Gastritis and acid reflux venting

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Hi, I don't know the ins and outs of what I have but I can tell you I am 21 now and for about 4 years I have been constantly burping. Sometimes this would follow with heartburn. When I was 17 I was told this was acid reflux, was given 10mg omeprazole and it didn't work. Not really knowing much about this disease I ignored it and stopped the medication. 21 years old now and it has been getting worse, I am waking up every morning stomach ache guaranteed and my voice disappears, sometimes my throat is tickly and I cough. The most alarming thing I ignored was I have trouble swallowing food- this has happened for well over a year. I thought maybe at the time it was anxiety, but I need to gulp water with almost EVERY bite, sometimes if I don't concentrate properly food gets stuck at the back of my throat and I panic. I still can't tell if this is anxiety or not. I went to the doctors a month ago they felt my stomach and said I had gastritis as they felt inflammation. At the moment my throat is sore every other day, it tickles and sometimes I cough. I came back and was given 40mg omeprazole (I was only on 10) I need to pick this up from my prescription and try this out. With hindsight I realised I should have chased up the doctors all those years ago, but I was at school and thought maybe I would grow out of it. It seems not. I wake up in the morning with stomach aches, and sometimes I am being woken up at ridiculous times like 4/5 am with stomach ache and severe nausea. Very recently I have had a bad flare up and this is when the sore throat and all came in. I think I am going to need to get a camera down my throat and all that and I am scared- I have emetophobia so the idea of gagging is just horrific to me. I am really concerned they are going to look down my throat and say I have extreme damage or barretts or something and I am going to wonder why I didn't sort this years ago. I am quite worried, has anyone experienced similar issues?

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    Hi libby, sounds like your having a really bad time with it all, sounds like you def need the scope to see whats going on, you can have the scope with anascetic, lve had both with and without, being awake made me gag and wrench a few times, and it only takes a few minutes, only reason l didnt go for anascetic was l,d no one at home afterwards as they reccomend, so anasetic was easier.  l,ve also been diagnosed with gastritus and acid reflux, but of stomach and duodenum, some also have it of osephagus, which might affect upper tract more, but l also get achy throat at times, and wake with severe nausea, then off and on throughout day, worse on exertion, off my food with it anyway and only have small plain snacks, of easy to swallow food,  but dont get much pain with it, thank goodness. l was also put on omprazole, think 40m, had cimetidine before that and tried chemist alternative stuff, now docs suggesting anti emetic short term, see doc next week, also waiting for cystascope. l can also get tickly irritable cough, at times bad attacks, but that is down to allergic rhinitus of long standing, some people who get one immune or allergic problem are prone to get others. Cant say if yours in connected to gastritus, maybe someone with gastritus of osophegus gets that.  l think if your inflammation is higher up it could cause some of your probs with eating and swallowing, as for the burps, most seem to get them, mine have been ott today, charming when youve company.  The gastritus thread gives a lot more info on symptoms and things to help. Try not to be too worried as you can have local anascetic with scope, just takes a little longer after to sleep or rest it off, did the docs check in your throat for inflammation, swollen glands, as some docs dont seem thorough, but think  your best  having an easier to swallow diet till youve had scope, yogurts,  cool stuff, but  again diet advice on gastritus thread.

    Hope you get your scope and answers soon,

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    Sorry your having problems.

    iv been and had the tests you are talking about.

    don't worry you can be put to sleep whilst it done.although you can have it awake which I strongly advise you don't.

    I sometimes lose my voice and my throat is sore

    my stomach feels as though it's burning.

    I am taking esomeprazole , gavison and donperidone (you can buy at the pharmacy it helps when you feel sick.)

    Ask you gp about donperidone before you take it,

    Don't worry it will make your problems worse.

    is your gp sending you for test if not I would ask him to send you.

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    Hello Libby.

    if you are new here, please remember that almost none of us have any medical qualifications, we can only share our experiences. So all informations must be handled with care.

    Now I had bad reflux for two years....I coughed for Britain. My Dr sent me to the hospital and I had the camera down etc.

