Gallbladder gone, pain in back

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two years since lap choly. Now ache in shoulder blades again and some nausea and bouts of diarrhoea.

is it true stones can form again and if so would doppler ultrasound show problems?

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    Hi Ann.

    yes Ann sadly it’s very true.

    and they can form anywhere ie in the liver in the bilery tree in the judiniam in the small or large intestine etc ect

    and no not necessarily at all will any ultrasound or ct scan find them for that matter.

    you may have to have some more intrusive tests like ercp or worse.

    bless you.

    ann what sort of diet if any have you kept in the last 2 years since you had lap choly ?


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      So bland, rice, potato, fish, chicken etc. No dairy, gluten or fats. Only joy is a bit of chocolate. Dr has me on anti dep mirtazapine and i hear that can cause them.
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    so you’ve remained on a low fat bland diet since gallbladder removal Ann .

    that doesn’t feel us newly removed folk with glee!

    did you try to eat normal diet after and if so what was the result that made you go bland again ?

    it bothers me that some folks after removal have no issues like my mums neighbour 27 years ago and eats whatever and no probs no new stones and others like yr self for example have probs , it’s weird I do wonder why this is the case , can any other members shed some light as why this is ? 

    Would love to know.

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    Hi Ann, yes I'm afraid they can but it is unusual as stones usually form in the gallbladder because it holds bile so a good receptical to creat stones equally it could be a problem with your stomach or a missed stone that was so tiny that they didn't notice it. A Blood test will show if there's a problem somewhere and then they'll probably do an ultrasound initially.

    People can have diarrhoea problems as you have sometime after a gallbladder has been removed, this is also a case for the sphincter of oddi dysfunction but this isn't easy to treat so you don't want that. It could be anything so I would go and see your doctor to go and get the process of elimination going as its so easy to jump to conclusions.

    I had mine removed 9 months ago and I've had that pain in the shoulder blades, under the right ribs and back since which may have been caused by the surgery, its call abdominal wall nerve entrapment and I'm just waiting for another treatment of nerve block in the abdo to hope that it lasts longer.

    Let me know what your doctor says. Keep in touch. 

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      Yes i have intermittent pain in between shoulder blades, usually after I have eaten.but the thing that bothers me is the random feeling of loose motions which comes on some days and not ofhers.  No diet change just happens.  Makes going anywhere difficult.

      dr did put it down-to, ibs but its getting more frequent two years on and im becoming more down about it.

      does anyone else have this?  


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      I have ibs too but I don't have the bowel problems but I get pain in my lower abdomen. I had it years ago and then after lots of tests it just seemed to disappear but I still get bouts of pain there and bloating in my abdo. Unfortunately thats life with ibs and I learnt to live with mine and manage it, as to what may trigger it on occasion.

      I do think that all the loose motions will make your insides sensitive to things so it might get worse before it gets better I'm afraid.


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    sorry to say but I disagree with Katherine.

    no a blood test will not show a problem .

    i had a stone 2.3cm stuck lodged in the cystic duct,gallbladder neck for 3 years 3 Year’s and was in agony,

    ‘and a further mobile stone of 2.2cm in the gallbladder.

    my gallbladder had been completely infected for god only knows how long , full of puss , for god knows how long,

    ‘and gangrene for god knows how long.

    i had multiple multiple multiple blood tests over the 3 years to many to count in fact.

    and all my bloods came back normal every single time , time after time after time Ann.

    my lftscwere normal, my lipase amalase bilirubin all normal every time even on the day of surgery when I knew I was diyng ,still my bloods were all normal and I still never even had a raised temperature.

    so I have to disagree with Katherine about the bloods !!

    a lot if the time Ann they don’t know where to look, hence they try ultrasound ,ct  scans , mri scans, Mrcp scans,ercp . Hide scans. Pet scans, and even investigative surgery in some cases .

    thats my knowledge !!

    and it’s also not that rare for stones to form in the common bile duct after gallbladder removal!

    rarer in the liver but happens a lot still ,and in the intestines ,judiniam etc etc.

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    i have read many articles, the stones can form any where in bilary tree. So the best way to avoid is following good diet after GB removal.
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      Well, i think i have a good plain diet but the nausea is still intermittent alongside the diarrhoea.

      i do think it is less often as time passes but its hard to tell.

      out for afternoon tea yesterday i could eat nothing on the plate as i am gluten, dairy and fat free.  

      What a hassle.

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