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Hi,   First of all, I’d like to say thanks for all who shared their experience and for all the advice

I kept to my original appointment 1st Oct at 2.45pm. .My daughter’s boss agreed she could leave work  early so she could pick me up after my procedure,

On the morning of the appointment, I got a phone call at 8.20am from a nurse who asked if I could come in that morning at 10.45 instead because there was a cancellation.  I explained that I was having the sedation and had arranged for my daughter to pick me up at The Nurse said I could have the throat spray/gas and air option and I told her about my Fibro.  She then said by the time I am checked in and gone through all the preparation,  the procedure wouldn’t start until around 12.00 noon and it would be okay for me to wait until my daughter was able to pick me up, so I agreed to go in that morning and rang my daughter let her know.


Just before I left home, I telephoned the hospital and spoke to the same nurse to double check, it would be alright for me to stay until my daughter was able to pick me up.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was escorted to the pre-admissions room and seen by three different members of staff. I told each of them about my decision to have the sedation due to my Fibromyalgia. My conversation earlier with the nurse and that I would be waiting for my daughter to pick me up in the afternoon. They went through all the checks and I signed the various consent forms, including the section about the sedation and the details of who would be picking me up after. The third nurse to come in said she would need to double check that it would in fact be okay for me to stay and wait for my daughter. She asked what time my daughter was due and I said around 5 – 5.30pm she said okay and left me in the room.  The  Endoscopist  then came in the pre-admissions room, and said there was a problem. He said it would be better for me to have the throat spray/gas and air option and I could go home sooner. I explained about the Fibro and the advice given by Fibro patients who had the procedure done previously.  He replied, - ‘oh,  but we can’t have you wait around for so long, we do it now, yes …. You can trust me …..  We’ll give it a try, I promise I’ll be really gentle and if we can, we can, if we can’t, we’ll stop, okay?......’

By that time it was after 12.00pm and I was totally drained from lack of sleep, all the form filling, the questions and the waiting around in the pre-admissions room. He was very persuasive – pushy!! - all  the advice that I was given from fellow Fibro sufferers, went out the window. I could feel panic set in and I began to shut down.  I feel really stupid now,  I trusted him and didn’t listen to the little voice inside that was shouting at me,  I did what I was told and  followed him into the procedure room like a brainless zombie.


The whole experience was terrible, I gagged all the way through the gastroscopy, he shouted, ‘no, no, don’t do that, just breath….’  I felt everything during the endoscopy and at one time he even leaned on me.  My eyes and nose were streaming  and the nurse kept wiping sweat from my forehead and holding my hand. On top of that, I had a weird reaction to the oxygen/nasal cannula. My nose felt itchy and irritated throughout the two procedures and I ended up having a constant sneezing fit and my nose was streaming, this only began to ease off a bit yesterday.

I have been in bed since Thursday, and feel worse than I’ve felt in years. I had  my ‘right to choose’ taken away from me and this endoscopist just wanted to rush me through, to make life easier for him. I now have come to the conclusion that the decision was made to ‘get me out early’ because they did not want to be responsible me for me longer than what was convenient for them.

I rang the department yesterday and spoke to the nurse (who initially called me to change my appointment). She has spoken to her manager and advised me to write to PALS to complain. I plan to write to the hospital chief executive also.  This experience has been a hard lesson  for me and I will always listen to my gut and to others with who have know from first hand experience. If I don’t take my condition seriously  then neither will  others.

Right now I feel isolated and depressed, my children are upset for me, but don’t really understand.


Sorry for the long post folks, just needed to vent.

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    You poor thing, it's not on! What could have been an unpleasant but necessary procedure that would have passed without an invasive and frightening outcome, became traumatic and frightening! Make sure that when you are able to, you do write to record your experience. Although it doesn't make it better for you now, at least future Fibro patients, or indeed any patients will be listened to.

    gentle hugs to you. 

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    Hi I'm so sorry to hear this . No one should have their right to chose taken away from them this is awful that you felt presured into this . Even if they didn't want you waiting around they still should not of taken that right away from you . I do hope your feeling a lot better now xx
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    O my goodness, you poor thing!. What a distressing experience!.

    I also recently had an awful hospital experience which left me angry and in tears (and I don't cry!). I wrote a letter similar to your post detailing exactly what had and hadn't happened. I then sent it to the hospital management and also the Care Quality Commission. If you go online you can cut and paste your post into a form on the CCC website. I also took a copy to my wonderful GP who was horrified and will also take it further.

    It is so exhausting and difficult trying to stand our ground for a decent standard of care, particularly from people who don't/can't understand. 

    Take care and be good to yourself. Gentle hugs

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    OH your poor thing, you do have all my sympathy!!   DO, PLEASE Write your letter of complaint.  Because not only are you complaining on behalf of yourself but for all other who will come for those same procedures in the future!!   The idiots NEED to be TOLD...   They have absolutely NO Right/s to put you knowlingly through such procedures ignoring the parameters, limitations and previously organised and agreed details prior.   You go girl, sock it to them on behalf of us ALL....  Take it real easy now possums..  Take care.. x
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    Hi Ela808 My heart goes out to you for how you were treated, that was disgusbully. You were bullied by him I wouldnt let him get away with it. The treatment you got by him was out of order and not on.  I would definitly put in a complain and especially where hes concerned. He should not of treated you in that way just because it suited him to get you done and out the way disgusting behaviour hes in the wrong job. last year I had to have a colonoscopy done I was scared stiff. But I neednt of been the staff were wonderful. from the nurse that checked me in, and explained the whole procedure, to the nurse that administered the sedative in my hand. to the lady thaty did the colononoscopy. they made me laugh all the way through the procedure. afterwards I was put on a day ward where I was given a cup of tea a biscuit blood pressure taken, and where I was told to rest for 45mins before leaving. my husband was allowed to sit by me.I certainly wasnt rushed out of the room.Im so sorry about your terrible experience go to the very top and complain bless you thinking of you take care big hug coming to you x
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    Inform your gp also I did that when I had abad experience once whilst in hospital my gp complained to the hospital I dont quiet understand how it works but my gp said theyve got a red flag over it??? but tell your gp you take care big hugsxx
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    I am so sorry Ela that your experience was so horrendous. I have never heard of such unprofessional and uncaring care before. If you have to get that procedure done again can you please ask your GP to refer you to a different place if possible. I think it deserves a very stern letter written to the board of the medical facility, one can always threaten going to the press if necessary, naturally a thing of last resort, if you don't get an apology.

    I feel guilty for saying in a previous post that it is not a procedure to fear. Mind you I can only go from personal experience and in my case it went like clockwork with very professional and caring staff, I was lucky I guess.

    All the very best Megxxx

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