Gallbladder came out 7 days ago ........

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After years of discomfort, millions of tests that came back normal followed by intermittent days of severe pain and just a general feeling of being unwell, ALL of the time - stones were found. Let's take your Gallbladder out. You will feel much better. Ok.

it feels far from that right at this moment in time - feeling a bit rough actually, smiling though in the understanding that maybe it's all to do with the fact that it's my first week after surgery.

After having my GB removed, I have had a few days good, a couple of days where I have done too much and feel rubbish  [smile]  Tired, emotional .... usual stuff after surgery - but on the whole not so bad.

Have eased off on the big painkillers - just using paracetemol ( maybe a little too soon 😬 I did this because I became sooooo compacted, from the Codine, that I have hurt myself in the process and just thought I would try and go with where my body is at the moment to try and regulate and heal.

I am hoping that someone out there might be able to offer support in where I am at at the moment, just to share advice and to find support and comfort in feeling hopeful for the coming weeks...... 🤗

- I experiencing burning sensation around the back of my right side  anyone else felt this? Any understanding of what this might be?

- I shiver now and again.

- I am now rushing to the toilet for BM. Passing wind is a dangerous game 😁 Does this pass? Does this get better?

- Until constipation incident that really strained and hurt myself everywhere I was eating white fish, fruit, veg, gluten free toast - I am now scared to eat! I spent yesterday drinking herbal teas and smoothly and hope to start soups tomorrow - But find that the liquid bile stools sting like mad in passing, is this because of the Haemorroids or because I have nothing in my stomach for the bile to stick to?

Happy healing xx


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    If this continues have your dr check you for pelvic floor dysfunction. Give it at least a month. Healing takes awhile. You have clips inside your body as well as incision spots These take time. But it the burning continues it could be pelvic floor dysergenia. Research that and compare what you are experiencing
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      Thank you for your kind advice - pelvic dysergenia most definitely fits my symptoms. Both current and historically.

      Need to be patient and let my body heal.🍏

      thank you again.💐


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    All of this is normal, in my case I was going to the bathroom too much, mostly water and I did not improve until past two years, I had no social life at all. At work I used to go to the restroom like 3-4 times. If I ate, I had to go a few times, if I did not eat it was worst because al the gastric juices made me go a lot. My recommendation NO FATS, no Sodas made out of Cola, no fried stuff, very little pizza, avoid chocolates at all cost and the most important, Drink juices with FIBER, fiber will be your best friend for the rest of your life. Eat healthy or you will pay the price. Gallbladder pain will come back, you will end up at the Emergency Room and they will find nothing but a huge medical bill. If you are a constipated person, drink raw olive oil, like a nyquil scoop and enemas. Never take anything for diarrea like Pepto Bismol or Imodium, you will end up again at the emergency room, all of this happened to me and that's how I learn. Ebay sells an enema hose that you plug in your shower, adjust the pressure and temperature, lubricate the tip and flush your intestine a few times, this will clean your colon, food decomposes faster and rot in your intestine causing bloating and constipation, keep it regular. I suggest whoever read this to copy,

    Paste this and save it in your notes.

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      Thank you for your advice.

      Oh my goodness - this is awful.

      Why did they take it out if it wasn't going to improve things at all? This will affect my life terribly - I was told I would feel better.

      I do have a social life, I do have a child and active family life and have an 

      active job too - Arrrr!

       I don't drink sodas, so won't miss them. The occasional Friday night homemade pizza will be missed, as will green and blacks chocolate treats.

      What about good fats that I have read are good for you regulating bile? Coconut oil?? Do you have any experience with them - or is it all fats?

      Thank you again and I wish you all the best 💐

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      It takes time to get over this, remember you have had an operation.

      Recovery time is 3 weeks if you have had keyhole surgery 6 weeks if you have had the bigger operation.

      I did not open my bowels for a few days afterwards.

      I had my gallbladder removed inApril 2015.

      Certainly better than I was and I do not regret having the operation, but still stomach ache sometimes asnd pain in my right side. Have recently been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and it is also likely that have ibs, but these things are liveable with.

      Hope this all settles down for you

      Take care and keep in touch


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      Thank you so much for your replies. It has been a great support. 😀

      I am now on Day 11 - although the constipation has gone, I am becoming rather fed up of how fragile my body still seems to be - I am far from ready for returning to work on Monday - something that drives me wild! 😤

      i ache like mad on my right side, like a muscle ache, up to my shoulder and my stitch areas are rather sensitive - I am better lying down and feel rather dizzy and muscle weak when I walk around. I am just soooo tired, I mean really tired.😴 I find that I get really cold too.

      i have decided to keep my diet light and bland, wheat, dairy and sugar free. I am drinking lots of herbal teas, smoothies, juices .... and I am just on paracetamol. Could do with something stronger, but dare not go there 😁

      Three weeks - I will aim for that as a recovery period. Maybe two weeks is too soon for me 🙄

      My BM are so far so good, however, don't want to speak too soon - twice every morning since my experience with painkillers. Which is something I am greatful for 😊

      Wishing you all well and best wishes



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    Hello, h82294, 

    I had my gallbladder removed in 2009.  Your constipation might have been the result of the pain killers you were taking, because some slow down the normal action of the bowel.  But, it is important to know that your gallbladder acted as a storage facility for the bile your liver produced, and a valve to release some of the bile into your small intestine when it was needed to digest food.  Because your gallbladder was removed, you no longer have this valve, so the bile is being excreted into your system directly into your small intestine, sometimes it drips, constantly in some people.  I have learned from contributing to this site that this is known as BAM, Bile Acid Malabsorption (not sure I spelled the last word correctly).  I have also learned that perhaps 10% or more of individuals who have their gallbladders removed suffer from this.  (I think it's probably more.)   I suffer from this, too, and have since my gallbladder was removed.

    It is a blow, because I expected that I'd have no more troubles.  But, it can be managed.  Your doctor can prescribe a substance to absorb, or bind the excess bile in your system, but your doctor (if he or she is a general practitioner) may not be familiar with the syndrome.  Most gastroenterologists should be.  The drug I take is called Cholestyramine.  It comes in a packet and is mixed with juice or water and taken when directed by your doctor.  I take my dose every night at bed time and that works for me.  You should also avoid fatty foods if you can.  I see that someone else wrote that you should not take immodium, but when I first got BAM I had to take my Cholestyramine and one half of an immodium every day to "slow down" the action of my bowel.  

    Sometimes, after a while, the bile acid situation can normalize again, but I don't know anyone who has had their gallbladder out who has got BAM who normalized.  But, if your gallbladder was diseased, it needed to come out.

    This was rather long, but I hope it helps you.  Take it easy, take care of yourself, eat low fat, don't drown yourself in coffee or cola, and let your body work out the "new normal."  Best of luck!  Let us know how you're doing!  confused      

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      Thank you so much for your time in responding. You advice is very helpful in supporting in gaining a picture as to what life will be like post op.

      I had symptoms for years before stones were discovered - I am just hoping they got it right - otherwise I guess I will be swapping one set if symptoms for another set.

      You are right though - it needed to come out - they wouldn't have bothered taken it out if it didn't need to.

      With the bestest of wishes


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      confused  You are so very welcome!  Hopefully, if you have additional symptoms they will be manageable!  I have heard of people having their gallbladders rupture, or become cancerous because they were left untreated.  So know you did the right thing!  Let us know how you do!  
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    Have things settled down for you.  When you posted this after a week, you were being so hard on yourself.  Reading it now, I just thought you were looking for a miracle!  You've had surgery, it will take time to settle and heal.  Be patient.  Cut yourself some slack please. 
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