Gallstone stuck in pancreatic bile duct and treatment delayed

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I was admitted to hospital just over a week ago, intense stomach pain and suspected episode of gastritis but my blood tests showed deranged liver function and an ultrasound showed I have gallstones and one is 12mm and stuck in the bile duct of my pancreas.

I was told I would be sedated and the stone removed in the endoscopy department and then my gallbladder would be removed within weeks by the surgeon in charge of my care.

Endoscopy have now said they cannot do the stone removal because I am on regular anti anxiety meds and the sedatives they use wont mix, they told me the only way they would do it is if I stop the meds temporarily but that is not possible as it is diazepam and I have been on it for decades so now they have cancelled and said my surgeon will need to deal with it.

I spoke to his receptionist today and she is going to call me back next week but if he agrees to do it under G.A which is my only real option it is a 2-3 month wait and he will remove the stone and my gallbladder in one operation, this will be my first ever G.A too.

Well I am terrified because they kept saying I may get sepsis, I was told it was urgent and where I have the anxiety I sometimes go into a complete breakdown when I am under a lot of stress, currently I am screaming in my sleep with panic attacks, not coping much at home at all, struggling to go out and even sit still, the last time I was this bad was after my mum died suddenly 3 years ago, my anxiety really is out of control.

I am still getting pain too, sometimes bad, other times not so much but even small, liquid foods often cause heartburn, I was underweight upon leaving hospital but have been trying to help myself with that despite having an eating disorder.

Anyway I'm sorry this is long but I was just wondering if anyone here has had a blocked duct and needed a G.A, if so how long was the wait for that?

I am itching a lot and very constipated and keep crying because I think I am going to get sepsis and die, I admit I was dreading the endoscopy but now I can't even have any treatment for months because I can't miss doses of my regular meds and the endoscopy unit can't do it.

Thank you.

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    Bellaluna, I have cirrhosis of my liver due to a blood transfusion, when I was born try and relax more the more you get anxiety the more you will feel ill, you have to talk to youre doctor and get this sorted, gallstone operations are done under general anasthetic they sedatebyou as they did that to me when I had local anasthetic, they also do a lot of keyhole operations now so it makes it much easier, my niece had this operation last year she gotbon alright recovered fine, check it all out with youre doctor see what they can do theres different ways now , make an appt with the doctor and see if they can put you on a pill for the time of youre operation that works similarly , check it all out medicine has come leaps and bounds now so get it all checked out and get all the help you need , my other niece is going through a stones in her kidney getting removed soon and shes all up to high do , try and not think negatively learn mindfulness go on kindle and buy a book and read how to treat youre anxiety I suffer panic attacks and I use it it works I go upstairs I get out of breath to the point I get scared I go dizzy and I tell myself to do mindfulness , sit on a chair imagine youre in a favourite place of yours feel everything feel what you touch, feel the air the breeze , what I imagine is im at my place the beach I am with my hubby we feel the warm sand in between our toes , listen to everything take it all in relax youre shoulders down to youre feet relax, and everytime a negative thought comes into youre head put it in a little box and throw it in the sea, try that read a mindfulness book , you can buy them in cheaper book shops or kindle or amazon etc, hope that helps keep me updated I can maybe help love janicexxxxxxxxxcc

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      Hi Janice, thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for the delayed response, my anxiety is awful so I'm really struggling and so much is going on.

      The consultant at the hospital has now decided that it would be too complicated to remove the bile duct stone and my gallbladder in one operation and has requested that endoscopy remove the stone under G.A and then he will remove my gallbladder in a seperate operation.

      I have requested a telephone consultation with my GP as there is such a long wait for a physical appointment although this is mostly to discuss my anxiety, it really is awful at the best of times but now I'm struggling much more, I'm not sure if she can do much but she is always very sympathetic and has a calming nature so I feel I have nothing to lose by having a chat with her about my fears and my anxiety being so out of control.

      I do try mindfulness and usually it helps a bit but I can't seem to get a grip on it at the moment, I do love the idea of putting the negative thought in a box and throwing it in the sea so I will definitely try that too.

      I don't have a date for the procedures yet, they said that because I need a G.A for the stone removal that it could take a while because they need to arrange an an anaesthetist but hopefully it wont be too long, I think the not knowing when that call will come with a date is adding to my anxiety and although I wish I could avoid it I know I can't and I will be so relieved when it's all over xxx

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    I would be surprised that a GA is a good mix on top of anti anxiety meds either. I can't tolerate sedation or GAs because both cause me intense anxiety and depression. However, I suppose having one procedure rather than two is better for your recovery and anxiety levels.

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      Thank you and yes I was quite surprised that the G.A was safe but I keep telling myself they know what they are doing and years ago I had to have a different procedure and was so anxious I couldn't lay still as they needed me to so they offered me a G.A and I was on the same anti anxiety meds then.

      I was able to have a spinal block that time because it was removal of abnormal cervical cells but of course that isn't an option this time, it will be two procedures now which is awful for my anxiety levels but the consultant feels it is safer and wants the stone removed from the bile duct first which he says is something endoscopy department will need to do, he will do the gallbladder removal after that but says the stone removal is best done by the doctor in endoscopy.

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      I would explain to your doctor that you would find that two procedures would be far worse for your anxiety levels and you feel that one procedure would be better for you. Doctors often do what is best and convenient for them and tend not to make the adjustments that would make it less stressful for the patient. They simply don't understand the impact anxiety can have on us. I always ask my doctor and dentist to do things differently for me because I can't cope with the standard way of doing things.

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    who told you you would get sepsis, I've had 2 spine ups I went through and they were big ups as they had to fuse my bones , and I've been through a hysterectomy a cyst operation appendix operation, I've had no sepsis, you're best bet what I would do is go for the general anaesthetic they take you down and as quick as possible the put the plastic mask on you're nose and within 3-4 seconds you're out, then when you wake up it's all over they give you medication for the pain it gets easier each day , but at least the pain you're getting just now will be gone, my niece is going through similar shortly hrs are in her kidneys she's scared but honestly don't let it worry you it's not sore you don't feel anything getting put to sleep relax about it they won't operate if you have high blood pressure keep calm about it but I'm not just saying it you've nothing to worry about love janicexxxxxxxxx

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      Thank you, the doctor said if I don't have the stone that is stuck in my bile duct removed I could develop an infection that can lead to sepsis so it's not the surgery itself but the stuck stone which is scary because I know it's there.

      I am still afraid of the surgery but I had the most awful night last night, huge flare up, pain, sickness, chills and feeling miserable so I just want it done now, I can't go on like this and I'm looking forward to when it's all over with and I can stop worrying about pain and feeling so unwell.

      I really appreciate your kind words too, I do fear the G.A but I am at the point where I fear the pain and symptoms more now and I keep telling myself it's just going to be a sleep and I wont know anything, after that the stone in my bile duct will be gone and then another sleep a few weeks later and my gallbladder will be out then I wont have the worry of this awful pain again.

      It is the worst pain I have ever felt and I will be so relieved when I can finally know it's not coming back xxx

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