Gallbladder removed on September 14th 2017 so I'm 24 days post opp

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well after 3 years of worry illness extreme pain and fear ,I finally had my gallbladder removed 24 days ago,all be it not through choice ,but I had no choice.and so far so good and I'm very lucky to be alive I think.

i had the most amazing surgeon Charles imber. Who I have to say has just saved my life.

after near begging my gp to give me a private referral for a ct scan ,of which I was yet again refused. I managed to get a referral on line ,which I think has saved my life.

i then dropped the cd disc to a private surgeon of whom I had one consultation with some months ago. And he called me the next morning telling me to get to the hospital now or your not going to be around.

at which point I was so ill anyway I kinda knew I was on my way out.

so I got to him as terrified as I was and be leave me I was.

i was put under at 6:30pm and awake singing at 7:50pm ?

in my room by 8:30pm and walking the hospital corridor by 10pm all be it very very slowly.

and I was discharged by midday the next day.

recovery has been ok so far and I'm back driving , eating normal foods for the first time in 3 years. With no real problems as I can yet see really.

ive gained 12lbs so far which I'm happy about as I lost 64 lbs throughout this illness.

and yesterday had my first Chinese and the day before I had pie and chips from the chip shop.My gallbladder findings at laparoscopy were .

a puss filled gangrenous distended inflamed black gallbladder with a 2.3cm stone stuck in the gallbladder neck the cystic duct.which has been stuck their for 3 years with nothing going either in or out of my gallbladder the whole time I beleave ,so what was in their has just been rotting. Sorry if to much info ,but if it helps to save someone else's life it's a good thing right.

so I had that stone and another 2.1cm which was inside the gallbladder.

and I feel very lucky to be alive right now ,and do feel I owe my life to my surgeon.

its been a very rough tough 3 years that's hindered me mentally emotionally and physically destroyed,and I'm hoping I can make a full recovery which is looking good at this stage I think.

i also would like to add that since my 1st attack 3 years ago my stool colour had changed to a very pale and stayed that way throughout which convinced me I had pancreatic cancer.

and it has just turned back to what I would regard as a normal colour in the last week.

and this is making me a very happy chap indeed.

my advise is if you need it removed please please go get it out asap as I near killed myself.

and the NHS lol I now call that institution the no hope service.

and am very lucky I managed to be able to do it privately or I'm sure this post would not be here right now.

if I can help anyone with advise or info as theirs not that much I don't know about gallbladder disease now after 3 years of extensive newrotic research.

ide be happy to do so.

but hey yes I think I'm going to be ok now.

cannot really say I've had any real unwanted or nasty effects post surgery ,as to this point anyhow.

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    I would think the post op pales in comparison to the prior! Good on you for healing and eating again 💜

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      Hi kredfan.

      what do you mean ?

      are you saying you would be concerned of the post opp pales as opposed to the prior op pales being a concern?

      have I understood that correctly.

      regards with thanks.

      and thank you I've been to hell as it were .

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      Oh and good luck on your upcoming opp also.

      im sure your in good hands and will be be fine .'not that that helps when people say this as they are not experiencing the fear the hell the worry that this does to some people I know because I was about as terrified as can be and now I'm asking myself why I put myself through all that fear and metal torment!

      but I cannot help being me I guess.

      goid luck and my best wishes to you keep me posted please I'm interested in your condition and recovery both physically mentally and emotionally ok x

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    I've had mine out 4 months ago. It sounded like your prior year sounded way worse than the post op things most of us get. I'm glad you're doing much better. 

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    I don't want to put a damper on your recovery. But that's how i was a couple weeks after surgery. Now 3 months after I was admitted after experiencing bad stabbing pain where gallbladder was. Found out Had a stone stuck in common bile duct. Had an ERCP done. After that surgery. I stay in hospital for a week. Now I have pancreatitis. Good Luck Hope You make it without any further complications.

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      Ah bless you fernando.

      no I know anything can happen I'm aware my friend just preying like you are.

      and it's pretty common fernando I read one top pancreatic hospital in the USA quoted that 80 percent of their patients who have pancreatitis were people who had had their gallbladders removed.

      which country are you in and where did you have it removed and what was your situation before you had it removed fernando. I feel for you and I'm so sorry it's on going I really am my heart goes out to you.

