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Hello. I have a problem. Drs cant even figure it out themselves. I got my gallbladder removed in Dec of 2017. My belly swelled up the day after surgey. Surgeon says it will go away. Which it didnt. Went to the ER that same day, they told me the same. A week later, belly gotten worse. Walked around like i was 5 months. So, went to the ER again, this time they removed the fluid from my belly. They didnt know where it was coming from. So, went to the ER 2 more times to remove the fluid, again! Still they dont know where its coming from. Ive been telling these Dr it all started wright after my gallbladder was removed. They wont listen and they saying no its not from that. What to do next? I need help with this.

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    Sorry you're going through this.  ER doctors are not the answer.  I suggest you go to your gp and get a referral to an ob/gyn.  Also too a gastroenterologist.  You are correct, something is going on and it needs to be investigated, sooner rather than later.  

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    Wow ?

    thats a real worry.

    i don’t have a clue !

    but all I can say is that I’ve been following Lynda.

    on here for a long time and she really is the advocate on this gallbladder subject as far as I’m concerned and gives the best advice and facts on here that I have found !

    so ide say go do what Lynda. Has suggested you do and do it fast !!!

    goid luck I hope you find resolution.

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      hi ya, errr ? 

      Its very scary Lynda, and so many folk just trust what they are told and go away be leavening they are fine and in fact many die as a result as we both know, it’s really quite scary the more I read and the more my eyes are opened the more worrisome my future gets .

      i think one day it will come out that the nhs was the biggest scandal of all time in the whole of British history, I swear that’s my belief!

      how am I ?

      good question Lynda.

      honest answer , I’m not sure lol.

      im still in pain most of every day under my right rib area where my gangrene gallbladder was I guess,stabbing pain is how I would describe it, it’s not terrible pain but it hurts I’m more than aware it’s their especially when I’m driving, also still have the peanut butter colour stools , sorry madam.

      and either I can’t go for a week at a time or I go 2 3 times a day intermittently, still having nausea on and off but it’s again not terrible, slight burning sensation in my tummy from time to time and horrible upper mid back aches when I’m stood still for say ten mins . Apart from that I’m fine and still alive lol

      just carrying on the best as I can .

      gp is well I will not say it to a lady !

      i made them refer me to kings college liver department in the end , I’ve been once they took bloods lots the Professor I saw their seemed to be a very nice lady and gave around 50 mins of her time which I thought nice at the time , asked me what she could do me , so I requested an ultrasound as I’m still having issues and no one has checked me out since having my nasty diseased gallbladder out privately in an emergency .

      i asked for a fibro scan of the liver also an Mrcp and I requested a pill cam endo.

      she granted me the ultrasound and the fibro scan of the liver and the bloods , said if we find nothing in the ultrasound and fibro Ile discharge you !!

      i said that’s kind of you lol.

      that was 5 weeks ago , have been sent the appointment for both on the 24th may lol that’s no intervention for over 8 months on a 53 year old man who still has issues after having a gangrenous gallbladder full of puss with enthema I think that’s their word lol and dense adhesions and a 2.3 cm stone stuck in the cystic duck for 3 years and one in the gallbladder 2.1 cm .

      i think that’s neglect . And disgusting.

      shame on the nhs shame on the uk.

      bloods come back with elevated red blood cell count and something else , she sent me a letter and a copy to my gp stating I wonder if this is due to his heavy smoking of 40 a day and I wonder if his gp gas investigated this ?

      that was 4 weeks ago I’ve heard nothing from my gp at all !!

      she also stated that I had complained about the peanut butter colour to cardboard Color stools in the letter , however she referred to them as light brown , of which they are not I found that bit of her letter disappointing to be frank, and a cover up for the nhs , if you get my drift ?

      i also contacted a no win no fee negligence solicitor who sent me a letter saying they don’t feel I have a case , which shocked me !!

      but I’m going to try 4 more if they all say the same then I’ve of course not Flagg a dead horse lol.

      so I wait and I wait and I wait ?

      hope I haven’t bored you too dramatically and apologies it’s such a long past lol.

      and yourself ?

      how are you doing ?

      best wishes.


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      Hi, there,

      Thanks for telling me how you're doing.  I know that it's terrible to be totally without an advocate for your health and treatment, which is what doctors used to do, long ago.  "First, do no harm" seems to have been forgotten. You have been are are going through so much!  

      I had surgery 3 weeks ago exactly as of March 21.  I've no doubt that the procedure was excellent, but my hospital stay was a nightmare.  No real provisions were made for pain medication, and it was only because my oncologist's partner visited me and spoke to my surgeon that I was prescribed something.  Before that, I was allowed 1/2 of what I have been previously prescribed for pain, and told I needed to make it last for 7 hours.

