Gallbladder symptoms but "normal" test results

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So to start I am a 26 year old female, mother of 2. Both my mother and father have had their gallbladder removed do to non function. My fathers side of the family has lots of GI issues. I have had acid reflux my whole life and it is managed by taxing nexium on and off.

While I was pregnant with my youngest son, who is now 9 months old, I noticed that certain greasy foods would upset my stomach so bad to the point I thought I was having labor contractions. When I could finally get to the bathroom I noticed that i was having really bad greasy diarriaha but the pain would stay for up to 2+ hours until it would finally ease away. I had talked to my OB about it but they never really "looked into" it and just said maybe my gallbladder was acting up. After I had my son 6/17/15 I started to notice that I always had loose stools but didn't really think anything of it. When I was 1 month PP my neck swelled up and went straight to Urgent care. They ordered an US of my thyroid which came back that I had 7 nodules on my thyroid. They referred me to and Endo dr who I have been still seeing every couple months. All my thyroid labs have came back completely normal even though I have all symptoms of hypo thyroid. So I have continued on with my daily life. Then about 2 months ago I started to notice that I was getting the contracting pains again more often but also noticed it didn't really matter what I was eating. So I tried just to continue on until about 3 weeks ago. The pains got so bad in my RUQ and it even hurt to touch right in the middle under my breast bone all the way down the bottom side of my ride rib cage. The diarriaha was starting to be multiple times a day that was greasy and sometimes would even have mucus in it. I was nauseous a lot to but would really throw up. I couldn't take much more so I went to Urgent care to see what was wrong. When the Dr came in to examine me she started pressing on my belly and it hurt so bad it took my breath away, she sent me straight to ER to get ultra sound and pain med. When I got to ER and finally taken into room I explained to the nurse what was going on and then again to the Dr. They pressed on me again which hurt so bad. The Dr told me someone would be in shortly to take me to US and to give me some medicine. When the nurse brought me medicine they gave me Zofran for nauseous, toradol for pain and then gave me milk of mag. I asked the nurse why they are giving me milk of mag because I was far from constipated and she didn't respond and just continued to force the liquid in my mouth. Within 10 min my stomach started making these awful noises and the pain started again, the Dr came in to see how I was feeling and I told her what was going on. She acted like they didn't believe my pain at all and then told me I was being discharged without getting US and that I needed to call my PCP to get US scheduled. I was so mad and still not feeling any better. It took me 4 days to get into PCP, they examined me and said it definitely sounded like my gallbladder and they were ordering US and depending how it came out they would then also order a hida scan. I had to wait a week to finally get US done which came out fine, but hurt like hell getting it done! I had to wait another week to get hida scan done. I didn't get the CCK injection, they made me drink ensure. After drinking it my stomach started making the awful noise again and started to hurt. When it was all done, 2 1/2 hours later, the nurse came In and told me that it would be 2-3 business days for my results to get sent to the dr, but that my gallbladder appeared smaller than normal and that it seemed to not contract as well as a normal size gallbladder does. Well 3 days later I receive my results from hida scan and it says my EF% was 47% and that everything appeared normal. My PCP is now referring me to a GI dr and now currently waiting to find out when appointment will be. I just don't understand I continue everyday to have the bad diarriaha and nausea. It doesn't matter what I eat and most days I am barely eating and still having the pain and stuff. My stool also seems to have undigested food in it as well. I am just confused if all my blood test/urinalysis/US/hida were all normal but still having the gallbladder pain and symptoms. What is wrong with me???

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    I went through the exact same thing as you over 4 years ago, they removed my gallbladder however pain and toilet problems still affect me every day. Again the doctors look at you as if your imagining it, and I think that's because they don't know what's going on also, my advise to you is to keep going to doctors, again and again if you have to I believe there's answers out there, however I do understand your frustration
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    I know it's very frustrating! I don't believe in the diagnosis of IBS either. Dr's have told my grandma that she has IBS but I believe it's just an easy way out of finding out what is really wrong! I am glad they haven't mentioned it to me yet because I will strongly disagree with them. There is clearly something wrong and swollen inside of me considering it even hurts to touch most of the time. Especially trying to carry my son!
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    I believe that too, however I had a colonoscopy and it showed ins and diverticulitis so they do exist, I am on amitriptyline to calm the stomache however still have all the diaharrea and pains, your then left to it, they don't seem to take this seriously
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    Hi aly37038

    Get checked for HPylori. I tell this to all who have your symptoms and all other tests are normal..HP is a very common stomach bacteria that causes various stomach problems some as you describe.

    Tests can be done via endoscopy stool test and breath test. Hope you get a diagnosis wishes...

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