    Hospital Dr recommended the tablets you are taking but they did nothing for the problem. I stayed on them for six months and continued coughing for Britain. My home Dr sent me back to the hospital for another peep with the camera. He said, its reflux, stay on the tablets. I said I have been on them six months and they have made no difference. The ignorant man said, stay on the tablets. I told him what I thought and walked out. I never took another tablet, so........

    i immediatel put myself on Cider Apple vinegar. 2or 3 tablespoons in a glass and I just watered it down enough so it wasn't umpleasant to swallow. I kept it reasonably strong.

    This may help you...and it's harmless. I took that 2 x a day for four days and as my coughing got noticeably better I then took one dose a day for about another week. My cough stopped completely. This was 2 years ago. I have not had that trouble since.

    All I do now is take a dessert spoonful of Coconut oil every morning and swish it around my mouth for 10 mins if I have the time, then swallow. This also helps the mouth and throat and is just generally good for us humans. I don't take it because I had the coughing problem. You do need to enjoy the taste of coconut though! It's a bit solid in the jar but mets very quickly. Just remember it's gorgeous coconut if you are put off by the first 15seconds it is in your mouth while it mets. Read up on its good has many.

    This is my experience, it may not cure your reflux. I recommend giving it a go. You may have to continue longer than I had to.

    Let me know if it works. I really hope it does

    James xx

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    Hi Libby, yes you should have this investigation done, but if you are worried about gagging, you can asked to have a general anaesthetic but you may have to stay in longer! I do have acid reflux but not as bad as you, check your diet those tablets you mentioned are good and do heal the lining of your gut! But do chase up as this is ruining your every day existence best of luck to you x
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      I think it would probably be a local not a general sorry x
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    Burping and throat ache, cough, croaky voice is classic gastritis, ulcer or reflux symptoms!!

    The fact it's worse in morning ( when your stomach is empty ) possibly points to an ulcer or gastritis.

    I suffered similar since I was 12 on and off!!!

    Could be a hiatus hernia causing reflux but sounds more stomach lining based, I'm not a doc but pretty familiar with this!!

    I'm getting camera test too but getting sedated which is amazing!! Ask your doc or consultant! I have a fear of vomit big time!!! I had a procedure they normally do under general anaesthetic on Wednesday this week with sedation and I'm telling you, it's unreal stuff!! I had a biopsy from an organ and felt nothing and remembered nothing!! I promise you would be SHOCKED at how good it is regardless of your fear. Make sure you push for it, don't let them put you off, insist your beyond frightened and don't think you could consciously handle it and they should comply, I know a few who had it done with sedation!!

    Hospital tried to cajole them into doing it without because they didn't wasn't to have to keep you for an hour after but stand your ground!!

    Let me know when it's coming up, if I go first I will let you know how it was but after my surgery on Wednesday under only sedation I promise I'm not worried at all now!!

    Good luck xx

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    l,d ditto what kerrydog says, l was given a choice on sedation or not, l think they do prefer to do without sedation, but it wasnt a problem with them to go for it, and you come round feeling fine. l also had a biopsy on my hand with local sedation and didnt feel a thing, amazed me, recalling how stitches and dentist used to be, now just brilliant and easy. Sure you,ll be fine.
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    Libby the camera is put through your nose so there is no danger of gagging...that is why they do it via nose. It's not painful and you won't be sick!


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    Hi Libby all your smytons your saying sounds like hernia problems finding it hard to swallow food and food getting stuck in the back of the throat.

    Its because the esophagus doestnt open and close properly your food gets backed up.

    And this makes it difficult to swallow.

    I'm supprised your doctor or no one else has mentioned it.

    What you need is a low fat diet.

    Ie including more Polly unsaturated foods omega 3 oils and mono saturated fats and cut out saturated fat foods.

    For instance baking a patatoe in the microwave and adding oils like sesemee seed oils or pumpkin seed oil rather than oven chips.

    Fats you need stay clear of are butter lard and high cuts of meat thatd not lean.

    Also you want to follow a strict diet with sugar.

