    i had many of your symptoms but I had very very bad painfully attack’s also which you do not mention!!

    now my point here to you is this ! When they can see what looks like sludge or fluid on ultrasound like mine had and I had about 7 ultrasound which showed same but my gallbladder was actually gangrene and infected to the max .

    so please be extremely careful and give Charles imber . From the London digestive centre at 41 wellbeck st London. a call if you are able to of course.

    and best of luck to you rosemary.

    anything else please do ask.

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      Hi, Thank you....however I live in the USA....  I also have pain in the sense of back pain, mouth pain... chest pain as in papilations ans burning in the chest....  water takes forever to digest and   I've eaten very little as I don't have much of an appetite and when I do eat something light as toast or crackers it takes forever to digest !

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    I had a hida scan a few months ago and it was actually very relaxing. You get an IV catheter, and that’s the worst part. The hida is the best way to help diagnose. First they inject a radioactive material, not dye, to see your whole liver/gb system. The machine you are lying under (not in) is just taking a picture every minute to watch your body process the material. I got to watch while I was laying there, it was really cool. About an hour later, they inject either CCK, morphine, or nothing. If your gallbladder filled (it should be full if you are fasted), this hormone empties your gb. Your body already makes this hormone, and it is stimulated when we eat fat. I got mine in a drip, apparently some places give you the whole injection at once which can give you your gb symptoms (pain etc). You get the morphine if your gb doesn’t empty. And the radioactive material is very minuscule, and is out of your body by around the end of the day, drinking fluids helps. I recommend the hida since you are able to really look that the function of the gb short of opening you up. I hope this helps and sorry if you already knew this stuff.
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      Hi, Thank you for your answering my question....  I have a list of issues that are getting in the way of me having this test.... did you have to have your gallbladder taking out ?
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      Well my PCP referred me to a surgeon, who wanted an upper GI (EGD) to rule out anything else first. They found duodenal ulcers, and I’ve been on meds for those ever since. I have a follow up in May or so, to address going forward with my gb issues. Hurts all the time but we definitely want to heal those first.
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    Hi rosemary, not all hida scans are done this way I was injected with radioactive ingredient and then had to wait 30 mins before I had the scan. They scanned me for 10 mins and then I had to drink a cocktail of cream and milk mixed, not great but it was very cold so a bit easier to take. It gives the same results but its much easier for the patient.

    As your gallbladder already shows sludge I'd be surprised if they want to bother with a hida scan. Usually in the UK they start with an ultrasound, CT scan, MRCP and finally the hida scan. The hida scan only shows how the gallbladder is functioning which they only do once all the other tests are done and come back as normal.

    Lack of sleep is awful, I didn't have gas so that could be due to other issues as you're not able to eat very much.

    Keep me updated.

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      No I'm in the UK, but they should do this method in the US as well. There are actually several different methods for the hida scan so ask your gastro when you see him.

      I know in the US they usually do the HIDA scan much sooner than here but here they want to rule out gallstones that have travelled or may be hidden hence using the other ways of scanning. Even though stones can be missed on an ultrasound it is still the best and safest method to use with using a CT scan next.

      Let me know how you get on. 

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