Gastritis and feeling full

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I was recently diagnosed with mild gastritis via endoscopy. I was prescribed Lansoprazole 30th daily which worked at first but horrible side effects made me change to ranitidine. Over recent years (at least 10) I've not been able to eat anywhere like as much as I used to. Now my treatment is working I can eat well again. I suspect I've been producing too much acid for quite a while. Anyone else experienced this? Also what is the usual ranitidine dose for gastritis? I'm on 10mg twice daily

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    Should have said lansoprazole 30 MG daily
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      Hi, I am on Ranitidine after refusing PPIs - I take 150mg 30 mins before brekky and 150mg befire bed. 

      I have refux/HH/esophagitis.  Camera confirmed.

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      Why refuse PPIs?  Ok, if H2s work for you all well and good.  All meds carry a risk but when you look at the consequences of repeated 'acid' damage be that stomach or esophagus your looking at far worse a risk from cancer. When taking PPIs long term I've never had a B12 or Magnesium deficiency to date and my bloods have come back all ok with no signs of kidney 'stress'.  No meds are risk free, but to take something, anything that stops the acid and works must be taken as a viable option.  I had stage 2 esophagus erosion  which can indicate a higher risk of cancer, so to me PPIs are a God send.  There are some resent tests that show many cases of stomach and esophagus cancers could have been prevented if the patient had taken a low dose PPI. Again Gwen you also prove the point that H"s seem to suit woman more than men.  I sure that if tests were conducted on a gender base they would prove negative but I cant help but put together all the facts from these threads over the years.  If H2 worked for me would I swop? Yes, but I've yet to see valid tests (like the new one from the US that was conducted on war vets that prove very little at best and are flawed at worse) that show anything to stop me taking PPIs.  I even tried to wean myself off of PPIs and onto H2s over a month starting at 1200mg/day but after 5 days I was in pain and major discomfort.  1 x 40mg omeprazole solved this the first day and 10-20mg/day works a treat.  Now will this lead me to an early grave?? who knows? The world is full of potential risk  whenever we eat, breath or travel, the fact is we must all die of something and if PPIs give me 20 years of cancer free time who knows what will be coming on the market as far as new drugs are concerned?  I might have been run over by then anyway smile  A bit long and somewhat off topic but I hate to see someone refusing a med because of 'what'? 

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    Kitty, are you saying your on Ranitidine (a H2 Blocker) 10 mg twice a day??  This does seem very wrong as the normal dose for that med is 150mg twice a day or 300mg once per day???  Lansoprazole (a PPI) ? can cause pain and discomfort indeed, as can all meds.  I found Lansoprazole? cause me pain and major constipation, hence the discomfort.  Yet, Pantoprazole at 20mg/day was great for over 2 years and then caused itching. Tried the ranitidine because its kinder to your kidneys but it just does not work for me even at 600mg/day.  Yet some people find it works great for them.  You have to be prepared to work at finding the correct med and minimum dose that works for you. You find that a lot of Dotter will try you on a high dose first such as 40-80 Pantoprazole or 40mg Omeprazole or like you 30mg Lansoprazole.  All such meds have side effects which can cause the same pain as the disorder sad. If you are taking a H2 blocker and its working for you then happy days, how long you have to keep taking it is a different matter.  Please come back with your dose, because I'm sure your not on 10mg twice a day of ranitidine. Are you on 100mg twice a day??? Gastritis can and does come back, way back I could go 2-6 years between the bouts but as I got older and then found I had a 5cm HH also  I now have no option (for me) but to take a PPI everyday.  Not perfect and yes I have mix and match my PPI and dose, I don't just take a certain dose/day.  I went to the docs last week and told him I wanted 10mg Omeprazole but 58/month.  I can now go some days on just the 10 yet others I may have to take 30mg and the odd occasion 40mg.  Now, that's seems better to me then just being given 40mg/day, day in day out.  You have think and work with your meds and not many docs seem to want to do that, they just say here you are comeback in 12 months for a review,  all such meds but H2s (according to the tests) have less long term side effects.  Now this is strange, but after many years reading such blogs etc I've seen that Ranitidine seems to work better in woman???  Good luck but come back with your dose.  

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