      If I slept through when it was time to receive it, I was told I couldn't have it, and would have to wait till the next scheduled time for administration.

      Much more nastiness happened, but I can't dwell on it.  I did tell my oncologist how bad it was.  The USA has it's own problems with the administration of health care, including lack of compassion, lack of proper staffing, and down right incompetence.  I had surgery on Wednesday and was sent home on Saturday.  It was major, and I have the incision to.prove it.  

      I am shuffling about the house now, relieved to be home.  Mostly watching TV and napping.  Still on pain meds and will be for some time.  The final stage of my treatment will be radiation, once I'm more recovered from my surgery.  Anxious about that, too.  But first things first.  

      Please continue to post so I know how you're doing and I can support you.  xx  

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      ahh bless you x

      go with god he’s all we have !

      yes I know how it is in USA it’s all about insurance their.

      i assure you it’s no better at all here with the nhs being in absolute shambles,in fact I’m almost sure that if I had had this done on the nhs ide be dead right now 😂 

      but I had an extremely good pioneering British pancreatic cancer surgeon.and feel I was lucky to find him through my own research of course.

      i do remember you telling me you was going in for this operation Lynda. And I did not want to prod of course . But well done your through the worst of it and I did pray for you x

      its a lonely place this overpopulated world , funny that !

      thank you kindly your a special intuitive lady who knows her bacon.

      im also here for you anytime Lynda.

      The correct nutrition will see you good !!!!!!!!

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      Hi there!


      Great to hear from you! Wednesday the 28th it was 4 weeks since the op.  The incision is healing well.  Tried to get off the pain med and just couldn't.  The pain med is losing its effectiveness, but it still works better than the otc stuff.  Sometimes, I need to take both to get relief.  My doc said that's okay.  

      There are also side effects from the med that aren't helping with recovery--fatigue, etc.  Also interferes with circulation in my legs and feet. But I can't take most pain meds, as they will slow down my intestines, which need to move about.  Restricting movement might result in one of them adhering to the surgical mesh, which would not be good.

      I'm to see a radiology oncologist on 4/9, to start working on the final phase of the treatment, which is radiation.

      I've been told it will take 1 year to get over chemo and 6-8 months before the internal stitches from the surgery will be healed. Till that happens, I'm supposed to do arm and leg exercises, walk, and not engage my core.  Getting physical therapy once a week. Moving about in the house as much as I can.   

      The muscle tightness in my abdomen is easing some.  But I still feel like my intestines have been poured into a gallon jug.  Have to eat very small meals and stick to stuff that won't make my digestion "iffy" if you know what I mean.

      So, I've whined long enough.  How are you getting on?xx



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      well sounds like you’ve got the worst of it out of the way , god bless you Lynda x

      makes you wonder what life’s all about when you have to go through all this s**t

      you said it will take a year to get over chemo Lynda. So I assume your having chemo and radiation therapy? If you are having chemo god bless you again, I’ve made a decision if I ever need chemo I will decline personally, I don’t believe ide ever be mentally strong enough to cope with it myself from what I’ve seen.

      i wish you well Lynda. And I wish you and your hubby much strength throughout this time.

      me I’m ok I’m just glad to alive right now to be honest. I have now started whacking the weight on I’m sorry to say even though I’m only eating twice a day ?

      but I’ve just passed the 6 month mark post opp and the last week has been the most pain free I’ve had to be fair and that’s pleased me and given me some confidence.

      maybe it really does take 6 plus months for the inside incisions to heal after all !!!

      but what baffles me is it’s been 6 months since private emergency surgery and still this crappy nhs has not yet given me an ultrasound or ct or mri to a patient that still has ongoing symptoms lol and I don’t see how that’s seen to be not negligent lol .

      i finally get my ultrasound and fibro scan of the liver on the 24th may lol only 8 months after surgery !

      maybe they should wait 5 years , ridiculously insane really.

      and the professor I’ve been assigned told me if nothing is found on the ultrasound or fibro scan of the liver. Then I’ll be discharged , to which I replied, oh that’s kind of you , lol.

      you stay strong my friend your doing well, I’ve conti to pray for you. X

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      Hi there!  Great to hear from you!  I had the 6 months of chemo first, from August 2017 through January, 2018.  It was tough, I must admit.  Hopefully, I have got through the worst, as you said.  

      I think that 6 months is a good rule of thumb. Your organs are traumatized, and there are lots of stitches you can't see.  

      I do hope your scan goes well. Please let me know.  It's good that you've already had your surgery.  Really the nhs is a nightmare--I think for most folks.

      Please do take it easy.  I'm so glad you feel better, but you never know.  You're always in my prayers! xx 

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