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      Thank you. I really appreciate the empathy you have for people. I'm just in pain had ERCP done a week ago. I will be optimistic. And eveyone out there I want you all to do the same. God Bless.😎

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    That's also a big complication or ercp fernando , theirs always a risk of pancreatitis after Eric- unless yr stone was in fact blocking the pancreatic duct and not stuck in the common bike duct of course.

    how are you coping now anyway ?

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      Hi there. I'm just trying to cope with pain. I was told it was a stone in common bile duct. Pancreatitis is always a chance. Like me when they did surgeryERCP. THE Fluid backed up into my pancreas causing it to swell. My numbers of pancreas was 2500. After a few days they told me infection almost gone. Numbers went down to 200 which is normal.

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      sorry yr in so much pain, I don't doubt yr pain for one second my friend, just hang in their and try stay strong until that pain subsides.

      yes that's quite a risky procedure that ercp.and certainly not without its risks. However , if a stone was in yr common bike duct , you had no choice but to gave recap this I am aware of and the good news is it looks like it's saved yr life and let's pray for you that it's not going to leave with regular bouts of pancreatitis.

      tell me where did you have yr gallbladder removed , and did they not scan you at the end of yr operation?

      i know I was scanned afterwoods for stones in bilery tree. That's not to say that a scan will necessarily find a stone in the bilery tree of course anyway,as they hide and move around and could have even dropped down from the liver or hepatic duct after the opp anyway.

      but do you know if they scanned your bilery tree after your gallbladder was removed fernando ?

      and if not ,why not as its part of the procedure my friend !!!

      how old are you anyway.

      try to stay positive and stay strong you've made it this far !! I think your going to be ok fernando.

      stay in touch.

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      Hi friend.I had surgery three months ago this year. After surgery I felt great. No nausea just a little pain. I ate all kinds of food. A little bit of everything. I am 55 year's of age. No medical problems at. Just this darn stomach. The surgeon did not re-scan at all. So you are right that should be the norm after gb surgery. God it's hard. But I now have support out there thank you so MUCH. I will keep in touch friend.

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      Yes it is hard fenando.

      i have been experiencing some nauseous and some tummy aches I have one now for the last few hours in fact. And my going to the loo is starting to change quite a lot but I'm guessing all this is to be expected 25 days post opp, so I haven't a clue yet as to how this ends up,and all I do is worry still to be honest.but I had no choice anyway or I would of died !!

      not that that's to I will not ,I don't really know what to expect , all I know is I found the best surgeon so I think I gave my self the best chance I could !!

      now I just worry and wait as that's all I can do .

      bless you we will stay in touch and feel you are going to be ok.

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    You have certainly had a hard time. I’m just angry that you have had to resort to going private. I considered it myself last January but luckily got a cancellation with another surgeon, so it wasn’t necessary and, as things turned out, it would have bankrupted us. I had open surgery in February. Histology showed a cancerous growth, which is rare, and I ended up having a liver resection  in March, so I feel the surgery has probably saved my life too. My surgeon in Leicester is Giuseppe Garcea.

    My issue is that making patients wait in pain, having to manage their illness themselves, for long periods is counterproductive. In my case it could have made the difference between my cancer being operable or inoperable. I urge anyone who is having doubts about surgery not to delay: there’s enough delay in NHS anyway. 

    I’m seven months post op now and feeling I’ve been given a second chance at life.

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      Thank you kindly.

      and yes I was watching and reading your pots for many months and fearing for you and I am so happy that things have turned out fine for you and well done to you for being so strong ,be proud of yourself.

      im certainly proud of you.

      and I also was so so worried about cancer as mine was in such a bad state and so in flamed and had gone on so long with 9mm wall thickening so as happy as I was after removed I was anticipating bad news at post opp consultation and was so paranoid and scared.but histology came back all clear thank god althogh I don't know how. I feel very lucky right now and hopeful that I'll be ok.

      so happy your going to be ok now.

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