    Add up your total calories for the day and make sure 10 percent of them calories are made up from sugar ie not much more not much less.

    Personaly I would just go steamed chicken and oven baked for lean beef no high cuts.

    Fish I would lightly grill or steam.

    You need to for the long run anyway so best to make a start whole your young.

    Just makes sure each meal you have in the day has the right percentage of sugar mixed with it.

    Like carrots and fruit for desert or mixed with the meal.

    Typical example for you is 100 grams of chicken hold 117 grams of calories.

    100 grams of brown rice holds 300 plus calories.

    Thats Almost 500 grams of calories.

    Well by time you have added your sugar it will be.

    For that amount of calories you need 12.5 grams of sugar no more and no life less.

    You could get this from 1 and half medium carrots and a small pear.

    Its so essential for digestion .

    Also include some healthy fats but not to much check the recommended intake bye for now x

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    Everybody should keep refined sugar to the minimum. We use only coconut oil or olive oils to cook with. Some vegetable oils are particularly unhealthy. You can research these Libby.

    Dont use margarine and similarly made spreads. Butter is not unhealthy and is far better for you than artificially made spreads with additives.

    Have you tried the cider vinegar yet? Yes it's strange drinking acid to help acid reflux but if you research it, you will find out the reason it works.

    If you do have a hiatus hernia this does cause acid reflux to show itself more. I have a hiatus hernia and I never suffer from it.

    Dont forget I had acid reflux problems and now have none! Also if  they do a stomach investigation with a camera they it will reveal quickly if you have a hernia and then send you off with tablets which may well have little or no effect at all. Try the vinegar it could be well worth the effort and may eliminate the need for drugs



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    Hi, I thought I would just update maybe it would help somebody else in the future who knows.

    I am going to get an endoscopy (not sure when but I believe it takes a long time to be referred). I am allowed to go on general anaesthetic but need to chase up the nurses on this to ensure they remember.

    I have been on 40mg omeprazole for less than a week and have seen a few improvements. I burp a lot less, but it still does happen. The chest pain has also died down a lot. The only thing it doesn't seem to sort is my morning stomach aches! They are a lot less severe, but they are still present. It is a cramping feeling in the lower stomach and it does feel like trapped wind. It used to last half an hour but now it is only a few minutes. I am not sure what is causing this, but I do wonder if it was bought on by stress...I had an extremely stressful workload as this stomach ache reared its ugly head, but now I am not stressed and it is still present.

    Another thing I have been wondering is I wake up most mornings with an extremely dry mouth (so dry it hurts to swallow my own saliva) and I almost wonder...maybe its a bit farfetched, but perhaps I am taking in a lot of air which is resulting in trapped wind? Either that or 40mg omeprazole still needs some time to work or it is not strong enough. I have been taking omeprazole only a few minutes before eating...does this affect how it works?

    I have also been wondering about food sensitivites or intolerances. When I was very young I used to vomit from everything and the doctor suggested I was lactose intolerant. I have been feeling fairly good recently until I ate a cream of mushroom soup and it set me off hiccuping and burping the whole day. Often things with milk have given me stomach ache or made me feel nauseous, but it has only once given me an upset stomach so I am not sure.

    I have tried my best to be good with my diet, it is a bit hard for me as I am young and I am in a family where my siblings can get away with eating pure rubbish. But if I need a sweet thing I have dark chocolate, plain digestives or a ginger biscuit- I do not have anything too rich or too sugary. Breakfast is porridge, my lunch is usually just a big sandwich (or soup which now I may need to avoid), dinner is never anything exceptionally unhealthy- things like risotto or a quorn pie and vegetables... no fried meats etc....I drink water all day. 

    To fill up in between I have been having crackers sometimes with a bit of butter on and warm water and honey which seems to have helped my throat a lot.  

            Whatever this stomach issue is I think I would like to find out quite soon, I am young and want to get on with life so I need to know what is causing it and what I can and can't eat etc.

    But it seems I am making very slight progress-  I am at the very least able to eat without constantly having to fight the urge to burp. I am on my 5th day of omeprazole and I am hoping it will fully kick in.

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